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The Old Sport and the Sea

23 Nov

Dear Flynnstones,

the A-list of anglers anchored at the Cabo Blanco Fishing Club situated at the Peruvian Pacific Coast more than 1000 miles north of its capital Lima.

Amongst them were the prime actors of their time, the likes of Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Bob Hope, Gregory Peck and Errol Flynn.

Membership fees of 10.000$ a year kept the club, which also ran a hotel, a bar as well as a restaurant, extremely exclusive.

This elusive hideaway became one of Ernest Hemingway‘s favorite haunts. The Chicagoean writer of writers loved this deep sea fishing paradise, where the biggest of marlins (black ones) went straight to heaven, mucho! Don Ernesto even caught the Nobel Prize there. Due to his poor health at the time after two plane crashes in Africa, he was unable to haul in the mega marlin he already had hooked. Sometimes you win, when you lose.

Years later Papa came back to supervise the filming of “The Old Man and the Sea‘ in person. Folklore has it, he can be seen in some scenes,



— shangheinz


In the Trenches

14 Nov

Dear Flynnstones,

this blogbook entry comes in reference to both the Columbo and the travel kit post from not long ago. Travelin’ like Flynn saw our Hollywood hero mostly dressed in a trenchcoat wearing a hat at a rakish angle. Errol practically went from cloak and dagger to coat and swagger.


— shangheinz


Flynn`s Footsteps- Sloping and Sliding in Switzerland

26 Sep

Dear Flynnstones,

Sankt Moritz is another great storytelling venue Errol Flynn set foot on.

His best man Freddie McEvoy was a regular guest at the famous Badrutt`s Palace Hotel with is first wife, the oil heiress Beatrice Cartwright.

Even though “Pleasure was his business”, Suicide Freddie was not idling his time at the terrace of the luxury hotel all the time.

After winning the gold medal in the Four Men Bobsleigh event at the 1937 World Championship of St. Moritz, he set his sight on the Cresta Run.

He came in second to US war hero Billy Fiske in the 1937 Curzon Cup, the most important race of the season from Junction (abbreviated track).

Our man Flynn tried his luck and risked his looks once there also on January 26th of 1953.

Trained by veteran competitor Colin Mitchell he managed a (respectable for an actor) time of 119.40 seconds from Junction.

Jokingly he addressed the press and said he would have arrived earlier had he not exited the course to sip champagne with a blonde curvier than the notorious Shuttlecock corner.

At Hotel Steffani there is a whole bar dedicated to the icey race.

Barbara Hutton and flynntimo Count Troubetzkoy (A bus line back one century in time « The Errol Flynn Blog) dinned at restaurant “Le Lapin Bleu”

At the foyer, unlike an apple impossible to miss, is an imposing statue of Swiss national hero William Tell which may have given our Hollywood hero the ultimate spin to ditch “The Story of Farouk” for “The Story of William Tell” as his next film.


— shangheinz


Flynn`s Footsteps – the Gulf of the Sleeping Giant

21 Apr

Dear Flynnstones,

as soon as Errol set foot on italian soil he was treated like royalty. Contrary to Orson Welles whose escape act to Europe did not turn into a love affair with press and producers, Flynn felt right at home. His first film in Italy of course was “Crossed Swords”, filmed at Castello Lancelotti in Lauro roughly an hour`s drive from Naples.

More Commedia dell`Arte spoof than swashbuckler the secretive sequel to “The Adventures of Don Juan”, is mostly famous for the launch of Gina Lollobrigida`s career.

One of Lollo`s ladies in waiting became Welles new wife. O. Welles in turn was considered for the role of Gessler, the heavy (!) in the upcoming William Tell movie.

The Gulf of Naples is rich with historic landmarks and ripe with lemon groves.

The peninsula of Sorrento boasts the most 5 star restaurants per square mile worldwide. No wonder our Hollywood hero decided to prolong his stay to show Jack Warner how (not) to make movies back in 1953.

Errol Flynn resided at the Grand Hotel Vesuvio, which offers a splendid view of the namesake, who the people of Napoli respectfully refer to as “the sleeping giant”.

Over a million people live at the foot of the not yet extinct vulcano. Theirs is a state of mind very comparable to those in SF and LA, living passionately in the moment.

