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Later Lil‘

Dear Flynnstones, in later years Lili Damita became a fixture in the social circles of Palm Beach. Always the diva no ray of sun was to alter her skin of porcelain. Enjoy, — shangheinz

Talk of Frown

Dear Flynnstones, here is a vintage Tiger Lil‘ moment courtesy of PHOTOPLAY Magazine. “Miss Damita, what do you think about the talking pictures?“ The Damita paused for two minutes‘ thought. “Tell my pooblic“, said Damita, while the reporters scribbled furiously, “that I never wear stockeengs. See?“. And she held out one of those immortal Damita stems- quite, quite bare. Enjoy,… (more…)

Meet the Flamitas

Dear Flynnstones, the power couple of Errol Flynn and Tiger Lil‘ ranked top on the Hollywood Helter Skelter-scale during their turbulent marriage. Here’s the high and lowdown:…… Never mind Lili Damita’s wrong birthdate and the usual Higham-BS insinuations. Enjoy,     — shangheinz

Evviva La Diva

                  Dear Flynnstones, Tiger Lil started her way to film world and Flynn fame via Vienna:…… The historic photographic studio MENASSE helped pave this catwalk (……) to Hollywood with a series of collector postcards. The motives varied from Orientalistic ornament to Ingénue Deluxe                … (more…)


Dear Flynnstones, this is a silent movie about Errol‘s wedding to his third wife Patrice Wymore in…… Enjoy,     — shangheinz

Hey Hey Nora…

Dear Flynnstones, the next line in an old song goes like this: … I want to marry you… This picture may be the earliest testimonial, maybe at a sort of coming out party, of Errol and his future wife, Nora Eddington. If I am not mistaken, it dates right after Flynn‘s acquittal at „the trial“. It can even be taken… (more…)

Three and a Half Women

— shangheinz

The Big Poodle

Dear Flynnmates, ‘nwuff said. Enjoy, — shangheinz

Nice Candid with Nora!

— David DeWitt

Flyin’ Like Flynns

Three weeks after the world premier of The Adventures of Robin Hood on May 14, 1938, Errol and Lili fly on Western Air Express. Photo published in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner on June 2, 1938. — Tim

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