Interview with Gunnar Nelson

03 Apr

— Maria


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  1. Maria

    April 3, 2022 at 4:00 pm

    Interesting comments about that notorious house – the one we all secretly wanted to live in – from Gunnar Nelson

    • shangheinz

      April 3, 2022 at 5:02 pm

      Great conversation. Thanks Maid Maria! Now on to the exorcism of the Zaca…

      • Maria

        April 5, 2022 at 7:17 pm

        Yes – ! I have always been curious about that too.
        I watched a great Netflix documentary on Johnny Halliday – the glitz and glamour of those early 60’s, the south of France, Cannes – everything. What a world!

  2. bernadette924

    April 8, 2022 at 12:14 am

    I have been contacting TCM every month complaining there is not enough ERROL FLYNN. Finally Kathy at TCM said there would be Errol Flynn star of the month forApril. She emailed me and told me she was happy that I was thrilled that they made Errol Star of the Month. Also,I think that the Gunnar Nelson video is disrespectful to Errol Flynn.

  3. bernadette924

    April 8, 2022 at 12:34 pm

    Maria, I believe the house was haunted.I own the book Errol Flynn Slept here, but it is the personal comments he made about Errol Flynn. If you viewed the video you know what I am talking about.

  4. Maria

    April 8, 2022 at 8:14 pm

    I did watch the video and heard nothing new actually – The comments about the 2 way mirrors, the sauna, the Casino, the nazi accusations etc. are well documented, (some by Errol himself) so that is not something that would jump out at me as being disrespectful.
    Haunting – I always felt those stories to be really interesting. Who knows?

    • shangheinz

      April 9, 2022 at 12:21 pm

      I can’t help but wonder if this eerie atmosphere at Mulholland Farm was established post Flynn. Errol’s inhibitions or the lack thereof were not synonymous with malice. Actually he was pretty frank when it came to biographical confessions. See: My wicked wicked ways. The next resident was said to have celebrated religious events there.…
      That should have cleared the air. Except they didn‘t. Stuart Hamblen ran with Gene Autry, a proud pillar of secret society as stated on his tomb stone. Or as that Goethe guy said: “Where there is much light, there is much shadow.“

      • shangheinz

        April 10, 2022 at 7:51 am


  5. Jack Marino

    April 12, 2022 at 11:33 pm

    I saw this video by the same guy that did the other Flynn home video. The host is clueless about the facts of the house.

    Errol never lived on Flynn Ranch road which was a subdivision started by Ricky Nelson to pay for the loan he had for Flynn’s home. The host believes that Barrymore’s body was brought to the house because as he says ‘that is what Drew Barrymore said” If that is his source of information he is totally clueless. She wasn’t even born then.

    Gene Flower wrote in his book that he and his son kept a vigil over the body at the Hospital and when with it went to the funeral home. There is so much Bullsh*t about Flynn it’s insane.

    Gunner gets on this video and tells us that Flynn was a Nazi spy! He hasn’t read anything about Flynn. He just lived in that house and didn’t even keep the place clean. Typical musicians, the guys put red and blue rugs upstairs in the bedrooms and nothing matched. There was no tunnel from the women’s bathroom to the sauna. It ended at the wall in front of the one-way mirror. To get into the sauna you had to walk around the bar area. I’m the only one with pictures of the inside of the sauna

    I was in Flynn’s house at least twice a week for a year and I went through the entire house. It didn’t smell moldy or musty. I never felt any presence of any spirit, it was just an empty house that an old famous movie star built.

    I have a slew of photos a lot of them are in the book ERROL FLYNN SLEPT HERE. I have the floor plans for the entire house and I gave a copy to one of the authors which are in the book.

    I knew the last owner of the house and he told me there was nothing in the house that was haunted. I got friendly with him and he allowed me up there anytime I wanted to go. I was there when they gutted the house and I was there when it was torn down.

    I took Tony Thomas up there the day after it was gone and in the driveway were Nora and Deidre that is when I met them both.

    All these ghost stories are just stories, the Hamblin grandchildren said they felt a presence in one of the upstairs bedrooms that they would never go into. None of the parents felt anything.

    For the record, Errol Flynn’s house was in good shape on the inside. The knotty pine in the living room was all painted white by Lilly and that all needed to come down and planed off to its original look and then stained.

