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Sealed With(Out) a Kiss

Seal of the Archdiocese of Burgos, Spain Archbishop of Burgos, Manuel de Castro Alonso Generallisimo Francisco Franco Forty Years of Censorship…… A new book recounts the alterations made to movies and their posters by censors during the Franco regime. The censors’ scissors were never idle during the Franco dictatorship. The movie industry, with all its provocative and insinuating images,… (more…)

Gallup In Like Flynn

Get your kicks on Route 66 … at El Rancho’s 49er Lounge “The 49er Lounge holds the unique claim of serving both Errol Flynn and his horse, as the two rode right into the establishment one summer afternoon.” El Rancho was built by “Griff” Griffith, D. W. Griffith’s brother. D.W. helped his brother promote this as a premier place to… (more…)

Lookin’ Like Flynn?

Speaking of Football … Some believe this fellow below looks a lot like Flynn. What do you think? P.S. Note the Flynn-like logo on his blue French Football Federation uniform. — Tim

More Swagger Than Flynn?

Being that it’s World Cup time, here’s the story of Kevin Keegan and his Newcastle United Football Club – the team that said to have “more swagger than Errol Flynn”. “King Kev” Keegan and Newcastle.United “Kevin Keegan and Newcastle United football club were a marriage made in heaven in the mid-1990s. Magpies fans and the club generally craved attacking football… (more…)


A QUIZ What does this image above have to do with Errol? Clues to use: 1) He started it, in more ways than one. 2) It involved Warners Bros. 3) It almost involved Olivia. 4) OMG was involved first. 5) It’s still happening. ——- This photo added on Wednesday, June 27 (2018), after Karl’s correct answer to the quiz: —… (more…)

Hollywood Hero in La Heroica

“ERROL FLYNN EN CARTEGENA” Errol Flynn en Cartagena What would you do if the most popular actor in the world arrives at the door of your house at that time, greets you with your name and asks for permission to enter? The first thing would be to be amazed and that is what happened to Don Antonio Fuentes, founder of… (more…)

Happy Birthday Flynn!

— Tim

Lock, stock & Errol tows in 200

Dear fellow Flynn fans, I had the great pleasure of welcoming the 200th Flynnthusiast on my FB homagepage LOCK, STOCK & ERROL this week. As promised here`s a rarity to celebrate that Errol Flynn will always be in and never out of time. Witness the perennial Robin Hood high on horse and accompanied by his German shepard dog Coldnose in… (more…)

Tina’s Love of a Father

Beautiful, Tina. Thank You and God Bless. — Tim

Guinn Big Boy Williams Night on Boot Hill …

Found this out on the Prairie, near Dodge City in an old newspaper found blowing in the wind … Under the headline “Film Star Sleeps on Boot Hill,” in the Monday, April 3, 1939, Dodge City Daily Globe, a story begins: “For a great many years only concrete faces and the cowboy statue have rested in historic old Boot Hill… (more…)