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Errol’s Rhodie Bites Father Hubbard’s Brother…… Father Hubbard – Alaska Week (106) — Tim

Errol and Infidels

Our Man in Havana, before Castro. — Tim

Rum and Revolution

— Tim


“Nightcrawler is known for his love of dashing, swashbuckling Hollywood star Errol Flynn and Flynn’s role in Captain Blood in particular. He even made himself look like Flynn back in the days when he used an image inducer to hide his blue, furry form.” “In Amazing X-Men, the demon Azazel, sailed a pirate ship to conquer heaven, and it was… (more…)

May the Fortieth Be with You

The Flynn-Inspired Masterpiece was released Forty Years Ago Today “[George] Lucas described Star Wars [to 20th Century Fox executive Alan Ladd Jr.] as an amalgam of Buck Rogers, Captain Blood and The Sea Hawk, two Errol Flynn swashbucklers. Ladd [who had been greatly impressed by American Graffiti] had grown up with the people who starred in and made these movies… (more…)

Errol and Fidel

We are to meet up with John Kaldor one of the writers of Errol and Fidel…… Is there any questions that the members of the blog would like for us to ask him about the musical. Steve — tassie devil

A Story with Rory

Hanging out with Helen Mirren, Rod Stewart, and a host of Hollywood and Rock ‘n’ Roll others … See the show in Beverly Grove ………… — Tim

Introducing Errol Flynn

Hollywood Citizen News – Behold Them Minus Hokum by Peter Pry – December 1, 1934 Errol Flynn, newly arrived Irish actor, will have to call out the police reserves for protection when the local gals discover that he is independently wealthy and doesn’t need to act for a living. Flynn has lots of that appeal too, and is a husky… (more…)

R.I.P. Sir Roger

I always thought there was a little of Errol in his Bond.…… — twinarchers

no moore no more

More morbid news. There’s no Moore, no more. Godspeed Roger.……… much moore from before from shangheinz, no less: Much Moore about Flynn- episode 1 — Tim