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Bon anniversaire Liliane

10 Jul

Lili Damita was born Liliane Marie Madeleine Carré on July 10, 1904, in Blaye, France. As a child she studied ballet and attended school in several different countries, including France, Portugal and Spain. She enrolled at the Opera de Paris and by the age of sixteen was working as a professional model and dancer. In 1921 she won a beauty contest and was offered her first acting role. She appeared in the Casino de Paris and starred in about a half dozen French films.Then she met Mihály Kertész

In 1928 she was brought to Hollywood by Samuel Goldwyn, she appeared in films with leading men such as Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, James Cagney and Maurice Chevalier.

As her film career was beginning to wind down, she met Errol Flynn, for the first time in Paris apparently, then more famously on the SS Paris, on Errol’s first trip to America. Lili fell for Errol and capitalized on her connections in Hollywood to get Errol a chance at Captain Blood, with her old fling, now known as Michael Curtiz. The rest is history.

— Gentleman Tim


Sailing the Bounding Main

09 Jul

July 8, 1938

Louella O. Parsons
Los Angeles Examiner

Talked with both Errol Flynn and Lili Damita together and both deny that Lili is planning to take a holiday in Europe. These two kids have been married four years now and while occasionally they may have a little spat as do all married people, they both tell me there has never been any thought of divorce between them. Errol is bringing his boat to California, the very one which caused Warners so much worry while the adventurous Errol was sailing the Bounding Main and couldn’t be located and he and Lili will probably take their vacation together. Lili probably has the right idea. When Errol wants to go away with his men friends fishing or on a holiday, she gives him her blessing.

Sailing along circa the Spring ’38

July 8, 1938

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

Lili Damita and Errol Flynn are touring the late spots together again, so their troubles must be patched up.

Speeding along a year or so later

— Gentleman Tim


Opening of the Vogue

08 Jul

July 8, 1935

Reine Davies
Hollywood Parade

The Vogue Theater will be the bright spot on the Boulevard tomorrow night, when Winnie Sheehan’s brother, Howard, opens the ultra-modernistic theater with Ladies Crave Excitement and the thriller, The Phantom Fiend.

Howard opened his first theater in 1916 in San Francisco, has since been vice president of Fox West Coast Theaters, and there is little he doesn’t know about “packing ’em in.”

Felicitating friends who will be on hand tomorrow night are Winnie Sheehan, Jesse Lasky, Sam Briskin, Louis B. Mayer, Carl Laemmle, Norman Foster, Evelyn Knapp, H.B. Warner, Thelma Todd, Hardie Albright and Martha Sleeper, Esther Ralston, Jack Oakie, Jack La Rure, Charles Ray, I. Wolfe Gilbedrt, Bill Robinson, Bert Wheeler, Monte Blue, Patricia Ellis, Alice Faye Lily Damita and Errol Flynn, and loads of others.

Images from the excellent Los Angeles Theatres website.

Original Architectural Drawings for the Ultra-Modern Facade

Fifty-two or so years later with another famous Hollywood American Australian

— Gentleman Tim


“A Slight Misunderstanding”

29 Jun

June 28, 1938

Evening Herald Express


Errol Flynn and his wife, Lili Damita, explained today it was a “slight misunderstanding” that sent Lili running half the length of an airport runway chasing him and a transport plane.

The Irish actor, so-called “glamour boy” of the movies, needed to grow a beard for a picture, it seems, and decided to be alone while he did it. He went to San Diego, for two days but neglected to tell his wife. She was waiting at Union Air Terminal when he flew in.

Everybody got out of the plane but Flynn. He saw the flash in Lili’s dark eyes and an angry foot-tapping. Waving the pilots to go ahead, he ducked down in the seat while the plane taxied toward a hangar.

Lili burst through the gate and pattered down the runway at a dead run, clothes fluttering in the propeller’s breeze, an angry airport guard chasing after her.

“Come on, come out, honey,” she cried. Flynn looked out and shook his head. The airport guard ordered Lili off the field. She started off and then the plane started again, and away she went after it.

An airport car and two more guards caught up with Lili and bundled her out the gates.

Flynn popped in to studio car and sped off.

A studio spokesman said that both are happily at home and Flynn had explained away a “slight understanding.”

Union Air Terminal is now known as “Hollywood Burbank Airport”. It’s been said that “Union Air Terminal was always a better place to see movie stars that any place in Hollywood.”

— Gentleman Tim


Captain Blood Honeymoon — June, 1935

23 Jun

June 20, 1935

Yuma Nuptials
Los Angeles Examiner

To Judge Earl A. Freeman, the marrying judge of Yuma, Ariz., it was just another wedding yesterday when he married Lili Damita, vivacious French actress, and Errol Flynn, Irish actor.

But to the eloping, excited young couple it was the thrilling finale of a romantic trail started six months ago when they met and fell in love on a New York bound ocean liner.

June 21, 1935

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

Honeymooners Lily Damita and Errol Flynn showed up at the Trocadero only a few hours after their marriage in Yuma and got a royal reception from the stay-up-laters.

June 22, 1935

Louella O. Parsons
Los Angeles Examiner

Lili Damita and Errol Flynn entertaining twelve of their intimates at a wedding dinner.

June 23, 1935

Flim Flam with Sidney Skolsky
Hollywood Citizen News

Lily Damita has told intimates that the reason she got married is that she wants a baby.

June 24, 1935

Reine Davies
Hollywood Parade

Lily Damita and Errol Flynn’s honeymoon house atop Lookout Mountain was the “location” for high revelry last Thursday night, when the entertained at a formal dinner, not only to celebrate their marriage the previous day, but Errol’s birthday as well.

