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Errol Flynn Mailbag! Rory Flynn Speaks!

31 Aug

Hi, David,

Just wanted to let you know that Rory Flynn is going to be our guest speaker here at Bridgewater College (Bridgewater, Va.) on Sept. 25, as part of our Errol Flynn Day. Rory will speak at 7:30 p.m. in Cole Hall, after which we will show “Captain Blood” (this is the 80th anniversary of the film). Earlier in the day we will show “The Sea Hawk,” with an introductory commentary by one of our film professors.

Could you post something about this on the blog? For readers close to us, it might be something they’d want to attend. Or even to travel to.

Thanks so much, David.



Charles Culbertson | Office of Marketing & Communications | Director of Media Relations | online:…


— David DeWitt


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The Case; Part II

30 Aug


Found that I could only put up the pics in a new post, but here they are…

— Delvan


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The Case of the Curious Case

30 Aug

Dear Authors & Readers:

Any information or ideas about the history and symbology of this, Errol’s cigarette case?


— Tim


How To Colorize Your Favorite Sea Hawk

28 Aug

Sea Hawk Video Link

I would like to see some of these films made into color when the technology arrives. I know this is a sore spot for some but many films would benefit from it I think. Check out the video and tell me what you think.

— twinarchers


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Dodge City Blu-Ray vs DVD

28 Aug

Better late than never for this review. I don’t know how many of you have purchased this Blu Ray yet so first off I can say that it is worth the money to get it even if you have the DVD already. A lot of grain and film dirt are gone as well as vertical film lines. Paying close attention the image is more stable too. I noticed this at the start with the Warner logo. They have fixed the alignment problems that were on the DVD version and that makes for a much clearer, sharper image. The colors look better and detail like clothing material you can see much better. There is a scene early on showing steers in the pen that looked like a 3D image without the 3D glasses on the DVD which has been fixed with the new Blu-Ray. The sound is about the same as Warner’s is not taking the mono and spreading it out to at least stereo or 5.1 to get the sub woofer going. This make me wish more of his films were shot in color because when it looks this good, it gives this 76 year old film a much more modern look. It would have been nice for them to have added a commentary track since I would not think it would cost that much money for a few guys to sit in front of a microphone and talk. They added a nice one to the box set version of Objective Burma but changed some of the extras so now you need both copies. Anyway thumbs up for this and I hope they keep them coming for Errol and us.

— twinarchers

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Dining with Errol-Part 2

27 Aug

2015 EF

I could not insert into my reply – so here is the other photo I found.  Note the sailing ship in the bottom left.

— Maria


Take a Step Inside and Enjoy

27 Aug

Lovely link to Errol Northampton theater:…

Love Genene.



— tassie devil


Motion Picture Movie Quiz

26 Aug

In what movie did Errol’s co-star once call him Casanova?


— Tim


In Majorca like Flynn

24 Aug



Dear fellow Flynn fans,

our blog member Ventura Sala, the son of an original crew member of the Zaca, was kindly showing me the old sport`s old haunts when I visited the capital of the Balearic Islands this summer. Our hands did most of the talking since Ventu speaks little English and I left my Spanish in El Sugundo.

He showed me the Marina, where Errol`s yacht anchored in pole position. One day instead going on board he went overboard the pier in a kind of golf cart he used within the harbour`s parimeters. I wonder why?

Further following Flynn`s footsteps, I saw where his and Pat´s fabulous Windmill Villa once stood. It had direct access to the sea, so no pool was needed.

There were always many visitors around, celebrities like Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth with her then husband Aly Khan and Robert Graves, the author of “I, Claudius”.

Mary Pickford as well as some sprout of the Rockefeller family rented the Zaca for Mediterranean cruises at that time. The route spanned from Ibiza to the endless isles of Greece.

We ended up in Hotel BONSOL, who boasts a terrific terrace and was frequented regularly by Errol for siestas and fiestas with senioritas and margaritas. There we were enjoying an ice cold beer and each other`s company, a bond I`d like to call mutual Flynnship. Thank U, Ventu!




— shangheinz


Hollywood Tower

23 Aug

Said to be one of Errol’s haunts.

To be restored ……

Fascinating history ……


Hollywood Tower 1940 at 6200 Franklin Ave.

— Tim