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Errol Flynn goes to Mexico at the End of March, 1957!

With his renewed fame and popularity this year, Flynn is busy with radio, television and movie offers…on his way to Mexico for his next film, The Sun Also Rises.   Enjoy! — Topper

Errol Flynn … WHY?

  [on the squarish question mark that Errol had monogrammed on many of his shirts]  “This, my own confusion, became my trademark. My own questioning of myself … I still wear a question mark beneath my handkerchief pocket on all of my suits. I am still wondering why”. — David DeWitt

London: May 6, 1958

Errol and Beverly at the Lido Club — Tim

Les Racines du Ciel — Kiss from a Star

March 27, 1958 JET Magazine — Tim

Errol in Hell-Hot Havana

Released in New York – March 11, 1957 “The opportunity to get a good, 90 minute look at scenic (and in parts, seedy) Havana, the “The Latin Las Vegas” prior to the Castro revolution. THE BIG BOODLE also boasts an interesting cast, with the rare opportunity to see beautiful Italian actress Rory (who retired at 35 after barely a dozen… (more…)

Back In, Like Flynn

Australian Women’s Weekly Comeback for the Fabulous Flynn The Comeback Flynn Erromeo and Juliette — Tim

Viva La El Capitan Blood! Viva La El Capitan Blood!

October 19, 1957 Errol Arrested at the Ballyhoo Ball Errol Being Questioned at the Lincoln Heights Jail The Aspiring Irish Lassie/Errol Flynn Date “The Hat Check Girl”/Policeman’s Wife/Errol Flynn Fan Errol Flynn/The Usual Suspect — Tim

Errol’s Femmes Carry On

— Pasadena Independent – October 16, 1959 — … — New York Daily News – October 16, 1959 — — Tim

The Kid from Kitsilano

Was Errol seeking bids in Vancouver on the Zaca, in addition to whatever George Caldough was proposing? Is Vancouver writer John Gleeson a reincarnation of Errol? John Gleeson – not to be confused with Jackie Gleason — Tim

Errol Flynn—Voyager Quiz

A Tribute to Errol – Eternal Voyager – June 20, 1909 to Infinity What is the indirect connection between “The Golden Record” that went into space with Voyager in 1977 and Errol’s death in Vancouver, 1959? (Focus on the brilliantly-played music) — Tim

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