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Rory Flynn & Leonard Maltin at Coronado Island Film Festival!

12 Oct

Join Rory Flynn, daughter of Errol Flynn, with film historian Leonard Maltin at the Coronado Island Film Festival November 13. 2021! Join Rory and Leonard Maltin for a 75th Anniversary showing of CRUISE OF THE ZACA in which Errol takes a group of scientists and guests including his father Professor Theodore Thomson Flynn to the South Seas on an epic expedition that features Carl Hubbs of the Scripps institution of Oceanography. Stories and little known history of Errol’s connection to Coronado will be moderated by Leonard Maltin after the film …

Thanks, Rory …

— David DeWitt


28 May

“The Movie Adventures Of Eva Jordan” by Jan Hill.

Eva is thirteen (going on fourteen) and intensely curious. And she wonders why Mr. Owens is talking about Spain, and those “fighting their leader, General Franco, and his fascist ideology.” He adds, “big-time Hollywood actors, like Errol Flynn, the same fellow who will be here soon to play Robin Hood, have already gone to Spain to see what they could do to help the Loyalists.”

— David DeWitt


The Errol Flynn Blog Live Book Chat!

23 May

— David DeWitt


David Rocco & Don Keith Friends of Flynn …

22 Apr

As we like to do when Friends of Flynn are involved in some venture and have been particularly good to the memory of dear ol’d Errol we like to do a promo to reward them for their efforts and good hearts and today, we give you David Rocco & Don Keith’s collaboration on a fine book called The Indestructible Man

Also published with this book cover at Amazon:


— David DeWitt


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Mail Bag! Philip Gostelow Photography!

14 Mar

From time to time we like to promo the works of members who support The Errol Flynn Blog over the years and today photographer Philip Gostelow reaches out to us about his new website gallery:

“As a photographer I had the great opportunity to photograph a number of celebrities while based in Tokyo in the 90s.
“I’ve just launched a new web gallery on my web site offering for the first time limited edition prints. The first of these are portraits of Quentin Tarantino … please refer Facebook posting as following:
Purchasing Instructions –
“Would EFB be interested to post this offer, together with attached sample?”


Philip Gostelow 
photography + film…

Thanks, Philip!


— David DeWitt


Louis Kraft And Sand Creek and the Tragic End of a Lifeway win Award!

17 Feb

As we sometimes do, when one our own here on the blog does something worth promoting we happily do it! And this time, Louis Kraft, writer and historian has penned a wonderful book called SAND CREEEK AND THE TRAGIC END OF A LIFEWAY and his book has just won the prestigious Wrangler Award for best book of 2020 from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. There will be two days of festivities and a banquet. The Western Heritage Awards will be held in September. Congrats to our pal Louis Kraft … Louis is hard at work on a new book called Errol & Olvia as we note his new award!

— David DeWitt

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Our Lives …

16 Nov

We like to promote some of the off topic things our contributors are involved in from time to time. This might be a book, like a novel or a play, a documentary or film, and our own Gentleman (Tim Reid) supports an issue that is very important to all of us. He provides the lyrics, melody and audio co-production work for the following excellent video with a lovely song sung by Rosalind Beall and musical accompaniment by Jesse Finch …

#StopProbateFraudianships commissioned this song to draw attention to the issue of seniors who are isolated and dying in long term care facilities against their wills. 


See the French version of this song here:…

English lyrics and vocal melody by Tim Reid. French translation by Rosalind Beall. Video by Rosalind Beall & Jesse Finch.

Thanks, Tim …

— David DeWitt

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Happy Birthday Errol Flynn 111th … Special Invitation!

20 Jun
Invitation to Join Film Fans in Global Toast to Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland, on June 20 and July 1, 2020
Your group and members are specially invited to join film fans around the world in a Global Toast to Errol Flynn on June 20, 2020 – his 111th Birthday  – and 11 days later to Olivia de Havilland on the occasion of her 104th Birthday on July 1, 2020  Please toast any time of day that works best for your society and individual members on June 20 – and on July 1 for Olivia.

