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Death of Robin Hood

23 May…
They cannot challenge the Real Robin Hood Story so the have to do it in a different time frame of his life it will fail. How many times can they try this. We know better. Genene and Steve.

— tassie devil


IN MEMORIAM: SEAN LESLIE FLYNN: 5/31/1941-04/06/1970

06 Apr




Micheline Presle, romantic interest in Captain Fabian, passes at 101!

14 Mar…

— Karl

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Mail Bag! Brian Twist’s Classic Film Posters and Movie Art!

26 Feb

Brian Twist is one of the old hands in all things Errol Flynn! He writes today that he has launched a (terrific looking) new website of classic film posters and movie art and I want to share it with everybody!

He also has a new Facebook page: MOVIE SCENE

Check out MOVIE SCENE on Facebook, too.

Thanks, Bri!

— David DeWitt


Steve Hayes 93rd Birthday! Jan. 31, 2024

01 Feb

Today is my dear friend Steve Hayes 93, Birthday. Happy Birthday old boy!! Steve, was born Ivan Hurbert Hayes he was born on January 31, 1931, in Streatham, England, UK.

He came out of England to be an actor and he got a contract deal on 20th Century Fox. He had a speaking role in Botany Bay with Alan Ladd and James Mason.

The day he arrived he met a girl named Gloria and she took him up to Errol Flynn’s home in 1949. Both Flynn and Steve were British nationals and Steve had no place to stay. Errol invited him to stay with him at Mulholland Farm. In the two months that he lived with Errol, he stayed in the bedroom that Jack Barrymore stayed in. The room was painted a mustard yellow and it had the famous balcony that overlooked the driveway. Steve, told me he would sit with Errol in his den, and formal living room, they would go for a swim in Flynn’s pool and overlook the entire San Fernando Valley. He would spent time with Errol in the sauna and all Errol would talk about was his films, filmmaking, the dynamics of Hollywood, all the women he met and knew and the most important was his knowledge of ships and of the sea.


He eventually got into writing and producered many films such as, Time After Time (1979), Capitol (1982), and Conan the Adventurer (1997).who was an actor, and writer-producer and he still writes westerns. You can see his credits on IMDB

He is the Louie Lamour of England. In the 1950s he met Louis Lamore here in Hollywood and he taught Steve how to write Westerns.

Steve came out to Hollywood in 1949 he lived with Errol Flynn, and Errol introduced him to everyone at his level in the movie business. He even dated Ava Gardner and was close to Marilyn Monroe and Rita Haywood

Steve has written a two-volume book about his time living in Hollywood, called GOOGIES: COFFEESHOP OF THE STARS they are both a great read and he met a lot of these insane Hollywood legends.

He has been on my Radio show three times and everyone loves his stories. The photo of him was taken when he was in his 80s and the black and white photo was his headshot when he was acting in Hollywood. Steve is a raconteur of old Hollywood, he knew and ran with James Dean and Steve McQueen before they were actors.


— Jack Marino


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Best Ever bar room Brawl

05 Dec

Great Lowdown of Dodge city with pictures.…

— tassie devil


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Blue Ray Gentleman Jim

28 Oct

Gentleman Jim (1942) coming from Warner Archive to Blu-ray December 12th!

NEW 2023 1080p HD Master from 4K scan of the original nitrate camera negative.

Run Time: 104 Minutes
Subtitles: ENGLISH SDH
Audio Specs: DTS HD-MA 2.0
Aspect Ratio 16×9 1.37:1 with Side Mattes
Product color: B&W
Disc Configuration-BD 50
Directed by Raoul Walsh

Cast: Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith, Jack Carson, Alan Hale, Ward Bond

Special Features: Classic Warner Bros. Cartoons: “THE DOVER BOYS AT PIMENTO UNIVERSITY” (HD), “FONEY FABLES” (HD), “HOBBY HORSE-LAFFS” (HD), Audio-only Lady Esther Screen Guild Playhouse (2/14/1944) Radio Broadcast with Errol Flynn and Alexis Smith; Original Theatrical Trailer (HD)

Looking lithe and lean, and more handsome than should be allowed by law, Errol Flynn was never better suited to a role than the legendary boxer James J. “Gentleman Jim“ Corbett. Indeed, this rousing screen biography captures the essence of two colorful personalities – Flynn and Corbett – at the height of their careers. Set primarily against the backdrop of the 1880’s San Francisco, the film follows Corbett’s rise from bank clerk to world champion. With his lightning quick punches and dance-like footwork, the glib, cocky Irishman revolutionized the heretofore illegal prizefighting game, elevating it from the bare knuckle brawling to the sport of skill it is today. An excellent supporting cast of Warner Bros. favorites features the lovely Alexis Smith, the always hearty Alan Hale, and the irresistible bluster of Ward Bond, whose unforgettable portrayal of the great John L Sullivan will touch your heart. For Flynn at his best and an arousing, sometimes wistful look back at professional boxing early days, Gentleman Jim ranks as one of the finest of many biographical classics to come out of the golden age at Warner Bros.

INTERESTING TO NOTE: Gentleman Jim along with the rest of the titles from Vol. 2. WB DVDs from the 2006 to 2008 era are notorious for rotting (visual quality-wise), SO… this is welcome news for fans.

— Karl


Sean in Vietnam

26 Oct

Great shot of Sean and a small piece about the pic.… Genene and Steve

— tassie devil

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Errol Flynn with the Geek!

12 Oct


The “Geek” …

— David DeWitt


Actor Flynn Who Played Robin Hood Crossword: A Legendary Performance

07 Sep… They are now making crosswords about Errol and the adventures of robin hood I put it on The Errol Flynn Society of Tasmania inc page also it is a long read but worth it Genene.

— tassie devil