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Nice Color Photo from the Dodge City Parade, April 1,1939

06 May

The Mail Bag brings a nice color photo of Errol Flynn from the Dodge City Parade for the premier of the film with Errol Flynn! The sender prefers to be anonymous!

Thanks, Anon …

— David DeWitt

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Mail Bag! Brian Twist’s Classic Film Posters and Movie Art!

26 Feb

Brian Twist is one of the old hands in all things Errol Flynn! He writes today that he has launched a (terrific looking) new website of classic film posters and movie art and I want to share it with everybody!

He also has a new Facebook page: MOVIE SCENE

Check out MOVIE SCENE on Facebook, too.

Thanks, Bri!

— David DeWitt


Bartender Who Last Served Errol Flynn is Dead at 94!

05 Feb

Suzy W sends us an interesting Mail Bag item she found at…


“His first language was Croatian. Conceived in Croatia and born in Canada, he would visit the lands of Croatia for the first time in 1969 after the death of his parents.

“He grew up in Vancouver’s east end where his mother ran a boarding house. His father was an itinerant miner and was often away from home working at mines across Canada and the USA.

“The depression years of the 1930’s and then the war years of the 1940’s was hardscrabble for the family who often found refuge at the movies. They loved action/adventure and swashbuckler movies. Steve’s favorite actors were Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Errol Flynn.

“[Steve] Cvitkovich worked many jobs during his life including commercial fisherman, dockworker, grain worker and limousine driver. But it was his work as a bartender that was the through line of his career.”

Read More

Thanks, Suzy!

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Rick Rubin’s former home, 2451 Laurel Canyon Blvd. & Errol Flynn!

11 Dec
My name is Hamish and I am writing a book about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. As you may know they (along with many other bands) recorded a few of their albums in Rick Rubin’s former home, 2451 Laurel Canyon Blvd.

That property, along with 2400, has long been associated with Errol Flynn, but I can’t find any proof he was ever there. It regularly gets referred to as his house, or a house he at least stayed at; on your website you mention it was a reputed location for parties. I was wondering if you had any idea where I could look to find some definitive sources either way?

Thank you



— David DeWitt

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Mail Bag! Errol Flynn’s boat TONGA!

16 Nov

In the Mail Bag come this message about Errol Flynn’s Tonga:

To whom it may concern,

I recently found your blog site and loved reading about Flynn. With that in mind I recently purchased the stern name from his boat Tonga. I am very interested in learning anything you know about the boat. When did he own it and and stories you know. Above all I would love to find any photos of the boat especially with any clarity as most are fuzzy. This is the name I purchased from the boat and was gifted to a family in st Pete who sailed it many years ago.

Thank you in advance for any info or photos you have of it? Also it’s rumored Flynn sold out gifted it to the zorro actor John carrol…any knowledge of that would be helpful.

I’m very interested in what you find. I am in love with the Tonga piece I bought it’s really cool and amazing looking in person. Here are some articles I found.

The Tonga articles:

If you scroll down on the larger boats they list the Tonga and Flynn as original owner.…wiki/Wirth_Munroe

Cool article that mentions the tonga was a used by celebrities in honor of Flynn.…content/uploads/2018/01/Hotel-Scarface-Daily-Mail.pdf…archive/1995/09/30/on-the-water-on-the-run/?outputType=amp

News clipping about the Tonga…archive/1995/09/30/on-the-water-on-the-run/?outputType=amp

My best,

Scott Sensenbrenner


Thanks, Scott!

— David DeWitt

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Mail Bag! Jack Marino’s KILL ZONE MOVIE!

10 Jul

The Mail Bag brings great news about filmmaker Jack Marino’s film KILL ZONE that has just been distributed worldwide. Congrats, Jack! He writes:

This was my very first film. I came up with the concept and the title, and in 1984 it was the first film I produced. In 1983 I was alone with my partners all deciding to shut down our first production company, SPARTAN PRODUCTIONS, INC. We broke up because we were all burnt out with the massive rejection that comes with the name, Hollywood.

By 1983 I was working in a video duplication house. I had gone from video dupe house to video dupe house. I wanted to make my own film and I told my wife that if I didn’t make a film, which would be a miracle in 1984 we would head back to Boston in the spring of 1985.

I came up with the idea for KILL ZONE and put it all down in a treatment. In the meantime, my ex-partner David A Prior and I collaborated on a dozen scripts over the previous three years. David was directing a movie shot on video called Sledgehammer. He was doing the filming in his apartment in Venice and a location up in Simi Valley.  He called me up and I went down there to see what was progressing. I was impressed with the fact Dave had found a financial backer and had written and was directing the project himself.

Dave and I arranged a meeting and at that meeting, I told him my idea about KILL ZONE and that I had also set up a new company called Spartanfilms, Ltd.  We discussed the story of KILL ZONE and he read my treatment. He was excited about the idea so we came to an agreement and brought Fritz Matthews back into the fold. We started to write the script and I came up with the concept for the cover artwork. The agreement was that I would be the producer, Dave would be the director and Fritz would star in the picture.

Our biggest problem was where would the money to finance this film come from?  My parents were coming out to L.A to see their first granddaughter and I wanted Dave to meet my father. We all sat down and laid out the plan to garner financing. We would get 50 people to put up $1000.00 each to make this picture. Now, remember neither Dave nor I had ever made a 35mm film before however, we were certain and confident we could pull it off.

My father and mother committed to putting up the first $1000.00. Looking back at that moment, that $1000.00 was responsible for launching future low-budget films in the AFM. If my father hadn’t been the initial investor there would have been no way I would have had the confidence to get on the phone and ask 18 other individuals to put up $1000.00 each, including my sister Joan and most of those investors were high school and college friends of mine from Boston. That initial investment from my parents was responsible for launching KILL ZONE and eventually my next two films and when Dave left Spartanfilms and formed AIP he made over 35 films. None of this would have happened without my parents’ investment.

