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“Flynn’s Look Alike” — Duncan Regehr

19 Jan

My Wicked Wicked Ways
Washington Post Review
January 20, 1985

The story out of Hollywood is that they sorted through more than 400 r,esum,es looking for someone to play Errol Flynn. Some were familiar names, most were not. Which was fine, since the producers wanted a face that was both fresh and familiar — fresh to the American television audience but familiar in its resemblance to Flynn’s.

Out of the stack emerged Duncan Regehr.

TV Preview

Scene by Scene Comparisons

Full Movie

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Where’s Waldo Theater?

14 Jan

The Waldo is in Waldoboro, on Main Street in Maine, of course….

The Waldo Theatre is a historic movie theater and performance venue at 916 Main Street in Waldoboro, Maine. Built in 1936 as a movie theater to a design by New York City architect Benjamin Schlanger, it was hailed at the time as one of the best-designed state-of-the-art small theaters in the country. It is now managed by a non-profit arts organization. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

January 12, 1939 – Movie at the Waldo

Virtual Concert at the Waldo, Tonight at 7, January 14, 2021

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Navy Flyboys Cutting in on Errol’s Girl

12 Jan

January 12, 1939

Evening Herald Examiner

Navy Officers, Stars at Film Preview

Wings of the Navy

Film personages attending include: George Brent, Olivia de Havilland, Bette Davis, Paul Muni, Pat O’Brien, Jane Wyman, Ann Sheridan, John Garfield, Errol Flynn. Priscilla Lane, Irene Dunne, Gary Cooper, Mary Pickford, Walt Disney, Spencer Tracy, Francisca Gall, Frank Borzage, Reginald Gardiner, and many Navy Officers.

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a het mirakel van de fleurfilm

08 Jan

January 8, 1939

ABC Geillustrated No. 51:

De Avonturen Van Robin Hood

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On the Ninth Day of Christmas 🎁x9

03 Jan

Errol was in LIFE and on the radio………
Helping Cecil De Mille and Joan Blondell to beautify America, one face at a time………

Above is a copy of the full page ad in Life Magazine, January 2, 1939, framed by “The Past on a Plate”. There was a story about Dawn Patrol in tge same edition.

— Gentleman Tim


On the Seventh Day of Christmas 🎁x7

31 Dec

On December 31, 1980
Raoul Walsh passed away
Leaving us these Errol Flynn masterpieces…….

— Gentleman Tim


A Flynn Film Quiz

23 Dec

To which film of Errol’s is the below image relevant and why?

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Rathbone as Wolfingham (Not)

23 Dec

December 22, 1938

Basil Rathbone today seemed destined to play another of the “heavy” roles that have made im one of the screen’s most famed menaces. Hal Wallis i negotiating a deal with Rathbone, wherein he would play the part of Lord Wolfington in The Sea Hawk.

Errol Flynn already has been announced for the star role in the picture, which will be Seton I. Miller’s revision of the Raphael Sabatini thriller. Rathbone, as Queen Elizabeth’s advisor, was in mind when Miller wrote the script.

If the deal goes through, this will be the fourth picture in which Flynn and Rathbone have played together. The other three are Captain Blood, Robin Hood, and The Dawn Patrol. Michael Curtiz probably will direct The Sea Hawk. He piloted Captain Blood.

Has any fencing menace ever fought better, or died better, than Basil Rathbone? I think not.
(Certainly not Henry Daniell!)

— Gentleman Tim


A Humble Husband in Love

21 Dec

“Dashed, Not Dashing – A New Type of Role” for Errol

December 22, 1946

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Who was it? What was it?

19 Dec

One of the actors in the Escape Me Never photo below did something highly unusual on the set? Who was it and what was it?

— Gentleman Tim