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Errol Flynn and the Backslap Case Bahamas March 1952!

07 Apr

The “backslap” case against Duncan McMartin that took place in the Bahamas in mid-March, 1952

To set the scene, we will begin about mid-February while Errol is in Los Angeles recuperating from a fractured bone in his foot. He was injured during the filming of AGAINST ALL FLAGS on Feb. 1st. The foot was placed in a cast and Errol was given a cane to get around.

The cast was to remain for about 6 weeks, so production was halted.

But … as usual, Errol does not slow down. We pick it from there.



— Topper


Errol Flynn from Early October to end of December 1955!

08 Nov

Including a blow-up of ‘piggy-back’ Flynn on the “rag” cover of  On the QT.

Re-enacting Robin Hood riding the shoulders of “Frier Tuck”!

— Topper


Busy March 1956 for Errol Flynn!

05 Sep

Errol Flynn, in a busy March 1956, will appear in two courts  on the same day. In addition, on February 20th, filming begins on Errol’s picture Istanbul at Universal International Studios in Universal City, Cal.

— Topper


Busy Year for Errol Flynn! 1944

07 Aug

Here is a little excerpt from mid-March,1944 to mid-May. Lots of stuff going on in his life, as usual, with movies, parties, incidents, etc.


— Topper


Errol Flynn vs Fidler Fracas and the Follow-Up! 1941

25 Jul

On September 20th, 1941, Errol Flynn and columnist Jimmie Fidler got into a scuffle at the Mocambo night spot. The incident made some small headlines the next day along with a lot of gossip and speculation. Perhaps one of the best coverages of the story appeared on this page of the Movie-Radio Guide of the 27th.

There were more events following the dustup.


— Topper


Mail Bag! Rare Peggy Satterlee Photo!

13 Jul

The Mail Bag brings a rare photo of Peggy Satterlee from Debby Phielix …

Thanks, Debby!

— David DeWitt


Mail Bagg! Sean Flynn (Rio) Appears in New Promo for “Zoey 102” in New York!

06 Jul

As many know Rory Flynn’s son Sean Flynn (Rio) starred as a teen in the hit show ZOEY 101 with an ensemble cast. Now he an adult and stars in the new update version of the show with the original cast that will begin streaming July 27. Here is a promo that appeared against the side of a building in NYC sent to us by Rory Flynn.

Thanks, Rory!

— David DeWitt


From Benny not a Penny

12 Jun…

Dear Flynnstones,

look what I refound amongst the material I have gathered over the years on Errol‘s half finished William Tell film- an appearance on the BBC Show “In Town tonight“ from November 1953.

I remember a conversation with this blog‘s own Inga, when she posted a list of all Flynn radio outings. I said I thought that it was a TV  show, because I had seen a clip from it. Matter of factly it may have been both. Despite being broadcast only into the ether, Robin Hood hawking for £ 50.000 in order to become Will Tell was too interesting to not put on camera also.

By the end of the year, he would have the money (not from United Artists boss Arthur B. Krim, not from Brother Warner), spend it elsewhere and move to England to do three movies there.

Instead resuming Tell with a different script & director two years later, it became apparent that the scenes already in the cans would stick out like an arrow from a head. Reshooting was not an option. The apple shot had been missed.



— shangheinz


Death of a Cameraman

27 May

Dear Flynnstones,

amongst the myriad of myths surrounding the sinister shooting of “The Lady from Shanghai“, one also concerns our Errol.

No, not the one about his clandestine cameo. I think  we settled the score once and for all here:

Lord from Shanghai- Errol after all?

It is about Flynn turning Wolf Larsen and wanting to give a young dead cameraman a sea burial.

Read all about it:…

Despite the heat, coolness prevailed.






— shangheinz


Into Dodge

18 May

Dear Flynnstones,

above you see Errol and his buddy Air Bud Ernst leaving for the grand premiere of Dodge City.

The line up of this star studded extravaganza was impressive.

It even featured a special event what looks like a (shotgun?) wedding.

A pierced penny for who can spot the Duke in this picture.


— shangheinz