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Purrfect Voice for Radio

20 Dec

Dear Flynnstones,

see Errol prepare his lines with host Conrad Nagel for the program „For richer, for richer“ on the CBS Silver Theatre show dated Dec. 7 1941.



— shangheinz


The Name’s Flynn, Errol Flynn — June 7, 1937

07 Jun

British Agent Errol Flynn – The Original Bond?

Listening to Flynn introduce himself at 6:11 to Frances Farmer as “Locke, Steve Locke” leads one to wonder whether Ian Fleming heard and was influenced by Errol’s British Agent performance.

— Tim


Cecil B. DeMille Presents Errol Flynn & Martha Scott — May 26, 1941

26 May

Very enjoyable broadcast, with the very talented Martha Scott, Mother of Moses in one of Cecil B’s other productions.

— Tim


These Three

07 Dec

December 6, 1937

Evening Herald Examiner

Errol Flynn, Barbara Stanwyck and Mary Astor in These Three on Theater of the Air, directed by Cecil B. DeMille, tonight on KNX at 6 p.m.


— Tim


No. 1 for Apple Records

31 Mar

What was the first record pressed by Apple Records ?

It wasn’t “Those were the Days”

Na, it wasn’t “Hey Jude”

It wasn’t performed by The Beatles, but, rather, by a very famous singer who knew Flynn.

For many years few ever heard the recording, but a beautiful Flynn Mother Should’ve Known:

— Tim


Rare Errol Flynn Audio Recordings, plus Special Bonus!

09 Nov

Today, I am adding a special offer to The Errol Flynn Blog! It is a fun way to enjoy 22 rare Errol Flynn audio recordings, plus a special “Surprise” bonus item. (A digital copy of 36 vintage newspaper articles from a privately collected series of Flynn articles published overseas almost 60 years ago … )

I have created a Menu to use to navigate the pages, and included individual audio players to listen to the shows and rare audio recordings. There is also an audio descriptions page. There are so many more Errol Flynn fans now than ever before on social media that might not have access to these recordings, so here is a fun way to collect and enjoy them on your desktop computers! Take a look … Click on the image!

— David DeWitt


Tribute to Tony Thomas

20 Feb

Reminded recently by Jack Marino of his friend, Tony Thomas’s, preeminent contributions to the history of Flynn here is a recollection of his great work:


“This book is a complete record of Errol Flynn’s career from his first starring role in Captain Blood until his untimely death at fifty. All of his 58 films are here, with synopses, casts & credits, reviews of the more important vehicles, and hundreds of photos.”


Author of 30 books about movies and movie stars, Thomas here defends Flynn (1909-1959) against the charge made by Charles Higham in Errol Flynn: The Untold Story (1979) that the Hollywood swashbuckler, who played Captain Blood, Robin Hood, the Earl of Essex and Don Juan, was a Nazi spy. Thomas’s detailed examination of Higham’s evidence (including interviews with many original sources) convincingly shows that Higham quoted documents selectively, twisted witnesses’ words and made a flawed case based on guilt by association.

— Tim


A Day in the Life of Flynn – January 2, 1939

03 Jan




— Tim


Flynn, the Play coming soon to Audio!

31 Oct

Michael Druxman writes to us:


I just discovered your blog.

I thought you’d like to know that an audio edition of my one-person stage play, FLYNN, is currently nearing the end of production and, if all goes well, should be available for download before the end of November via Audible, Amazon and iTunes.  Sam Burns plays the role of Errol Flynn.

In the meantime, paperback and Kindle editions of the play are available via the link below.…

Michael B. Druxman

Thanks, Michael!

— David DeWitt


From Out of This World — Watch it! (Says Sinatra)

11 May

— Tim