I raised all the funding and we started shooting the film in September of 1984. I hired Victor Alexander, a filmmaker with all his own camera equipment as the Director of Photography and eventually the Editor. Needless to say, we had a blast! It was a fun shoot and we made a lot of friends with the cast and crew. These friendships have lasted to this day. Once the film was completed, we took it around to all the distributors and Shapiro Entertainment gave us an ‘advance’ for the film which was totally unheard of at that time.

KILL ZONE premiered at the 1985 AFM American Film Market and it was a huge hit. In fact, by 1986 most of the filmmakers were making their own version of KILL ZONE. Our film changed the entire marketplace for the next ten to fifteen years at the AFM.  Once Dave and Fritz left Spartanfilms, Ltd., they made over 35 films using the KILL ZONE formula. Dave was one of the most prolific directors in the video market all through the 80s and 90s.

I was all alone dealing with the income stream from my distributor Shapiro and like most distributors they don’t like to pay their filmmakers any of their profit back. I went up to their office every quarter to get a check from them and in the end, they paid me back my entire investment and then some. I managed to pay back all my investors a 180% return on their money.  So here I was a first-time Producer that made back the original investment and 80% profit on my first producing effort.

That was one of the reasons why John Lebert decided to back me on my first producing and direction effort called FORGOTTEN HEROES. He figured if I went through this hell to pay back my investors, I would do the same for his investors.

It had been a long and tenuous journey from the time my father gave us that first $1000.00 and by 1990 I closed out the KILL ZONE partnership since I was the sole partner left. I took all the film elements and stored them in one of the biggest film vaults in Hollywood. The place looks like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark and that is where I left them to be forgotten forever.

Fast forward to 2022 (and I believe that for some unknown reason, Providence had a hand in this) I get a call from Steve Latshaw who is responsible for the resurrection and redistribution of this long-forgotten film.

Steve raised KILL ZONE from the dead.

Steve was a big fan of KILL ZONE and he worked for a dub house that was looking for action films to distribute from the 1980s. He took the original 35mm IP and transferred it to digital, remastering it in 4k Blu-ray. It was Steve’s company that John and I negotiated with since my company, MARINO FILM GROUP was now the owner of Spartanfilms, Ltd. The only film produced by that company was KILL ZONE. John and I made a deal with MVD for world distribution.

Never in my life would I have ever thought KILL ZONE would get a re-release. You can order the Blu-ray on Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Apple, etc, and there is a bonus section with two interviews with Jack Marino. One is with Steve Latshaw and the other is with Heath Holland on his own show “Cereal at Midnight.”

I would like to take this time to give a very special thanks to my good friend and fellow filmmaker/writer, Steve Latshaw, who called me out of the blue asking about KILL ZONE and asking what my plans were for it.

— David DeWitt

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Mail Bag! Errol Flynn’s Hobart with Ross Schnioffsky Part 4!

24 Jun

Mail Bag!

Day Two (Part 3) of my Errol Flynn/Hobart Adventure – 60 Duke Street, Hobart

As a child, Errol lived in a number of different houses and lodgings in Hobart, which reflects the unsettled and restless life of his parents. Over the next few days, I will post images of these various “homes” of the young Errol. The first one in Duke Street is a fine and fairly standard Hobart residence, and at the nearby junction of Duke and Parliament Street you can see a scattering of snow on Mount Wellington. Parliament Street is about 20 m from Errol’s home. 
In 1919, the Flynns were living at this address. The small plaque shows the year that the house was built. The 10 year old Errol allegedly conducted his infamous experiment with “the living bracelet of ducks” in the backyard.

Thanks Ross!

— David DeWitt


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Mail Bag! Errol Flynn’s Hobart with Ross Schnioffsky P.3!

24 Jun

Mail Bag!

When Errol was a little tot of about three years old, his mother would take him to the nearby sheltered beach or thereabouts where she taught him to swim. By his accounts, one of the few good things she did for him. The reserve is now a dog friendly area where dogs can be unleashed and run free. Errol would have appreciated this aspect of the reserve. The local council have marked this area with some appropriate signage, but it took a lot of effort by local Errol Flynn fans, particularly Steve and Genene Randall to make the signage happen. Steve and Genene were my guides on day two and more on them later.
The houses are opposite the small beach which is appropriately named Short Beach and little Errol would have seen and walked past them. The 1909 sign is actually part of a Hobart sculpture trail and celebrates Errol’s birth year

Thanks, Ross!


— David DeWitt

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Mail Bag! Errol Flynn’s Hobart with Ross Schnioffsky Part 2!

24 Jun

Mail Bag Part two from Ross Schnioffsky!

Day Two of my Errol Flynn/Hobart Adventure – Good Morning Hobart!
It’s so easy to see why Errol loved the sea. It was all around him and in his blood from the day he was born …

Thanks, Ross!

— David DeWitt

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Mail Bag! Errol Flynn’s Hobart with Ross Schnioffsky!

24 Jun

Ross Schnioffsky sends us news about his recent trip to the birthplace of Errol Flynn in Hobart, Tasmania … Russ says:

I thought it might be a good idea to celebrate Errol Flynn’s birthday in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. So here I am. Errol was born on this day, June 20 in 1909 and this afternoon I was standing in front of the building where he was born. It is now an apartment complex. Some sections of the original building still exist. The other buildings are nearby and in the same street. Already I am in love with Hobart.

Thanks, Russ!


— David DeWitt

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