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The Old Sport and the Sea

23 Nov

Dear Flynnstones,

the A-list of anglers anchored at the Cabo Blanco Fishing Club situated at the Peruvian Pacific Coast more than 1000 miles north of its capital Lima.

Amongst them were the prime actors of their time, the likes of Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Bob Hope, Gregory Peck and Errol Flynn.

Membership fees of 10.000$ a year kept the club, which also ran a hotel, a bar as well as a restaurant, extremely exclusive.

This elusive hideaway became one of Ernest Hemingway‘s favorite haunts. The Chicagoean writer of writers loved this deep sea fishing paradise, where the biggest of marlins (black ones) went straight to heaven, mucho! Don Ernesto even caught the Nobel Prize there. Due to his poor health at the time after two plane crashes in Africa, he was unable to haul in the mega marlin he already had hooked. Sometimes you win, when you lose.

Years later Papa came back to supervise the filming of “The Old Man and the Sea‘ in person. Folklore has it, he can be seen in some scenes,



— shangheinz


Bucket List

22 Nov

Dear Flynnstones,

according to the annals of Schlosshotel Gerhus, a luxurious residence shaped after an Italian Renaissance Palais and situated in Grunewald, it was the site of an In(famous) like Flynn night.

While Errol stayed in Berlin for the Biennale of 1957, he took part in a fine wine degustation there.

Unaccustomed to merely sipping and tasting different wine sorts, our Hollywood hero soon became bored with the procedure. He saw no point in disposing the rest of your glass into a champagne bucket that was passed around and waiting his turn for a refill.

Immediately he started to down the grape juices like Vodka shots.

Roli, as called amicably by the German public, may have thought he owed his audience and put up a stiff performance.

At a certain point he wrestled the bucket away from the waiter and drank the whole mix in one heartily gulp.

Needless to say, he had to lie down thereafter.

Which goes to show, that he who lives by the bottle, will die by the bucket.







— shangheinz


Tap Fence

20 Nov

Dear Flynnstones,

even while crossing swords the tandem of Errolivia was a congenial duo. Much like Ginger and Fred the ballet of Blood looks beautiful.




— shangheinz


Errol Flynn as John Barrymore Candid!

19 Nov

— David DeWitt


Evviva La Diva

18 Nov










Dear Flynnstones,

Tiger Lil started her way to film world and Flynn fame via Vienna:…

The historic photographic studio MENASSE helped pave this catwalk (…) to Hollywood with a series of collector postcards.

The motives varied from Orientalistic ornament

to Ingénue Deluxe









to Good Sport Tomboy









to White Rajahresse.











— shangheinz


Sea Slugger

17 Nov

Dear Flynnstones,

this poster’s title works as an insult as well as a compliment. Just add: “You auld…“


— shangheinz


Strange Story!

15 Nov

Obituary for actress Jennifer Hartig

By Baylis Greene
November 10, 2022
Jennifer Hartig arrived on these shores from her native England to act, having landed a role in a Broadway production of “Jane Eyre.” Going by the stage name Jan Brooks, she found herself opposite none other than Errol Flynn.

That was 1958, and the title of Flynn’s autobiography the following year, “My Wicked, Wicked Ways,” helps explain how the pairing went: He was drunk, he was unprepared, he was boorish, and his breath was bad.

Ms. Hartig was an actress until about 1968, a good portion of her work involving sketch comedy, and that’s how she met the man she would go on to marry in 1965, Herb Hartig, a songwriter and actor. The two formed a comedy team for a time. He died in 1991.

Later in life, around 2003, Ms. Hartig moved to Noyac. She died on Aug. 16 at the Hamptons Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing in Southampton. She was 85.

Jennifer Mary Hartig was born Faye Snape on Nov. 6, 1936, in Leeds, England, to William Edwin Brookfield and the former Hilda Malcolm. Her parents were actors, and had “changed their surname to one that was more attractive” for their careers, her family wrote. And then they decided they didn’t like the name Faye, either.

At boarding school in England she was Jennifer Brookfield, and then, for simplicity’s sake on the stage, Jan Brooks.

She and Mr. Hartig had two daughters, the family living on Manhattan’s Upper West Side for about 25 years starting in 1967. She also lived in Brooklyn Heights for a decade or so before moving to Noyac.

There she went to work as a proofreader for the Permanent Press, and in Bridgehampton she joined the circulation desk staff at the Hampton Library, where with a colleague she led a popular film discussion group for a number of years.

That colleague, Jill Burdge, called her “a true Renaissance woman. . . . I shall never forget how moved I was when Jenny, with a fervor only she could muster, recited by heart the St. Crispin’s Day speech from Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V,’ about her beloved England and its ‘happy few . . . band of brothers.’ ”

Ms. Hartig found a further creative outlet writing book reviews for The Star, starting in 2008 with a Budd Schulberg story collection and notably including Hal Holbrook’s memoir. She was a regular contributor through 2013.

“My mom was an extraordinary woman, with so much verve, intelligence, beauty, and humor,” Zandy Hartig, who lives in Los Angeles, said. “To know her was to be full of admiration for her elegance and curiosity.”

Her other daughter, Margaret Hovdey of Austin, Tex., also survives, as do two grandsons. She was predeceased by two brothers, Peter Brookfield and Brian Brookfield.

A funeral service was held on Saturday at the Shelter Island Funeral Home, with dispersal of ashes on the water. Memorial contributions have been suggested to the Hamptons Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, 64 County Road 39, Southampton 11968.

— Ralph Schiller


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In a Sherwood State of Mind

15 Nov

Dear Flynnstones,

rinse and shine. Here you see an early bird Errol having his Robin Hood make up applied. Maid Marian in mind and awaiting another arrow splitting, dear Baz purring and Curtiz cursing forestal day in office.


— shangheinz


In the Trenches

14 Nov

Dear Flynnstones,

this blogbook entry comes in reference to both the Columbo and the travel kit post from not long ago. Travelin’ like Flynn saw our Hollywood hero mostly dressed in a trenchcoat wearing a hat at a rakish angle. Errol practically went from cloak and dagger to coat and swagger.


— shangheinz


Errol Flynn & Ida Lupino in Escape Me Never!

12 Nov

— David DeWitt

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