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Errol Flynn on the Cover of Movie Life, 1940!

18 Aug

It is not always possible to get vintage movie magazines in prime condition. But of course, Flynn looks great as usual!

— Topper


Errol Flynn’s Only Photo Session of 1944!

11 Aug

This photo shoot was believed to have been taken between September 28 to October 2, 1944. He is shown here complete with full sideburns in preparation for his film San Antonio, which began filming on September 21st. With no specific records of this photo session, it was most likely done by Bert Six.


— Topper


Monday Tidbits! Errol Flynn Portraits and Film – 1936!

18 Jul

In between the filming of two  feature films, Charge of the Light Brigade and  Green Light, during the week of July 6th 1936, Errol is in the photo studio for portrait session by Warner Bros. expert still photographer, Elmer Fryer.

— Topper


Errol Flynn Portraits!

04 Jul

Mail Bag from our Topper MacKay!

More Portraits …

1935 was a busy year for Flynn in front of the cameras. Not only was this his fourth portrait session of the year (shown here) but it was shot in the fall, during the filming of Captain Blood … along with some other activities!


— David DeWitt


Portraits, Portraits, Portraits! Errol Flynn at Warner Bros!

06 Jun

The most portraits officially taken of Errol Flynn were during his time with Warmer Bros., of course, also known as glamour shots. These are pictures specifically shot  just of Flynn. No other persons, no movie stills, no candids or special events. These were marked with E.F. and a number (e.g. E.F.308).

His career in the U.S. photo studios began with E.F.1 at WB in late November/early December of 1934, shot by Scotty Welbourne, and ended with E.F.608 at WB on December 17, 1957.

Here is a sample of a WB shoot from Dec.20-23, 1938 by photographer, Bert Longworth.



— Topper


Captain Blood Publicity Photos!

27 Aug


— David DeWitt


Errol, Errol Flynn

22 Feb

From  Laurie Heltsley at our Facebook version of the blog:

— David DeWitt


“A Four Star Production” – 80 Years Ago Today

05 Mar

March 4, 1940

Lux Radio Theater Presents: Trade Winds

Hosted by Cecil B. De Mille

Starring Errol Flynn, Joan Bennett, Mary Astor and Ralph Bellamy

“The Gangplank is Down Curtain Call” during which Errol invites all to the March 16 premier of Virginia City:

The Full Show:

2012 Review on Amazon:

“TRADE WINDS is a real piece of Hollywood history – produced and narrated by no less than Cecil B. DeMille, this radio play stars some of the biggest heavyweights on the silver screen circa 1940, working before a live audience in the Lux Radio Theater. A detective story operating on the plane of light comedy, it features clever writing and laugh-out-loud performances, and manages to undercut the sappiest of its moments with stingingly sarcastic humor. Fans of Errol Flynn, or of Old Time Radio in general, will revel in this tale of love, murder, betrayal and personal growth, as told by a group of master-actors.

The story is quite simple. Errol Flynn is Sam Wye, a sauve, facetious, womanizing detective out to capture fugitive heiress Kay Karrigan (Joan Bennett), who may or may not be guilty of murder. Wise tracks Karrigan all over the Pacific, but he is not alone in his quest for the $ 100,000 reward put on Karrigan’s head. Working with him and at times, against him, are long-suffering ex-lover Jean Livingstone (Mary Astor), and blockheaded but bulldogish detective Filo Blodgett (Ralph Bellamy). Wye eventually hunts down Karrigan, but just as quickly falls in love with her, leading to a whole avalanche of comedic shennanigans that include numerous double crosses and, rather late in the story, some genuine detective work as Sam desperately tries to save his beloved’s neck from the noose.

The cast is marvelous and the dialogue often priceless. They simply do not write dialogue like they did back then: Bellamy’s mixture of pompous diction with dumb-guy delivery is fantastic, Astor steals many scenes with her sarcastic one-liners, and Flynn is, well, Flynn – suave as Satan and cool as diamonds, yet possessing a heart of (almost) pure gold.”

— Tim


Dodging Dodge City? — OR Dreading Bette D?

22 Mar

March 20, 1939

Louella O. Parsons
Los Angeles Examiner

If Errol Flynn fails to show up for his preview, Bob Taplinger is going to lose some money. Errol’s trusting P.A. is betting that he will be there, but knowing the Flynn temperament I wouldn’t want to do any wagering myself. Errol doesn’t have to be back in Hollywood until May, when he plays Essex to Bette Davis’ Elizabeth.
Another change in the schedule has put The Knight and the LadyThe Miracle. You’ll see Claude Rains as Bacon, poet laureate of the Elizabethan era. It will all be in Technicolor. Bette’s first. This Queen Elizabeth is based on Robert Sherwood’s “Elizabeth the Queen”.

— Tim


In Search of Estrella

15 Sep

Los Hijos de Errol Flynn

“During the Spanish Civil War, Errol Flynn decided to travel to Spain as an adventure, in his memoirs he tells that he met Estrella, his love. This documentary is the search for Estrella and all the broken love stories with the end of the war.”

Los Hijos de Errol Flynn will travel to the United States for the Hispanic Culture Film Festival in Saint Augustine, Florida. The festival will be held from October 4 to 6.

— Tim

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