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Errol Flynn Movie Ad, November 1936!

02 Sep

This full page, large sized ad in Esquire magazine is on the newsstands by October 15th … a day before a special invitation, preview premiere at the Warner Studios on October 16th. The first public premiere is at the Strand theatre in New York City on October 31st.

— Topper


Errol Flynn & The Big Boodle in Havana, Cuba!

04 Aug

Errol is in Havana, Cuba doing his next film, The Big Boodle and a few other things during his visit there from May 15, 1956 up to June 20th when Patrice and daughter Arnella arrive on his birthday.

— Topper


Errol Flynn’s Cruise of the Zaca & Deep Sea Fishing!

30 May

When Flynn took his expedition cruise down the Mexico coast in August of 1946, there were two short subjects made through Warner Bros. that were released years later after all the legalities about the films were resolved.

The Cruise of the Zaca premiered on November 26, 1952 at the Embassytheatres in New York City and continued around the country for months.

The other film, Deep Sea Fishing, was also scheduled for theatrical release about the same time.

But that never happened. The film was released earlier, only on television, on June 8, 1952. I have also included the newspaper clipping of the premiere.

Have fun …

— Topper


Faces in the Crowd! Dodge City!

25 May

I was happy to use a similar photo of the crowd at the Albuquerque station on March 31, 1939 in my book. When was the last time you saw an old-fashioned perimeter directory used to ID the
folks? Click on images!

Have fun,


— Topper

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Private Lives of Elizabeth & Essex!

09 Apr

— David DeWitt


Sea Slugger

17 Nov

Dear Flynnstones,

this poster’s title works as an insult as well as a compliment. Just add: “You auld…“


— shangheinz


Errol Flynn & Ida Lupino in Escape Me Never!

12 Nov

— David DeWitt

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Quiz Time! Name the Errol Flynn Movie!

10 Nov

What final title did this film have when it eventually reach theatres?


Hotel Prince De Galles, Paris, France

— David DeWitt


Enquiring About the Perfect Speciman

10 Oct


Would anyone know how to watch this movie in good quality? I bought a dvd a while ago but was disappointed as it was very blurry and had the tcm logo. Who knows, maybe WB Archive will release it?

— Smordon Cluce


Robin Hood 1922! Douglas Fairbanks!

04 Oct

— David DeWitt

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