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A Day at the Derby

16 Jan

January 15, 1937

Harrison Carroll
LA Evening Herald Express

Lili Damita and Errol Flynn dining at the Hollywood Brown Derby together on the day one had them separated.

“The Hollywood Brown Derby opened on Valentine’s Day 1929 at 1628 North Vine Street played a great part in Hollywood history. Due to its proximity to movie studios, it became the place to do deals and be seen. Clark Gable is said to have proposed to Carole Lombard there. Rival gossip columnists Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper are recorded as regular patrons.”

“The rendezvous of the stars, the Brown Derby, Hollywood, California. The famed Brown Derby on Vine Street, Hollywood, with its adjacent distinctive Bamboo Room, is the acknowledged center of the smart social life of the movie colony.”

P.S. Flynn Fans!

“The building’s architect, Carl Jules Weyl, later became a noted art director and went on to win an Academy Award for art direction on the classic 1938 Errol Flynn-Olivia de Havilland film, “The Adventures of Robin Hood.”

— Gentleman Tim


On the Eighth Day of Christmas 🎁x8

02 Jan

The Errol Flynns were in Palm Springs……..

Per Louella O. on New Years Day, 1938, there was “very little whoopee in Hollywood on New Year’s Eve” and “the Errol Flynns went to La Quinta Palm Springs.”

Here, at La Quinta in 1938, is Helen A. Braniff, Manuel Reachi, Lili, Errol Flynn, Cedric Gibbons, and Dolores Del Rio:*

— Gentleman Tim


On the Fourth Day of Christmas 🎁🎁🎁🎁

28 Dec

On the fourth day of Christmas

Errol gave to us

One golden film.

The Captain Blood premiere..

A club of four-hundred frauleins…

And a visit to Sydney from a very famous singer….!

December 28, 1963

Sydney Morning Herald

American Singer Arrives

The American singer Dick Haymes, for years a close friend of Australian-born actor Errol Flynn, arrived in Sydney to see his friend’s birthplace. Haymes said he and Flynn had often talked about Australia, and they had planned to make a visit together before Flynn’s death. Haymes, now 45, arrived at Kingsford Smith Airport by T.A.A. from Perth. He expects to find time to see Sydney beaches during his 28-day appearance at Chequers night club.*

* Chequers was one of the hottest night clubs in the world, the Copacabana of Down Under.


First, he sang Errol’s song!

Then he married Errol’s Nora!!

Then he went to “Errol’s birthplace”...

— Gentleman Tim


Christmas Bonus

15 Dec

December 14, 1936

Sheila Graham
Dallas Morning News

Errol Flynn demanded – and received – a $20,000 bonus for cutting off his reconciliation trip with wife Lili Damita, returning to Hollywood in the kiddie story, Prince and the Pauper.

Flynn finally gives Hale some steel for all of Alan’s infamous scene-stealing:

— Gentleman Tim


Lili Damita vs. Clara Bow

12 Dec

Clara Bow was “The It Girl” and I recall reading once (but can’t recall where now as I’m writing this) that Errol implied that he regarded as very sexually attractive. So, based on the similar Bando Da Lua* music videos below, I wonder who Errol would have thought was the sexier between Clara and Tiger Lil’? If he had had a choice and opportunity, who do you think Errol would have preferred?**

* Bando da Lua was a very popular 1930s Brazilian band, often associated with Carmen Miranda.

** Errol did know Clara and her movie star husband, Rex Bell, and used to visit them at their famous 400,000-acre “Walking Box Ranch” off of Joshua Tree Highway near Searchlight, Nevada.

— Gentleman Tim


Happy Tanksgiveen Fleen!

29 Nov

Thanksgiving, 1938

Errol Flynn’s Thanksgiving present from Lili Damita was a long distance call from Paris. It was collect and cost him $73.*

Here’s Lili hosting a cocktail party at the Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris, November 1938. Her guests include Ann Warner, Marlene Dietrich, Anderson Lawler, and Vera Matzouki.

* $73 in 1938 = $1348.11 in 2020

— Gentleman Tim


Fickle Errol Switches His Lady-Loves!

04 Nov

“Errol Flynn’s wives, fiances, wives, and assorted girlfriends – in screen adventures, as well as his well-heeled real life – have tended toward the dark, sultry, exotice type. But Flynn has just changed.”

September 2, 1950

TRUTH – Brisbane, Queensland


September 10, 1950

TRUTH – Sydney, New South Wales


MADERA TRIBUNE – October 23, 1950

— Gentleman Tim


Errol Full of Arrows

04 Nov

November 4, 1950

New York Times

“Rocky Mountain (1950) – Errol Flynn is an ever gallant fellow, but he seems to carry gallantry too far in Warner Brothers’ “Rocky Mountain,” which came to the Strand yesterday. So far, in fact, does he carry it in guiding a beautiful dame from a horde of ravaging Indians that he ends up as full of arrows as a war-bonnet is full of feathers. And that’s about as far as one can go. The only valid explanation for (Mr. Flynn’s conclusive gallantry is that he here represents a Confederate captain and therefore a Southern gentleman. And it seems that a standing rule at Warners is that a Southern gentleman will lay down his life for a lady, even though it means disobeying Robert E. Lee.”

The Errol Flynn Rory knew…

— Gentleman Tim


Married in Monte Carlo

23 Oct

October 23, 1950

And the Best Man was…

— Gentleman Tim


Did Errol Do It?

22 Oct

October 20, 1937

Did Errol really shoot this bobcat?

Was he arrested for doing so, as rumor has it?

Or, was it really Howard Hill who did the shooting?

If it was Errol, was he really aiming for that other, far more dangerous cat, Tiger Lil?

— Gentleman Tim