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Sea Slugger

Dear Flynnstones, this poster’s title works as an insult as well as a compliment. Just add: “You auld…“ Enjoy, — shangheinz

Just Imagine if Errol Flynn Lived Longer?

If Errol Flynn had lived longer the great roles he could of played in tv shows .I could easily see him as The Cavalier or Two-face in Batman 66,or a protagonist in Columbo. Who wouldn’t love to see Errol going up against Batman and Old Chum, or opposite Peter Falk? — Smordon Cluce

Who Better Than Errol?

April 18, 1944 — Tim

A Garden Variety Check? — Or was it for Judo Lessons?

Errol and the Judo Master/Prominent Nursery Owner, Sego Murakami On March 24, 1947, Errol signed the check below to Sego Murakami, a Japanese-American Hachidan-ranked Judo legend. Why? Well, probably not for judo lessons, but, rather, for items and services for Mulholland Farm purchased from Sego’s landmark nursery, still in business and still in the family! Errol’s Check to Sego …… (more…)

Valentine’s Day with Errol, 1942…… — Tim

Bogie Draws Flynn

February 13, 1938 Screen and Radio Weekly The illustrious Mr. Bogart draws the illustrated Mr. Flynn – with mean George Brent wielding a whip, and who appears may be Arno out front. (Cropped out of the drawing are Bogie with a slingshot and Wayne Morris in a sailor outfit.) — Tim

An Inside Quiz

February 1 He was a close friend of Franklin and Eleanor. His name is sometimes brought up in connection with Errol’s. — Tim

Train to the Trail — Beginning 80 Years Ago Today

December 13-14-15, 1940 … … Contemporary news accounts: Again the Old Santa Fe Trail”. The New York Times. December 8, 1940. p. 188. Schallert, Edwin (December 13, 1940). “Celebrities En Route to Film Event”. Los Angeles Times. p. 28. Daugherty, Frank (December 14, 1940). “Santa Fe Greets ‘Trail’ Film With a Three-Day Fiesta: Parade of Indian Tribes, Official Reception Held”.… (more…)

Errol Flynn Portraits!

— David DeWitt

Tony Thomas & “Huckleberry Flynn”

Born July 31, 1927 Tony Thomas – Preeminent Film, Film Music, and Errol Flynn, Historian — Tim