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“A Slight Misunderstanding”

29 Jun

June 28, 1938

Evening Herald Express


Errol Flynn and his wife, Lili Damita, explained today it was a “slight misunderstanding” that sent Lili running half the length of an airport runway chasing him and a transport plane.

The Irish actor, so-called “glamour boy” of the movies, needed to grow a beard for a picture, it seems, and decided to be alone while he did it. He went to San Diego, for two days but neglected to tell his wife. She was waiting at Union Air Terminal when he flew in.

Everybody got out of the plane but Flynn. He saw the flash in Lili’s dark eyes and an angry foot-tapping. Waving the pilots to go ahead, he ducked down in the seat while the plane taxied toward a hangar.

Lili burst through the gate and pattered down the runway at a dead run, clothes fluttering in the propeller’s breeze, an angry airport guard chasing after her.

“Come on, come out, honey,” she cried. Flynn looked out and shook his head. The airport guard ordered Lili off the field. She started off and then the plane started again, and away she went after it.

An airport car and two more guards caught up with Lili and bundled her out the gates.

Flynn popped in to studio car and sped off.

A studio spokesman said that both are happily at home and Flynn had explained away a “slight understanding.”

Union Air Terminal is now known as “Hollywood Burbank Airport”. It’s been said that “Union Air Terminal was always a better place to see movie stars that any place in Hollywood.”

— Gentleman Tim


Toasting Errol’s 111th Birthday at the Very Wooden Bar He Drank at in the 1930s

22 Jun

June 20, 2020, at the Old Arcade Tap Room in Delray Beach, Florida

Conveniently if not coincidentally, the Happy Birthday lights were there when we arrived to toast!…

The Baron in Boca

— Gentleman Tim


Arno and Errol at Ta-Boo

21 Jun

At Ta-boo, an historic haunt of Errol’s on Palm Beach, I had the opportunity to memorialize our 111th Global Toast on one of their famous monkey images. Amazingly, autographing the image before me was “Arno”! …I have no idea who this Arno is, but I know it’s a name I’ve rarely ever known, maybe never other than for the Arno River in Florence and for Errol’s wonderful schnauzer. So, I’ll take this sign and signing as a sign Errol and Arno are still monkeying around together, and in all the best places.

From Ta-boo, it was off to 346 Seabreeze Avenue, the Palm Beach home Errol payed for, where Sean lived for much of his childhood with Lili. Toasted Sean there with a Coca-Cola – age-appropriate for young Sean’s time in PB.

— Gentleman Tim


An A through Z List of Possible Libations for the Global Toast to Errol on June 20, 2020

15 Jun

Based on drinks and beverages Errol is known to have drank, believed to have drank, likely Drank, rumored to have drank, and has had created and named in tribute to him, here is an A through Z list of possible libations for the Global Toast to Errol Flynn on June 20, 2020:

Absinthe – in Europe and New Orleans

Bacardi – in Cuba and elsewhere

Bavarian Beer – in Germany

Bloody Mary – the drink he introduced at the Smokehouse in LA

Bourbon – during Desperate Journey (the movie, not the marriage to Lili)

Brandy and Soda – a favored drink in New Guinea during his days there

British Beers from his days in Britain and at the Cock’n Bull in LA

Bundaberg Beer – in Australia and New Guinea

Bundy (Bundaberg Rum) – in Australia and New Guinea

Captain’s Blood – a daiquiri created in tribute to Errol

Cascade Brewery Beer – from Tasmania, per tassiedevil (Steve & Genene)

Champagne – throughout his celebrity years, and a la Olivia’s annual birthday toast to Errol

Chianti – drank at various locations and occasions


Coffee – throughout adulthood

Courvoisier cognac – during years of celebrity

Cuba Libre – from his first visits to Cuba in the mid-Thirties

Cuba Story – a drink created for Errol by Dennis Mullen

Daiquiri – during his visits to Havana, a la El Floridita

Dry Martini – throughout years of celebrity

Errol Flynn’s Pick-Me-Up – a drink named after him

Fine French Wines – brought with him to locations without, per Difford’s Guide for Discriminating Drinkers

Gin, bathtub-style – a la Errol at the Roosevelt Hotel

Gin – in many drinks, with mixes from tonic to O.J., sometimes with a splash of Squirt

Guinness Stout – in Britain and Ireland and elsewhere

Hennessy Cognac – a likely Flynn cognac

Herradura – the tequila owned by his friend Bing Crosby

Italian Wines – during his days in Italy and filming of William Tell (with sardines), et al

Irish Beers – from his days in Ireland and Britain

Irish whiskeys

Jack Rose – at the 21 Club (and maybe the Mocombo)

