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Flynn`s footsteps- Harry, Peg & Paesano

Dear Flynnmates, As some of his letters show Errol stayed at the Hotel Bauer when in Venice. While its name literally means peasant, very few homini agricolae are encountered there, for it is one of the top spots to stay in the City of love. The cubic building is only a gondola`s drive over the canal away from Peggy Guggenheim`s… (more…)

New Book by Josef Fegerl

Mr Josef Fegerl has privately published a new Flynn book. It features thousands of photos from Flynn’s westerns, including movie art and junket photos. A few sample pages can be seen below. The book is not for sale. Enjoy!   — Inga

Other 2 letters

Other two letters. One pertains to the arrest in 1957. Selene — Selene Hutchison-Zuffi

September 1959 letter

While researching i found this letter. It is enraging, but yet it shows that he was coherent. He knew well what was happening and he was furious. Golenbock was probably worse than Blum. This is one of several letters to Golenbock through the years in which Errol is upset and asks for answers and he never seems to get any.… (more…)

Nice Candid Errol Flynn, Bruce Cabot!

Anybody know the details?   — David DeWitt

RIP sweet angel

— Selene Hutchison-Zuffi

We Remember …

— David DeWitt

We Welcome New Author Mirta Gonzalez to The Errol Flynn Blog!

We look forward to your posts and comments, Mirta! — David DeWitt

Rory Flynn & Leonard Maltin at Coronado Island Film Festival!

Join Rory Flynn, daughter of Errol Flynn, with film historian Leonard Maltin at the Coronado Island Film Festival November 13. 2021! Join Rory and Leonard Maltin for a 75th Anniversary showing of CRUISE OF THE ZACA in which Errol takes a group of scientists and guests including his father Professor Theodore Thomson Flynn to the South Seas on an epic… (more…)

Justin TImberlake Selling House built on Mulholland Farm House site!

Home sweet home: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel listed their massive mansion in the Hollywood Hills for a staggering $35million price tag, according to property reports  Built on what was once part of the Errol Flynn estate, the 13,530-square-foot Spanish Villa is situated on the end of a cul-de-sac off famed Mulholland Drive. Errol Flynn bought 11.5 acres on top… (more…)