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Errol Flynn from Early October to end of December 1955!

08 Nov

Including a blow-up of ‘piggy-back’ Flynn on the “rag” cover of  On the QT.

Re-enacting Robin Hood riding the shoulders of “Frier Tuck”!

— Topper


Errol Flynn, in September 1940!

22 Aug

In between films, Erol enjoys his second favorite hobby … tennis! His first, of course, is sailing … along with all of the associated water sports. Here he does both during the month of September.

— Topper


Monday Tidbits! Errol Flynn Portraits and Film – 1936!

18 Jul

In between the filming of two  feature films, Charge of the Light Brigade and  Green Light, during the week of July 6th 1936, Errol is in the photo studio for portrait session by Warner Bros. expert still photographer, Elmer Fryer.

— Topper


Portraits, Portraits, Portraits! Errol Flynn at Warner Bros!

06 Jun

The most portraits officially taken of Errol Flynn were during his time with Warmer Bros., of course, also known as glamour shots. These are pictures specifically shot  just of Flynn. No other persons, no movie stills, no candids or special events. These were marked with E.F. and a number (e.g. E.F.308).

His career in the U.S. photo studios began with E.F.1 at WB in late November/early December of 1934, shot by Scotty Welbourne, and ended with E.F.608 at WB on December 17, 1957.

Here is a sample of a WB shoot from Dec.20-23, 1938 by photographer, Bert Longworth.



— Topper


We Lost Errol Flynn on this Day, October 14, 1959!

14 Oct

— David DeWitt


Captain Blood Publicity Photos!

27 Aug


— David DeWitt


Happy Birthday Errol Flynn! June 20, 1909 …

20 Jun

— David DeWitt


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29 Mar

Dear Flynnstones,

an early Errol.


— shangheinz


The Dalgety Déjà Vu

16 Jan

Dear Flynnstones,

here is a follow up pic to:…


— shangheinz


Black Flynnday

28 Nov

Dear Flynnmates,

this is the original  farewell article of PARIS MATCH about our Hollywood heroe‘s untimely demise.
It shows a pensive Flynn, who may very well have felt the night coming on.

The in the headline suggested cause of death: too much heart(beat)…


— shangheinz