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Dear Flynnstones, this is a silent movie about Errol‘s wedding to his third wife Patrice Wymore in…… Enjoy,     — shangheinz

The Plunge

Dear Flynnstones, this picture was taken only minutes before take-off. Enjoy, — shangheinz

Errol Royal

Dear Flynnstones, here is a video clip about the Royal Command Film Premiere of “That Forsythe Woman“ from November 17 of 1949 in London with the late Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Princess Margaret exchanging glances with Baron Flynn the One and Only.…… Enjoy, — shangheinz


Dear Flynnstones, a tribute to the golden era of Hollywood will hit the the big screen this Christmas. The title Baby-lon seems fit. At first glance, Brad Pitt must have channeled Errol Flynn with a little Indy Jones or rather Peter O‘ Toole in „My favorite Year“ for his role. Calling it overacting would be an understatement. Homage or fromage… (more…)

Flynn`s Footsteps- Sloping and Sliding in Switzerland

Dear Flynnstones, Sankt Moritz is another great storytelling venue Errol Flynn set foot on. His best man Freddie McEvoy was a regular guest at the famous Badrutt`s Palace Hotel with is first wife, the oil heiress Beatrice Cartwright. Even though “Pleasure was his business”, Suicide Freddie was not idling his time at the terrace of the luxury hotel all the… (more…)

What Errol Flynn Gave

What did Errol Flynn, this man with a magnificent spirit and charisma give to Earth other than fun movies, a great smile, and a notable autobiography? Happiness and hope. I became fully aware of the happiness and hope Errol gave the world from his movies and writings and short time on this earth, two years ago. It was July 2020,… (more…)

Gimme Seltzer

Dear Flynnstones, this image is Errol Flynn in a nutshell. Heading in the opposite direction of a sheltered area towards fun, females and flynnanigans. Enjoy, — shangheinz

Hey Hey Nora…

Dear Flynnstones, the next line in an old song goes like this: … I want to marry you… This picture may be the earliest testimonial, maybe at a sort of coming out party, of Errol and his future wife, Nora Eddington. If I am not mistaken, it dates right after Flynn‘s acquittal at „the trial“. It can even be taken… (more…)

A Wider Shade of Hale

Dear Flynnstones, as this picture shows, Rufus Edward Mackahan could have held his own as Robin Hood. Billed Alan Hale, he instead got to play Little John in film on three occasions and for the respective generations. A whale of hails to Errol’s most trusted side-, back- and frontkick. Enjoy. — shangheinz

SEAN FLYNN & “VENGEANCE RANCH” ( & Errol in “Montana”)

In 1965, Sean Flynn had agreed to go to Tabernas, Almeria, Spain to film a movie (which would use the same sets used for Clint Eastwood’s film, “For a Few Dollars More”) with the Spanish twin performers “Pili y Mili”. The film, a Spanish-Italian co-production was to be a western titled, “Dos Pistolas Gemelas”(“Twin Pistols”) for its Spanish language release… (more…)