    The den walls and ceiling became stained dark with age, they all have to be sanded to restore their original luster. The outside of the house was never painted since Errol had it painted.

    All the windows were old 1942 windows and the place needed new vinyl double pane windows. The roof was shaked shingles it needed to be done over with regular shingles

    When I was up there the windows were open, it smelled fresh, the rugs were old and I believe from photos I have to see and I own that the Hamblin’s did nothing to the place and they lived there for 20 years.

    The Nelson did nothing but put red and blue rugs with green walls. As Gunner said they never cleaned the house.

    Errol Flynn NEVER HAD a black bottom pool up at Mulholland House. The pool was turquoise bottom as was the front door and some of the walls in his living room. When the Hamblins bought the house he had it painted white.

    When Ricky bought the house he had the pool painted black since he heard Errol Flynn had a black bottom pool. He assumed it was at Mullholland, it was at the APPIAN WAY home. There is so much BS on the internet about Flynn and everyone buys into the lies.

    • timerider

      April 19, 2022 at 12:21 am

      Thank God you are around to straighten things out Jack! Things get so carried away. I remember when you were at the house and when it was torn down. I’ve been following things since the early 2000’s on the web and did allot of reading posts in the late 90’s. I kinda get a kick out of how much Gunner looks like David Nelson. The two boys remind me of how the Everly’s started out in another time continuum. Too many people are acting like Flynn biographers! Time is truckin so fast I can’t keep up! I’m 22 April, close to David’s B-Day but like Rory my year is 1947! Some times I feel like I lived in that era after the turn of the century, Happy Spring 2022 to all.

  6. Marcue21

    April 19, 2022 at 8:14 am

    Interesting interview and perspective from Gunnar Nelson about the legendary Mulholland House & his time in it, but I caution anyone to take his comments seriously about Flynn himself. He clearly knows very little about him personally, only the myths & lies perpetuated by the Hollyweird gossip crowd that have long been refuted.

    For example, his assertion that Flynn was a Nazi sympathizer & spy is pure fiction, as it was refuted long ago by Flynn friends, family, even enemies alike. Tony Thomas, one of his more responsible biographers, obliterated this & other lies in his book, “ The Spy Who Never Was.” Maybe Gunnar – and the host here- should read it.

    The host’s statement that Flynn was “accused of rape later in life” is also wrong. He was tried & acquitted of statutory rape in 1942 – a case that was originally rejected by the grand jury before a corrupt DA decided to bring it anyway for the publicity. It was later discovered that the whole thing was a scam to get back at WB for a missed payoff. There were no other serious allegations after that.

    There are other factual discrepancies but they’re not worth going into. Instead, I’ll recommend “My Days With Errol Flynn,” by Friend & stuntman Buster Wiles,” “Errol Flynn Slept Here” by Robert Matzen & Michael Maxine, Thomas McNulty’s “Life & Career of Errol Flynn,” & Flynn’s autobiography (MWWW) as good sources to get through the slander & bulls$&!.

    Flynn was perhaps the most underrated actor in movie history, yet his legacy looms larger than most stars – then and now. He was the first modern adventure star & no one has ever equaled him as a swashbuckler. Movies today would benefit greatly if they had someone like Flynn. I hope the ridiculous lies that linger disappear one day & his importance in film history is fully recognized. He’s earned it. .

  7. LoveErrol45

    April 22, 2022 at 11:16 am

    I believe Gunnar was incorrect stating Errol Flynn being a
    Nazi spy! It’s not true. He did have a friend that was, unbeknownst to Errol. The cruelty amazes me. Several friend’s, including the late, and beautiful Olivia de Haviland came to his defense.

    As for the home that belonged to Errol, and then Rick Nelson, I read that it was haunted. There was another large family that lived there before the home was torn down which is a real pity.

    I’m 70 years old, and was taken with Errol since I was 7 years old. I own Life Magazine with Errol on the front. It was titled Glamor Boy, 1938, in excellent condition.

    He wasn’t taken seriously as an actor which was tragic. He was considered for a possible Academy Award for The Sun Also Rises, but that mysteriously disappeared. Hollywood used their actors, and with Errol, typecasted him endlessly.

    He was one of a kind. He was beautiful, talented, and I wish the lies would stop. He’s been dead for decades, thus unable to defend himself.