The vivacious Lili had the attractive home bounding with valley lilies, white roses and gardenias, and the party was high-spotted when the butler, with befitting fanfare, brought on a huge wedding cake, followed by another for Errol.

Those who wished the Frenchy Lili and her Irish husband great happiness were Dolores Del Rio and Cedric Gibbons, the Countess de Maigret, Peggy Fears, George Cukor, Al Kaufman, Lloyd Pantages, Rene Hubert, and those hospitable romancers, Lyda Roberti and Bud Ernst.

To carry on the celebrating, Al Kaufman later took the entire party to the Miramar Hotel, where they greeted “Colonel” Gus Arnheim, and danced to his very danceable music.

June 25, 1935

Louella O. Parsons
Los Angeles Examiner

Lili Damita and her bridegroom, Errol Flynn, who have been much entertained since their trip to Yuma, are being given a dinner by Dolores Del Rio Wednesday.

June 26, 1935

Louella O. Parsons
Los Angeles Examiner

Keep your eye on Errol Flynn,the publicity he received when he married Lili Damita didn’t do him any harm and Warners are now getting ready to give him a break.

June 27, 1935

Hollywood Citizen News

Tests for Captain Blood will be no make-shift. So anxious is director Michael Curtiz to have everything right for the selection of the cast, that he has persuaded the studio to construct realistic sets for various scenes in the script from which tests can be made. One of the sets constructed for testing purposes only is a South Seas island locale. Robert Barratt is being tested for the important role of the French pirate. And Errol Flynn is again being given more elaborate tests for the title role.

June 28, 1935

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

Lili Damita’s new groom, Errol Flynn, is versatile to no end. In addition to acting for Warner pictures (he has a good chance for the lead in Captain Blood) the young Irishman is writing a book about his experiences in the interior of New Guinea.

And he’s an ace at tennis, too, which is Hollywood’s favorite game.

June 29, 1935

Warner Bros. Begin Intricate Tests for Captain Blood, Raphael Sabatini’s swashbuckling novel of adventure on the Spanish Main. The film will enter actual production a month hence as one of Warner Brothers most tremendous screen undertakings.

Scores of actors have passed before the all-seeing eye of the testing cameras.

Errol Flynn is receiving the most careful consideration for the romantic role of Captain Peter Blood.

June 30, 1935

Bridal Toasts Delay Dinner for Newlyweds

So hearty and sincere was the toasting to wish enduring happiness for the newkyweds, Lili Damita and Errol Flynn, that it was 10 o’clock before the party went into dinner last Wednesday night, when Dolores Del Rio and Cedric Gibbons entertained for the couple at a formal dinner party.

Lili wore a printed evening gown of corn yellow. And with her exquisite ruby ring as her only adornment, Dolores’ dark beauty was strikingly effective in a white crepe gown of Grecian lines.

— Gentleman Tim


Flyin Like Flynn — June 2, 1938

02 Jun

— Gentleman Tim


Travelin to Avalon and Fishin Like Flynn

02 Jun

June 1, 2020: Fishin Like Flynn – on the Ranger

History of the Tuna Club of Avalon

Here’s a wonderful 1938 Catalina Travelogue, featuring fishing as Flynn would have fished. (~ Fishing segment is from ~ 15:20 to 18:20)

— Gentleman Tim


Hot Time in Havana

17 May

At one of the world’s most “spectacular” and “phenomenally popular” night clubs in the world, the Eden Concert Night Club, located in the center of town between Sloppy Joe’s and the Hotel Plaza. In 1939, it evolved into the Tropicana.

May 17, 1938

Evening Herald Express

Errol Flynn Friends In Havana Cafe Fight

“I think this all so funny”, quoth Lili Damita, stage and screen beauty, who was a spectator while fists and bottles flew in a free-for-all-fight at the Eden Concert Night Club with Errol Flynn taking a prominent part in the fighting.

The fight started last night when one of the members of Flynn’s party got into an argument with a man at a nearby table. A minute later, chairs and bottles began to fly.

Flynn, who often plays rough and tumble parts in the movies, joined in with two or three effective punches at those who got in his way. The only casualty was an unidentified American who received a broken nose and a cut eye. Flynn and the others were unhurt and continued their party.

Flynn’s only loss was the disappearance of a valued cigarette lighter.

May 17, 1938

Los Angeles Examiner

Errol Flynn Aids American In Fight

Errol Flynn, Hollywood film actor, received the thanks today of an unidentified American he saved from serious injury during a fight in a night club here last night.

Fists, bottles and chairs were flying when Flynn intervened. The American who was involved escaped with a broken nose. Flynn was not hurt.

He was accompanied by his wife, who refused to take the matter seriously.

Before the Eden Concert, there was the Zombie Club, at the same location on Zuluetta Avenue, two doors down from Sloppy Joe’s.

— Gentleman Tim


Cinco por Cinco de Mayo

05 May

Buenos Dias, Amigos.

Errol was a very frequent traveler to Mexico during his heydays in Hollywood. He drove, he flew, and he sailed to South of the Border. In celebration of today’s Cinco de Mayo holiday, here are five chronological photos taken in Mexico City, Acapulco, and Morelia, plus a bonus bow-and-arrow-fishing film with Howard Hill in the famous sportfishing waters off the coast of Old Mexico.

— Gentleman Tim


April 29 — 1945 — — Errol Peps Up Hollywood Party

29 Apr

Huston was a very skilled boxer, with a very long reach. Both went to the hospital, were complimentary of each others fighting skills and etiquette, and subsequently became friendly. The fight is thought to have been over OdH, with whom both Errol and JH had been in love.

— Gentleman Tim