Bucket List

22 Nov

Dear Flynnstones,

according to the annals of Schlosshotel Gerhus, a luxurious residence shaped after an Italian Renaissance Palais and situated in Grunewald, it was the site of an In(famous) like Flynn night.

While Errol stayed in Berlin for the Biennale of 1957, he took part in a fine wine degustation there.

Unaccustomed to merely sipping and tasting different wine sorts, our Hollywood hero soon became bored with the procedure. He saw no point in disposing the rest of your glass into a champagne bucket that was passed around and waiting his turn for a refill.

Immediately he started to down the grape juices like Vodka shots.

Roli, as called amicably by the German public, may have thought he owed his audience and put up a stiff performance.

At a certain point he wrestled the bucket away from the waiter and drank the whole mix in one heartily gulp.

Needless to say, he had to lie down thereafter.

Which goes to show, that he who lives by the bottle, will die by the bucket.







— shangheinz


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