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Location Location Location

May 11, 1940 The Weekly Wireless THE HIGH COST OF GRASSHOPPERS Miriam Hopkins in three moods -demure, gay and grim. The swash buckler is, as you probably guessed, none other than Errol Flynn. The appearance of a grasshopper in the leading lady’s bed may wreck a million-dollar movie. That’s why location-man hates arranging locations, especially for films such as Warner’s… (more…)

A Trophy for Travilla

Western Union – May 4, 1948 “[Billie] “Travilla” arrived in Hollywood in 1941 and won an Academy Award for his designs in Adventures of Don Juan starring Errol Flynn. He is credited as the costume designer of over 90 films and television productions — nine of which starred Marilyn Monroe. He may be best known for creating Monroe’s iconic Seven… (more…)

The Virginia City Premier — March 16, 1940

… … — Tim

Dressing in the 14th Century

“The big trouble with the 14th century insofar as the movies are concerned is the fact that most of the ladies dressed like nuns.” … October 8, 1937 The Evening Herald Klamath Falls, Oregon DREARY DUDS IRK STYLIST AT FILM LOT By Frederick C. Othman Hollywood Citizen News The big trouble with the 14th century insofar as the movies are… (more…)

A Natural in Any Costume!

Errol always looked natural in any costume he wore … — David DeWitt