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Brooke Shield’s Grandpa Says …. Errol was No. 1

January 5, 1952 — Tim

Old White Horse

December 11, 1994 “That’s why ‘Old White Horse’ grabbed her for his mixed doubles partner. That’s what we called Errol Flynn.” — Tim

The Most Thrilled Girl in Hollywood

August 11, 1936 Louela O. Parsons Los Angeles Times Sally Eilers is the most thrilled girl in Hollywood over winning the women’s doubles title with Josephine Cruikshank in the West Side Tennis Club’s first annual tournament; club members, headed by Errol Flynn, Frank Shields and Michael Bartlett, campaigning for less eccentric court attire. We’re with them 100 percent as long… (more…)

April 29 — 1945 — — Errol Peps Up Hollywood Party

Huston was a very skilled boxer, with a very long reach. Both went to the hospital, were complimentary of each others fighting skills and etiquette, and subsequently became friendly. The fight is thought to have been over OdH, with whom both Errol and JH had been in love. — Tim

The Mostly True Story and “Adventuring Career” of Errol Flynn

March 30, 1938 Sidney Skolsky TINTYPES Hollywood Citizen News (All Photos Added) Errol Flynn is an actor who always tries to act his role, that of a handsome man dashing around in search of adventure. He was that kind of actor before he ever looked at a camera, and he would be that kind of an actor had he never… (more…)

First Annual Blue Ribbon Invitational Tennis Tournament at the Palm Springs Racket Club

Featuring images of the Racket Club from various years… On February 7, 1951, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported: “On Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 17 and 18, the First Annual Blue Ribbon Invitational Tennis Tournament will be held at the Palm Springs Racquet Club … Among those expected to enter are Kirk Douglas, Cornel Wilde, Gilbert Roland, Lex Barker, Errol Flynn,… (more…)

Coronado Dreamin’ – 1938

Coronado Eagle – July 21, 1938 Tennis and Water Skiing in the Summer of ’38 “Water Skiing New Coronado Water Sport” I think that I shall never see A thing as lonely as a ski A ski that stands against the wall Waiting until some snow shall fall. The author of the above evidently hadn’t heard of the latest craze,… (more…)

Four Score Ago — 4/29/1937 — Deuce

Los Angeles Evening Herald Express Jimmy Starr – April 29, 1937 Already ranked as one of the movie village’s tennis greats, Gilbert Roland took it upon himself to name Hollywood’s 10 best racquet wielders. On the set of Paramount’s The Last Train from Madrid, Gilbert put Garbo in the top spot among feminine tennis players, while Errol Flynn equals her… (more…)

Rory & Sean in Coronado!

Rory & Sean have been a Very Big Hit in Coronado this Weekend, at all the VIP Ceremonies, Rory’s sensational Show about Errol, Dive Bomber, introduced by Sean, and a “The Baron of Mulholland” Meet & Greet/Book Signing. Chris Lemmon and Leonard Maltin were around. Legendary Flynn-Fan Richard Dreyfuss met with Rory & Sean before the show. Several festival guests… (more…)

A Shore Thing

This month is the 90th Anniversary of Sydney Church of England Grammar School’s most famous student – Flynn, E.L.T. “Shore” was Errol’s last school.…… Errol, ever near the water: The notably high-achieving but “severe” headmaster who ejected Flynn – LC Robson. Robson deleted all evidence of Errol’s attendance at Shore (Student Entrance No. 3955) from school records, but Flynn,… (more…)