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Errol Flynn and a Busy December, 1935

 After a portrait shoot … then traveling to New York City with wife Lily (Lili, if you prefer) … and all of the fanfare for the premiere of Captain Blood in three cities, including parties, restaurants and publicity stops … Errol’s month of December was filled to the brim with activities and excitement. Enjoy! — Topper

Mail Bag! Brian Twist’s Classic Film Posters and Movie Art!

Brian Twist is one of the old hands in all things Errol Flynn! He writes today that he has launched a (terrific looking) new website of classic film posters and movie art and I want to share it with everybody! He also has a new Facebook page: MOVIE SCENE … Check out MOVIE SCENE on Facebook, too. Thanks, Bri! —… (more…)

Virginia City World Premier March 15, 1940!

During the filming of THE SEA HAWK, which began on February 1st, Warner Bros. decides to take a break from production and  present the premiere of VIRGINIA CITY  in Nevada. A 17-car train with the film’s cast, along with reporters and guests leaves Burbank, Cal. about noon on March 15th. The affair is an outstanding success through the 17th. Then… (more…)

The Story of William Tell (plus) September 2, 1953, to End of Year!

    Part 4 finale: Flynn’s troubles with producing his film about William Tell continue. An Italian court and local police are now involved for non-payment of a large variety of bills. Flynn then begins his quest to find investors to complete the picture. Errol’s most positive highlight of this year is the birth of his daughter. He will continue for years… (more…)

Story of William Tell Continues from Early July 1953 to September 1st!

 Part 3      Filming continues and construction of the village nears completion,     but the financing is becoming more of a problem everyday with the     Italian investors. Things are looking bleak…     (to be continued) — Topper

Another Dawn, Errol Flynn, Kay Francis 1937!

— David DeWitt

Errol Flynn from Mid-March to Mid-April 1941

Dive Bomber begins screen tests on March 14th and Errol is in San Diego, California, on the 19th for location shooting to begin. (Remember, you can double click on a single page for more detail.) Enjoy! — Topper

Errol Flynn Fun, British Magazine Contest, Another Dawn Starts Filming!

British magazine contest from their September 1936 Issue, as filming begins on Errol Flynn’s Another Dawn, September 25, into October. — Topper

Errol Flynn from Late November of 1951 to Mid January of 1952!

A little bit of everything during this time period: Mara Maru finishes filming on December 18th followed by a portrait shoot about December 19-21. After celebrating Christmas in Mulholland with Patrice and the kids, he is working on the short subject film, Cruise of the Zaca. Then starting in Janury, 1952: radio broadcasting…starts filming his next feature Against All Flags…and Flynn’s… (more…)

Errol Flynn in October, 1944!

Errol is busy filming the western San Antonio, with co-star Alexis Smith, which began shooting September 21st and does not wrap up until January 8th of ’45. — Topper

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