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Flynn, the Play coming soon to Audio!

Michael Druxman writes to us: Hello, I just discovered your blog. I thought you’d like to know that an audio edition of my one-person stage play, FLYNN, is currently nearing the end of production and, if all goes well, should be available for download before the end of November via Audible, Amazon and iTunes.  Sam Burns plays the role of… (more…)

Hollywood and the Stars…

Back in 1963, there was the aforementioned series produced by David L Wolper. Those lucky enough, might catch a look at a particular program in the series titled “The Swashbucklers” (which featured Fairbanks Sr and…) sometimes MIGHT be found on a compilation tape of Flynn miscellaneous items (Pirate Party, etc.). Always on the look out for a better copy in… (more…)

An Errol Flynn Dilemma?

I am submitting a couple of pictures of Flynn I have had in my collection for many years. They both appear to be from the same event since they are noted with the WB numbering I system (GEN PUB8546).  But, there seems to be some confusion about my listing  for time and place. So I am asking for help in… (more…)

Senor Flynn in Comic Cuba… — Tim

Dean Stockwell Remembers Errol Flynn

Dean Stockwell is one of the few still living actors who starred with Errol Flynn, Olivia being the prominent other. Dean was the boy Kim with Errol Flynn can anyone name any other star still alive. The page below under Deans personal quotes reflects well on Errol as well as Widmark another of my personal favorites.…… — Bob Schaffer

Radical or Reactionary?

Was Robin Hood a radical revolutionary, or a right wing reactionary? The debate rages on, with liberals, conservatives, and libertarians, all claiming him for themselves. What do you think? A Left Winger?……… Or a Right Winger?……… Or was he not either, but, rather, a libertarian?…… — Tim

The Sartorial Flynn

Inspired by the keen observations of timerider – and with his kindly “Carry on, Old Boy” blessing – I hereby start a post for all to post your all time favorite images of Errol at his sartorial best, most fun, interesting, unique, and/or ahead of his time. I expect all of us will have multiple, even numerous favorites. As timerider… (more…)


Dear fellow Flynn fans, in the new book from Dan Brown “Origin” there is a cross reference to one of Flynn`s favourite paintings: Paul Gauguin`s “D’où venons nous ? Que sommes nous ? Où allons nous ?”. Without giving away the cliffhanger storyline, the central theme circles around the essential human questions “Where do we come from?” and “Where are… (more…)

Mail Bag! Compass of the Zaca?

The Mail Bag brings another Question! I am trying to find out information about the compass/binnacle that was originally installed on the Zaca. My friend has one that he believes came from it. I have researched the compass and it was purchased from ES Ritchie & Sons in 1930. I do not know if you would have more information about… (more…)

Mail Bag! My Wicked, Wicked Ways TV Movie Question!

In the Mail Bag today: Dear Flynn Blog, I just finished watching the aforementioned TV movie on DECADES. Very enjoyable. I’m trying to find out who Billy Welch, the stunt man who died after he fell off a horse in the TV movie, was based on. Couldn’t find any info for him online so I’m guessing that wasn’t the stunt… (more…)