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To Those Who Knew Him When…

May 3, 1939 Wireless Weekly Glamor Man of Screen Errol Flynn Is Real Life Adventurer An Unbiased Biography To those Sydney people “who knew him when,” the screen success of Errol Flynn is just another adventurous lucky break of this incredibly adventurous but capable lad. Flynn’s “official” biography, as set down by himself and his employers, runs counter at several… (more…)

Errol’s Tasmania

This is what Tasmania was like when Errol last lived Down Under: — Tim

Errol Flynn and The Sword of Fate

“April 25, 2008 Coming soon: Errol Flynn and the Sword of Fate “The Amazing True Origins of Hollywood’s Swashbuckling Legend” “This new book by Bob Casey, a founder of the Errol Flynn Society of Tasmania, puts paid to many scandalous myths about history’s greatest Hollywood swashbuckler — and raises some interesting questions about his ancestry.” “Casey says ‘Earl Conrad’s book… (more…)


— Tim

Tribute to T. T. Flynn, Ph.D.

October 11, 1883 – October 24, 1968 Tasmania’s First Professor of Biology…… Thank you very much to Philip for his previous posting of the audio above on the EFB. — Tim

Errol’s Wild Life — “There’s Never a Dull Moment When Errol Flynn’s Around”

A Sensational Series of Stories by Errol Flynn to be continued… — Tim

Happy Birthday, Mr. Flynn!

… Born October 11, 1883, in Coraki, New South Wales — Tim

A Flynn Farm Call for Hoppers and Cockatoos

August 9, 1939 The Wireless Weekly Errol Flynn Wants Australian Pets Cockatoos and Wallabies For Hollywood Home Hollywood, the land of milk and honey, the home of plenty. Just everything in the world can be purchased there — except a pair of wallabies and a pair of those good old Australian cockatoos. Errol Flynn, dashing Australian star, lately seen here… (more…)

T Minus 3 Days — Global Birthday Toast to Errol Flynn — June 20, 2020

Errol was born at 2:25 in the morning, on June 20, 1909, at Queen Alexandria Hospital, Battery Point, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. This being a world-wide celebration, all should feel free to raise their glasses at anytime on June 20 in their time zone. Hopefully, the first toast can be made in Hobart at exactly 2:25 a.m.* * Thank you to… (more…)

An A through Z List of Possible Libations for the Global Toast to Errol on June 20, 2020

Based on drinks and beverages Errol is known to have drank, believed to have drank, likely Drank, rumored to have drank, and has had created and named in tribute to him, here is an A through Z list of possible libations for the Global Toast to Errol Flynn on June 20, 2020: Absinthe – in Europe and New Orleans Bacardi… (more…)