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Leap Day 1940 – Part 1

The day the Oscar leaped by Olivia:……… — Tim

Gone Fishin’ – On the Sirocco – With Bow & Arrow

February 28, 1939 Harrison Carroll Evening Herald Express It was a hectic weekend the old Pacific dealt out to Hollywood sailors. Errol Flynn’s yacht, the Sirocco, with Howard Hill, the archer, and two camermen among those aboard, limped into port at Mazatlan with sails and mast torn away by a gal encountered 300 miles at sea. Flynn’s boat, according to… (more…)

The Adventures of Don Flynn: 1939

February 27, 1939 Louella Parsons Los Angeles Examiner How would you like to see the dashing Errol Flynn play the equally dashing Don Juan? Academy Award winning producer Hal Wallis is plotting such a story as a follow-up to Robin Hood. He will not use the Lord Byron material, but will base The Adventures of Don Juan on a story… (more…)

The Life Story of Errol Flynn – According to Flynn: 1936

February 26, 1936 Harrison Carroll Evening Herald Express The Errol Flynns (Lili Damita) are back from Palm Springs, where he completed the final version of his life story. — Tim

Magical Mystery Quiz

One of The Beatles once dressed a la Errol in one of his swashbuckler films. Which Beatle was it, what was the occasion, and why is today an appropriate day for this quiz? — Tim

Mon Film – Robin de Bois: February 25, 1948

Mon Film was the leading “film photonovel” publication in France in the decades before and after World War II. (It was “on hiatus” during the war.) This issue was published on February 25, 1948, seventy-two years ago today. Thank you to our great EFB Flynnmate and Author Tina (aka Baribel), for originally publishing this cover and information regarding it, nine… (more…)

Late Note with Errol Flynn – A Story with Rory

— Tim

Not Errol!?

In 1945, one of Errol’s favorite leading ladies confided in Dolores Moran that the greatest lovemaker she ever had was not Errol Flynn, but, rather, another Hollywood celebrity. Who was the leading lady? Who was the purported superior lovemaker? What were the circumstances of that hard-to-believe revelation? … Clues to Use It was whispered into Miss Moran’s ear in the… (more…)

Warner Brothers Cafe Menu!

— David DeWitt

Warner Bros Cafe Menu Signed by Errol Flynn!

And Ron Reagan and others … — David DeWitt