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Mail Bag! Dana Stone Memorial!

19 Oct

The Mail Bag brings the great news from David
Rocco that he has added after 2+ years work a memorial marker for Dana Stone next to that of Sean Flynn’s under Sean’s tree on Westchester New York’s Trail of Honor. He sends some photos! David thank you for all of your hard work on this project …

For more background read our previous posting:

Mail Bag! David Rocco & Sean Flynn Memorial Stone at Westchester, New York!

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Paval Decker Errol Flynn Painting Copy!

04 Sep

The mail bag brings us a story about a copy of John Decker’s painting that has been in someone’s family for 50 years. Dave Curtin writes us:


I was looking to connect with Rory Flynn or someone connected to the Errol Flynn estate.  I saw a blog post –…

And it inspired me to reach out.  I’m not sure if the family or estate or collectors would be interested, but I have an original Paval portrait of Errol Flynn.  It’s pretty amazing.

It’s been in my family for 50 years as it originally belonged to my father who owned a nightclub in West Hollyood in the 1970s.

Then it went to Newport Beach with him and my stepmom, then came back to me to studio city.   Now it’s back in Newport Beach.

We’ve thought about selling it from time to time but it would need to go to the right person at the right price.  A friend of mine recently purchased a house in West Hollywood behind the comedy store that once belonged to Errol.  I might see if he’d like it in that place since it ties back to the story.

Let me know your thoughts on any of this.  Here’s an attachment of the photo.

Best,  Dave

— David DeWitt

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Mail Bag! Colorized Digital Copy of Captain Blood!

19 Aug

The Mail Bag brings a question from our new member Morris who asks if anyone has a colorized digital copy of Captain Blood?

Any ideas?

— David DeWitt

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Mail Bag! 28 Mistakes in Robin Hood Errol Flynn!

21 Jul

Our Brother in Arms, Jan van der Vliet sends us this and says “This will keep you busy!”

Thanks, Jan!

— David DeWitt

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Mail Bag! Errol Flynn Lounging on a Deck Chair?

16 Jul

In the mail bag we get this question from Linda Costa …

Hello there, Linda in Queensland here.

I am chasing a very specific image of our friend Errol. I have seen it on the web somewhere but cant for the life of me find it again.

It shows Errol lounging on a deck chair/ bed on a ship (not his boat), cigarette clamped in his teeth, possibly sunglasses on, with one of his wives also, on what I assume is on a liner crossing the Atlantic. He looks pretty dishy ….

If you can help I would be very grateful. I want to use this image for a presentation I will be making in Denmark next month.

Many thanks,

Linda Costa

ps it may have also been used in an article in The Australian Weekend magazine at about the time of the Centenary …..

— David DeWitt


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Mail Bag! Errol Flynn and The Royal Palms Carlsbad

11 Jul

Rusty Loftin sends this … for Rory Flynn!

Hi Rory. I just saw your Dad’s name mentioned in Carlsbad’s local tourist magazine. They were showing photos of old Carlsbad Beach resorts back in the day. The Royal Palms Carlsbad which later became Fidels Mexican restaurant  which is now called El Norte, used to be frequented by such Hollywood illuminate as John Wayne and Errol Flynn during the Del Mar horse racing season. I thought you would appreciate the fact that your Dad is still fondly remembered down here …

Thanks, Rusty!

— David DeWitt

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Mail Bag! Shirley Evans Hassau 1943 Press Photo!

02 Jul

The mail bag brings us a photo purchased on eBay from our friend Tony Mostrom! The available image isn’t perfect but is rare …

Thanks, Tony!

— David DeWitt


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Mail Bag! Errol Flynn & Rory Flynn Son Composite Photo!

18 May

Rory Flynn who is a professional photographer and Author decided to have some fun and created a new composite photo of her father Errol Flynn and her son Sean (Rio) Flynn when he was a boy. Result is so sweet she shares it with all of us …

Thanks, Rory!

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Regarding Miss Olivia de Havilland!

29 Apr

Our own Jan van der Vliet in Spain shares with us a letter he received regarding miss Olivia de Havilland … Jan says: I received this letter 12 years ago, after writing to Olivia asking if my wife and I might stop by to say hello while in Pars … not much chance of a positive reply from complete strangers but you never know in life unless you ask! It was a lark and I didn’t really expect any reply … Olivia died on July 25, 2020 at the age of 104. Officially, she was born Olivia Mary de Havilland. 

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! New Errol Flynn Book Coming Soon!

11 Feb

We got a great recommendation in the Mail Bag from Greg Maradei for a new book about Errol Flynn …

“I received my new book today, Errol Flynn The Illustrated Life Chronology by Robert Florczak, and I love it.  Like most fanatics of our dear boy, I own and have read all the books on Errol Flynn, the majority of which have told the same story and danced around the same facts.  New information and new facts are what I crave, and Robert’s book completely delivers to include a volume of rare photos that I have never seen. For instance, if you want to see the chapel then and now where Errol and Lili were married, or Niven and Flynn’s house nicknamed “cirrhosis by the sea” you’re in for a treat.  By the way, that house is neither on Linden Drive nor at Marion Davies’ humble beach abode.  

“This is an illustrated chronological book of Errol Flynn’s life, and it provides a tremendous amount of accurate and detailed information never before published including rare events and anecdotes.  Additionally, the mass of production notes provides the reader with what it was like for producers and directors to work with Flynn on a film.   

“Robert worked tirelessly, researching Flynn for many years down every avenue and from all resources possible and successfully created a detailed and extremely welldocumented chronology of one of recent history’s most enigmatic lives.  So, for those of us who want to know more about Errol Flynn and his life – here it is …

“Thank you, Robert, for your excellent work and a great and extremely unique book on Errol Flynn.”

– Greg Maradei

This book is available on Pre-Order at Amazon.

We’ll publish some reviews when the long awaited book is published after February 28, 2022.

Thanks, Greg!


— David DeWitt

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