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Flynn River

You always rolled in style And always brought a smile … Oh dreammaker, you heartbreaker You were off to see the world, And there was such a lot of world to see … June 28, 1935 Harrison Carroll – Los Angeles Evening Herald Express Lili Damita’s new groom, Errol Flynn, is versatile to no end. In addition to acting for… (more…)

More On In Like Flynn

See photo of “Errol” on the “Sirocco” from Luke’s In Like Flynn.…… Summary below is extracted and adapted from the above-linked article by Cheryl Goodenough. “The movie stars Australian actor Thomas Cocquerel, from Red Dog: True Blue and Kidnapping Mr Heineken, as Errol Flynn. It is being co-produced by Flynn’s 41-year-old actor, writer and producer grandson Luke Flynn. A… (more…)

Errol Helps Pioneer Underwater Photography

Premier Photographer Peter Stackpole’s Pioneering Underwater Photography Began With and Because of Errol — Tim

Film of Errol & Lili Skiing!

On the slopes of “Hollywood St. Moritz” (aka Sun Valley)… — Tim

Coronado Dreamin’ – 1938

Coronado Eagle – July 21, 1938 Tennis and Water Skiing in the Summer of ’38 “Water Skiing New Coronado Water Sport” I think that I shall never see A thing as lonely as a ski A ski that stands against the wall Waiting until some snow shall fall. The author of the above evidently hadn’t heard of the latest craze,… (more…)

Coronado Dreamin’ – 1937

Coronado Eagle – July 29, 1937 Fishing & Water Skiing (& likely Tennis, too ) in the Summer of ’37 “Splashes from Glorietta Bay” “Assuming almost holiday appearance, Coronado Yacht Club continues to play host to a number of visiting yachtsmen and members with the Club’s slips and basin filled with craft of all sizes. From northern ports, six visiting… (more…)

Happy Birthday, Errol Flynn!

June 20, 1909 – June 20, 2017   — David DeWitt

Et tu, Bruce?

— Tim

“Barry Mahon helps to destroy another Hollywood Film Great!”

I was always an admirer and fan of the ever-beautiful Rita Hayworth. After seeing all of her movie classics I tracked down her later films. Beyond the shadow of a doubt the worst film (of 61) in her long career was a soft-core pornographic film ‘The Naked Zoo’ (1970)!  It was written, directed, and produced by William Grefe.  The film… (more…)

Whatever Happened to Mrs. Evans?

Did her husband in Paris kill her when he found out where she was? A Quiz on the Neverending Adventures of Errol Flynn…… More in the papers from and about Barbara” “Did Mrs. Evans have any comments on world affairs? Yes. George will just kill me when he finds out where I’ve been. Sounds like George might be kind… (more…)