Please distribute to all your members and affiliates. Thank you.

Further details can be found at the following Errol Flynn Blog links:



Best to you,
“Gentleman Tim” Reid

— David DeWitt


Louis Kraft: Sand Creek & the Tragic End of a Lifeway …

11 Jun

Many of you know of our dear friend and brother, writer Louis Kraft. He is busy at work on a book about Errol & Olivia of the same title and has now finished his epic work Sand Creek & the Tragic End of a Lifeway which is a beautifully produced and rendered book about the American Indian massacre at Sand Creek over 150 years ago, and its impact on a centuries old way of life …

We promote the works of people here who are related to our interest in Errol Flynn and at times, also let you know about their other works, too. Louis Kraft is a dedicated Flynn historian and authority on Flynn and Olivia de Havilland whose friendship with Louis goes back over twenty years. This is a major work, and it deserves your attention:

I am reading it now, and as everything Louis writes, you start with the first sentence and are drawn all the way through whatever he writes with no regard to time or the ways of the world until the end … You can read more about his book at his blog… in this posting about his book

From Amazon:

“Nothing can change the terrible facts of the Sand Creek Massacre. The human toll of this horrific event and the ensuing loss of a way of life have never been fully recounted until now. In Sand Creek and the Tragic End of a Lifeway, Louis Kraft tells this story, drawing on the words and actions of those who participated in the events at this critical time.

The history that culminated in the end of a lifeway begins with the arrival of Algonquin-speaking peoples in North America, proceeds through the emergence of the Cheyennes and Arapahos on the Central Plains, and ends with the incursion of white people seeking land and gold. Beginning in the earliest days of the Southern Cheyennes, Kraft brings the voices of the past to bear on the events leading to the brutal murder of people and its disastrous aftermath. Through their testimony and their deeds as reported by contemporaries, major and supporting players give us a broad and nuanced view of the discovery of gold on Cheyenne and Arapaho land in the 1850s, followed by the land theft condoned by the U.S. government. The peace treaties and perfidy, the unfolding massacre and the investigations that followed, the devastating end of the Indians’ already-circumscribed freedom—all are revealed through the eyes of government officials, newspapers, and the military; Cheyennes and Arapahos who sought peace with or who fought Anglo-Americans; whites and Indians who intermarried and their offspring; and whites who dared to question what they considered heinous actions.

As instructive as it is harrowing, the history recounted here lives on in the telling, along with a way of life destroyed in all but cultural memory. To that memory this book gives eloquent, resonating voice.”

This is a substantial work with Notes to each Chapter, a bibliography, and Index. 430 pages. Published by University of Oklahoma: Norman.….  It is available on their website here: Sand Creek & The Tragic End of a Lifeway, by Louis Kraft. Also available at Barnes & Noble and Target bookstores.

You can get a print book or a Kindle version on Amazon. It is such a beautifully produced book, a real treat to hold and look at well worth your time taking a look at!

Well done, Louis …

— David DeWitt

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Dodging Dodge City? — OR Dreading Bette D?

22 Mar

March 20, 1939

Louella O. Parsons
Los Angeles Examiner

If Errol Flynn fails to show up for his preview, Bob Taplinger is going to lose some money. Errol’s trusting P.A. is betting that he will be there, but knowing the Flynn temperament I wouldn’t want to do any wagering myself. Errol doesn’t have to be back in Hollywood until May, when he plays Essex to Bette Davis’ Elizabeth.
Another change in the schedule has put The Knight and the LadyThe Miracle. You’ll see Claude Rains as Bacon, poet laureate of the Elizabethan era. It will all be in Technicolor. Bette’s first. This Queen Elizabeth is based on Robert Sherwood’s “Elizabeth the Queen”.

— Tim

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