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a het mirakel van de fleurfilm

08 Jan

January 8, 1939

ABC Geillustrated No. 51:

De Avonturen Van Robin Hood

— Gentleman Tim


Cover of The Queenslander — July 13, 1938

13 Jul

The Errol Hood cover below was selected last week as one of her top ten favorite Queenslander covers of all time by Joan Bruce, Specialist Librarian at the Queensland State Library in Brisbane.

The Queenslander was the weekly summary and literary edition of the Brisbane Courier, the leading journal in the colony — and later, federal state—of Queensland since the 1850s. The Queenslander was launched by the Brisbane Newspaper Company in 1866, and discontinued in 1939.

— Gentleman Tim


Mon Film – Robin de Bois: February 25, 1948

25 Feb

Mon Film was the leading “film photonovel” publication in France in the decades before and after World War II. (It was “on hiatus” during the war.) This issue was published on February 25, 1948, seventy-two years ago today.

Thank you to our great EFB Flynnmate and Author Tina (aka Baribel), for originally publishing this cover and information regarding it, nine years ago today. Danke, Tina!

— Gentleman Tim


A 180 for Flynn

14 Feb

A timely tribute to The Great Flynn – for his world record winter sport performance in Switzerland, circa 1950.

“The Cresta is effectively an ice slide carved into the snow, 1,200 metres long, it winds its way from above the ‘Leaning Tower’ in St. Moritz down a steep gully through ten testing corners, past the tiny hamlet of Cresta, to the village of Celerina. Unlike bobsledding, members ride on single sleds, head first, hurtling down the slopes at speeds reaching up to 130 kilometres per hour, steering and breaking only with their feet.”

“There is only one way for a man to keep from zinging down Cresta out of control; by the simple but strenuous method of pressing his toe rakes ever harder against the ice.  If a man has enormously strong legs, he can press hard enough to bring the wagon to a full halt on the course.”

“Errol Flynn, it turned out, had precisely such strong legs.”

Reports vary, but it is said Flynn came to a full stop midway down the course, lit a cigarette, met a beautiful beautiful woman, swigged some champagne, and finished his run with the world record slowest time ever recorded – 180 seconds. … Then left in a Rolls, never to return.

— Gentleman Tim


Errol French Movie Description Covers

26 Mar

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I suggest this extra gallery as they contain the contents of the films and differ from the other mags.

— Inga


Errol Magazine Back Covers

26 Mar

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— Inga


Errol Magazine Covers (Other Countries)

26 Mar

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Errol Magazine Covers Germany + Austria

26 Mar

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Errol Magazine Covers (France)

25 Mar

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Errol Magazine Covers (GB, USA, Australia)

25 Mar

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Here are old and more recent movie magazine covers depicting Errol Flynn from the USA, GB and Australia in chronological order.

— Inga