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Snappy Errolween

31 Oct

Young Errol Hood

“It’s the Errol Flynn Robin Hood version complete with mustache. We used brown fleece, a long sleeved green shirt and green pants, fleece tunic, leather belt cut to fit, complete with bow and arrow, leather boots with brown fleece sewn at the tops, and to top that off, a feather in his cap!”…

Lovely Lady Robin


The Enchanting Maid Marian

— Tim


(Not So) Confidential

28 Oct…


“We all read it,” Marlene Dietrich said, “not because it was any good . . . but to find out if we were in it.”

Errol Flynn came to Los Angeles in hopes of testifying against the magazine. Many stars fled the town and country.


— Tim


Flyin’ Flynn – October 1937

24 Oct

“Warners have fired Errol a red-hot telegram, ordering him to discontinue
flying lessons on the Robin Hood location. Studio nearly had a fit
when it learned Flynn and Patric Knowles have been renting a plane at a Chico
airport and making night flights. Knowles, a licensed but comparatively
inexperienced pilot, was in the role of teacher. Flynn, of pupil.”

– October 26, Harrison Carroll


“Garbed in their Robin Hood costumes, Errol Flynn and Patric Knowles scared a farmer near Chico, Calif., where the company is on location, by asking him how to kill a pig-one they claimed they found. He took one look at their costumes and slammed the door in their faces.”

– October 16, Hollywood’s Gabby Corners


Here is Flight Instructor Knowles with His Illustrious Student Pilot ..

— Tim


Cutting the Cake in Monaco — October 23, 1950

23 Oct

Cutting the Cake in Monaco

International News Coverage……

The Hotel de Paris

— Tim


Walking the Hall of Justice — October 22, 1942

23 Oct

In this October 22,1942 AP file photo, actor Errol Flynn is flanked by his attorneys Robert E. Ford, left, and Jerry Giesler, right.

— Tim


Yours Truly? Fake News?

21 Oct



“Character actor James McCallion began his performing career as a child in the 1920s and acted on screen until the 1970s. He began acting on Broadway as a 9-year-old, opposite Errol Flynn in “Yours Truly.” His film career began with several roles in 1939, including one in the drama “Pride of the Blue Grass,” with Edith Fellows. After a hiatus that lasted a decade and a half, he returned in the 1954 adventure “Vera Cruz,” a Robert Aldrich film starring Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster. In the 1950s he appeared with Edward G. Robinson in “Illegal,” a noir thriller playing gangster Allen Parker, and had a small part in Alfred Hitchcock’s “North By Northwest.” He also appeared in the great director’s TV show “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” as well as numerous other TV dramas. His biggest television part was a starring role in “National Velvet,” a series that ran for two seasons, beginning in 1960. He had a role in the biographical film “PT 109,” based on the wartime experiences of John F. Kennedy, and was a supporting actor in the 1965 comedy “Strange Bedfellows.” Many of his later film roles came in Westerns, such as the 1970 comedic feature “Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County” and the drama “Gunfight in Abilene.” He was also a frequent guest star on the detective dramas of the era like “Cannon,” “Ironside,” and”The Streets of San Francisco.””

Should TCM update/correct their bio to refetence another Australian-born American actor, not Flynn. Perhaps one that once appeared in the same film as Mr. & Mrs. Flynn?

— Tim


Sailing On The Cheerio II — October 20, 1937

21 Oct

— Tim


A Year for Paternity? — — 75 Years Ago Today

19 Oct

Did Errol conceive two children in 1940? Sean, and Marilyn??

Shirley, or Shirley Not??


Oct. 18, 1943: Los Angeles is in the middle of a paternity suit brought by Shirley Evans Hassau, 21, against Errol Flynn. Hassau charged that Flynn was the father of her daughter Marilyn, who was 3. Hassau was seeking $1,750 a month child support, $10,000 in attorneys fees, $5,000 for hospital expenses and $2,000 in court costs.

An aunt, Florence Muller of San Francisco, had raised Marilyn since she was 5 weeks old and refused to let Hassau see her, The Times said.

Hassau’s suits against Flynn were dismissed in 1951. In 1940, two weeks after Marilyn was born, Flynn agreed to pay Hassau $2,000 although he denied being the father. The actor said he wanted to avoid a long court trial and adverse publicity.

— Tim


Was the Mustache a Must?

15 Oct




— Tim


In Memory of Errol

15 Oct


59 years ago in 1959

— Tim