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Love Boat

Dear Flynnmates, let me take you on a little ship trip again. Some images have been shown here before and if you remember we wondered who the lads and the ladies in attendance were. Weekend Cruise with Errol Flynn! « The Errol Flynn Blog The opinions varied and in the end we had some pretty educated guesses as well as… (more…)

Flynn the Flower Man Plans a Hot House

May 10, 1938 Harrison Carroll Evening Herald Express When Errol Flynn gets back from his Bahamas trip in about three weeks, Hollywood will get a floral novelty. He is bringing several hundted cuttings of a black orchid, found when he and Lili Damita were exploring the southern tip of Cat Cay Island. His agent got an enthusiastic wire today ordering… (more…)

Voyaging Star

MAY 6, 1938 Voyaging Star Appears Next in ‘White Rajah’ or ‘The Sea, Hawk’ SAILS YACHT TO N. Y. By LOUELLA 0. PARSONS Hollywood, Warner’s wandering boy, Errol Flynn, has promised at long last to bring his boat into the New York harbor May 12. At least that’s what the brothers Warner hope will happen. That would land him in… (more…)

Cinco de Mayo, Flynnamigos

Hola, Flynnamigos. Errol was a very frequent and famous traveler to Mexico. He drove, he flew, and he sailed there: to Tijuana, Ensenada, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, all along and off the coast of Baja, Acapulco, Mexico City, Cuernavaca, and numerous other locations. Plus, he dated and was married to there. Here is a representative sampling of photos, articles, and videos… (more…)

Florida Spring Break for the Flynns

March 12, 1938 Louella O. Parsons Los Angeles Examiner Lili Damita leaves for Palm Beach shortly to meet Errol Flynn and come back through the Canal with him. — Tim

A Flood of Letters

February 15, 1937 Harrison Carrol Evening Herald Express The publication of Errol Flynn’s new book, Beam Ends, has brought a flood of letters from fans who want to make a direct purchase from the star. He has had $350 worth of orders in the last ten days. To supply them, he has to buy copies from the Los Angeles bookstores.… (more…)

PM Sunday Edition — February 7, 1943 — “Flynn Acquitted”

— Tim

Errol Acquitted!

February 6, 1943 — Tim

Sea-Sick Over Sirocco

January 31,1939 Jimmy Fidler San Francisco Chronicle Errol Flynn’s not subject to sea-sickness, but when you mention that yacht of his, he shows some of the same symptoms. … December 28, 1938 To Libel Errol Flynn’s Yacht New York Times Errol Flynn, Irish motion picture actor, faces the loss of his $25,000 yacht Sirocco because it exceeds tonnage and length… (more…)

Once Upon a Time…

ONCE upon a time, long before Errol Flynn ever heard of Hollywood or thought of being an actor, he bought a little sailing ship… January 28, 1937 Harrison Carroll Evening Herald Express Errol Flynn’s book, Beam Ends, must be expected to do all right because the publishers haved already ordered a second edition published. … — Tim

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