If you like me can`t afford the Grand Hotel, be a baron for a day at the Palazzo del Barone. The owner is a real one of the esteemed line of the Coluccis.

We know from his diary entries, that Errol went to to Pompeii, but the must see along the Amalfitanian Coast are the dome of Amalfi.

And on top of that, literally because it is situated high on the hills of the town of Ravello, the Villa Rufolo.

The Zaca went to Capri at least once, in 1949 when chartered by Rita Hayworth and husband Aly Khan.

There, if you feel like feeling blue, but in a good way, take a rowing boat and enter the “grotta Azzurra”.

It was in the province of Campania, that Flynn tried to resurrect his film career.

He was the toast of even the smallest of towns and never once did feel the night coming on.







— shangheinz


Tracing Errol‘s Footsteps on Mallorca

23 Mar

Hello dear Flynnthusiasts,

I was fortunate enough to spend a bit over a week on Mallorca this month and, besides admiring the spectacular scenery and fascinating history, visited some of the places connected to our man Flynn.

First and foremost I spent a night at the Hotel Maricel (couldn‘t afford more) where Errol stayed several times. Of course it has been completely refurbished and modernized since then but on the outside it hasn‘t changed much.

Hotel Maricel

Hotel Maricel

Hotel Maricel

Lobby of the Hotel Maricel

Here is a view from the terrace of the Maricel – Es Moli was just behind the ugly condo buildings.

View from the terrace of the Maricel - Es Moli was just behind those ugly buildings

Of course I also looked for the remains of Es Moli. When it was demolished, a part of the tower was salvaged and set up in a small park close to the original location. It is now called Plaza la Gargola – unfortunately there is no sign explaining the origins but it is nice to know that they saved at least a small part of the building.

Plaza la Gargola

Very close by it is possible to access the beach where Es Moli once stood. Now the bay is surrounded by ugly condo buildings but if you compare today‘s view to the old picture you get a good idea of how nice it must have been there back then.


Es Moli

View from the former location of Es Moli

Last but not least I looked for the commemorative plaque set up for Errol and Pat. It wasn‘t easy to find although it is right next to a busy street but in the end I managed. I found it very touching that people there obviously had such good memories of their stay that they set up this plaque.


— Claudia


Big in Brazil

09 Mar

Queridas pietras do Flynn,

mira aqui El Guapo nuestro en Sudamerica.

Mucho gusto,

— shangheinz


Mr Fegerl’s journey to Jamaica

06 Mar

Some time back, when I posted the info about Mr Fegerl’s new book, there was a question as to why the pages below were included. Mr Fegerl gave me the permission to publish these pages on the blog. They relate to a private journey he made in Flynn’s footsteps. Hope you’ll enjoy.

— Inga


In Errol‘s Footsteps on Mallorca

20 Feb

Hello fellow Flynnthusiasts,

I will be spending a bit over a week on Mallorca in March and would love to check out some places that Errol visited or stayed at. I already booked a room at the Hotel Maricel for one night (that‘s about as much as my budget will allow). Would have loved to stay at the Bon Sol as well but that‘s still closed in March.
Could anybody point out some more places that I should put on my list? I‘m particularly interested in the plaque that commemorates Pat and Errol‘s stay as well as the location of Es Moli – does anybody have directions how to find these locations?
I‘ll be more than happy to share pictures when I‘m back.

Thank you all!

— Claudia


Irene and Errol trips

03 Nov

— Selene Hutchison-Zuffi

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Flynn`s footsteps- Harry, Peg & Paesano

30 Oct

Dear Flynnmates,

As some of his letters show Errol stayed at the Hotel Bauer when in Venice.

While its name literally means peasant, very few homini agricolae are encountered there, for it is one of the top spots to stay in the City of love.

The cubic building is only a gondola`s drive over the canal away from Peggy Guggenheim`s one story palace with its fine surrealistic art works and garden sculptures, a feast for an art lover like Flynn.

But their liaison dated back even further according to the bio Mistress of Modernism- The life of Peggy Guggenheim.

Harry`s Bar completes the bohemian triangle, of historic places our Hollywood hero visited:…

Arrigo (Italian for Harry) Cipriani`s culinary expertise secured him a  franchise outlet atop the Rockefeller Centre called the Rainbow Room. The family`s signature drink is the Bellini, made of white peaches and sparkling wine.


— shangheinz

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