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29 Apr

Dear Flynnstones,

what I Iike most in this rare picture is Errol‘s inquisitive side look towards his stoic father. Dr. Theodore Thomson Flynn doesn‘t show one iota of emotion about having three women in tow. Them being his wife, Mother of Errol, plus the stepmother of his son‘s ex-wife and the prospective new Mrs. Errol Flynn, a Romanian princess called “The Geek“. Could it be, the scientist was silently measuring the gravity of family?


— shangheinz


Mail Bag! Regarding Miss Olivia de Havilland!

29 Apr

Our own Jan van der Vliet in Spain shares with us a letter he received regarding miss Olivia de Havilland … Jan says: I received this letter 12 years ago, after writing to Olivia asking if my wife and I might stop by to say hello while in Pars … not much chance of a positive reply from complete strangers but you never know in life unless you ask! It was a lark and I didn’t really expect any reply … Olivia died on July 25, 2020 at the age of 104. Officially, she was born Olivia Mary de Havilland. 

— David DeWitt


FYI: A MOST interesting late photo…

26 Apr

for sale on eBay from 1959, with a signature with an exaggerated upper loop on the 2 Es, as well as in the autographic style of possibly an earlier time.

Listing description:


— Karl


Flynn`s Footsteps – the Gulf of the Sleeping Giant

21 Apr

Dear Flynnstones,

as soon as Errol set foot on italian soil he was treated like royalty. Contrary to Orson Welles whose escape act to Europe did not turn into a love affair with press and producers, Flynn felt right at home. His first film in Italy of course was “Crossed Swords”, filmed at Castello Lancelotti in Lauro roughly an hour`s drive from Naples.

More Commedia dell`Arte spoof than swashbuckler the secretive sequel to “The Adventures of Don Juan”, is mostly famous for the launch of Gina Lollobrigida`s career.

One of Lollo`s ladies in waiting became Welles new wife. O. Welles in turn was considered for the role of Gessler, the heavy (!) in the upcoming William Tell movie.

The Gulf of Naples is rich with historic landmarks and ripe with lemon groves.

The peninsula of Sorrento boasts the most 5 star restaurants per square mile worldwide. No wonder our Hollywood hero decided to prolong his stay to show Jack Warner how (not) to make movies back in 1953.

Errol Flynn resided at the Grand Hotel Vesuvio, which offers a splendid view of the namesake, who the people of Napoli respectfully refer to as “the sleeping giant”.

Over a million people live at the foot of the not yet extinct vulcano. Theirs is a state of mind very comparable to those in SF and LA, living passionately in the moment.

If you like me can`t afford the Grand Hotel, be a baron for a day at the Palazzo del Barone. The owner is a real one of the esteemed line of the Coluccis.

We know from his diary entries, that Errol went to to Pompeii, but the must see along the Amalfitanian Coast are the dome of Amalfi.

And on top of that, literally because it is situated high on the hills of the town of Ravello, the Villa Rufolo.

The Zaca went to Capri at least once, in 1949 when chartered by Rita Hayworth and husband Aly Khan.

There, if you feel like feeling blue, but in a good way, take a rowing boat and enter the “grotta Azzurra”.

It was in the province of Campania, that Flynn tried to resurrect his film career.

He was the toast of even the smallest of towns and never once did feel the night coming on.







— shangheinz


“SeanRio” Flynn is now on Twitch!

19 Apr

Many of you are familiar with the app known as Twitch. Basically, it is a live streaming app popular around the world and one of its categories is live action electronic game streaming. You can download the app on their website to follow Errol Flynn’s grandson known professionally as Sean (Rio) Flynn in the TV series Zoey 101, Devious Maids, Hatfield and McCoys: Bad Blood, Return of the Killer Shrews, Scorched, Family Guy, Simon Birch, Sliders, and The Last of Robin Hood, among others. He also runs the social media related business Donatello Arm which creates 3D images using state of the art robotic arms to create high end product rotatable product images. You can learn more about that below. Today, he is introducing his new streaming gaming channel “SeanRio” on Twitch.

Check out the schedule and subscribe (it’s free!) to watch Sean Rio Flynn do battle live playing your favorite games! PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!


A message from Rory Flynn about Donatello Arm Published previously on the blog:

Hello, friends of Errol! I know for a fact that Errol Flynn, my father, would have wanted everyone to know what his Grandson is up to!
My Son Rio (actor Sean Flynn) is running a new and exciting company in Atlanta GA: “Donatello Arm”!
They use a state-of-the-art robotic motion control system to shoot high end photography for the web geared mostly toward social media, especially on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.)
It’s a very exciting way of showing off a new product for a very affordable cost! And Rio runs the studio! So feel free to reach out to him directly at:…… if you have any questions!
Check out his website for examples of how this looks:
Rio Amir
Coordinating Producer
Cell: 213.399.1092
All my best, Rory Flynn


— David DeWitt


James Garner, Jack Warner, and…

14 Apr

— Karl


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Mail Bag! New Jim Turiello Book! Flynn Photos!

12 Apr

The maile brag brings us news about the new Jim Turiello book with “Many Flynn photos, and 536 pages!

Other books in this series …

Thanks, Jim!


— David DeWitt


The Wild Life and Sad End of Arnella Flynn

08 Apr…

— Karl


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Nice Errol Flynn Portrait!

08 Apr

This is from Geoff Gowans on the Facebook version of the blog …

Thanks, Geoff!

— David DeWitt

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Interview with Gunnar Nelson

03 Apr

— Maria

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