Jamaican Reef – created for Errol Dennis Mullen

Johnnie Walker – per Difford’s Guide for Discriminating Drinkers

Kentucky whiskey – straight, in a Mint Julep, or in a Kentucky Coffee

Louis XIII Cognac – a possible Flynn cognac

Maid Marian – created and bottled by Chesterfield Whisky

Mai Tai – see the “Q.B. Cooler” below

Mojito – a la Bodeguita del Medio

Moselle – a la 21 Club

Moscow Mule – a la the Cock ‘n Bull in LA

Napolean Cognac – a likely Flynn cognac

Navy Grog – in tribute to Errol’s In the Wake of the Bounty

Old Fashioned – a likely cocktail for Errol throughout adulthood

Pi Yi – a la Don the Beachcomber, LA

Q.B. Cooler – predecessor of the Mai Tai, created by tiki-drink pioneer, Donn Beach

Queen Elizabeth

Queen’s Pineapple Punch – a la Don the Beachcomber’s, LA

Remy Martin

Robin Hood cocktail

Rum and Coca-Cola – a la Caribbean, California and Courmayeur, et al

Sangria – a la Errol’s days in Spain

Sangro de Cristo

Sazerac – a la New Orleans


Tasmanian Devil

Tea – throughout his life

Tequilas – during his days in Mexico

The Errol Flynn – created by Errol, resurrected a la Petronella Wyatt

The Martini Special – a la Fabio Delgado Fuentes

The Tasmanian – a la Dennis Mullen

The Vancouver – a la Sylvia Hotel, Vancouver

U.S. Bar Beers – a la Boardner’s in LA and many other locations in. U.S.

Various Vodkas – straight, with tonic, with O.J., inter alia

Vicious Virgin – a la Don the Beachcomber

Veuve Clicquot

Vodka with Red Pepper – a la The Hotel Savoy’s American Bar in London

Water – both sparkling and natural

Whiskey Sour – a likely for Errol throughout adulthood

XXXX Gold beer- from Queensland and Tasmania

York Gin – Old Tom and Outlaw

Your favorite or choice for saluting Errol

Zombie – a la Don the Beachcomber

Zubrowka Polish Vodka

— Gentleman Tim


Errol Visits Puerto Rico; Mussolini Declares War — June 10, 1940

10 Jun

— Gentleman Tim


Flyin Like Flynn — June 2, 1938

02 Jun

— Gentleman Tim


Travelin to Avalon and Fishin Like Flynn

02 Jun

June 1, 2020: Fishin Like Flynn – on the Ranger

History of the Tuna Club of Avalon

Here’s a wonderful 1938 Catalina Travelogue, featuring fishing as Flynn would have fished. (~ Fishing segment is from ~ 15:20 to 18:20)

— Gentleman Tim


Announcement of USO Tour — May 30, 1951

30 May


— Gentleman Tim


Errol Leaves India for Africa — May 28, 1933

29 May

After a side-splitting incident with a rickshaw boy on the island of Ceylon, Errol left with Erben for the mainland French Colony of Pondicherry. From Pondicherry they traveled an intolerably slow and hot five days on a train “jammed” with “Untouchables”, up the east coast of India to Calcutta, where they witnessed a ~ “dizzying spectacle of temples, beggary, dung in the street, wispy Indian girls in their white wrappings, and whorehouses.” Leaving Calcutta for Africa on the French ship La Stella Errol brawled with a spitting-mad “huge Black Sengalese soldier who bunked above him in steerage. Erben had a good laugh at how decisively Errol lost that dispute.

Finally, on May 28, 1933, Errol left India on the French paquebot Compiegne, through the Gulf of Mannar, then through Arabian Sea to Djibouti, in what was then the French colony of Somaliland.

As depicted below, this route was part of an ancient maritime portion of the old “Silk Road” between China and Europe. Sounds sensible to call it the “Silk Seaway”.

— Gentleman Tim


“Voyage of Discovery” — Asia to Ceylon

28 May

According to My Wicked, Wicked Ways …

Following their escapades in Asia, Errol and Erben sailed on the French ship D’Artagnon*, through the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal, toward India. On this “voyage of discovery”, as he later described it to his father, Errol became enamored with a beautiful half-Swiss, half Japanese, young woman name named Myako. She was from a Swiss Colony in Kobe**. Unfortunately for Errol, Myako had a Swiss husband onboard, one who soon made his own discovery, i.e. Errol below decks with Myako.

“Nuts, screeching, and out of control”, Myako’s extraordinarily-strong and irate Swiss husband discovered Errol with his wife in the couple’s first-class cabin, both half-undressed. First, seized Errol’s throat and attempted to choke him to death. Then, when Errol finally managed to pry himself free, he pulled a revolver threatened again to kill Errol, this time pointing his revolver at one of Errol’s most prized possessions.

Errol was not able to talk his way out of danger with this insanely-jealous husband, but he was able to dodge the shot fired at him and take the gun from him. To Errol’s dismay, however, the noise of the shot and its ” zinging from wall to wall” “in the steel cabin” “through the first-class cabin” “like a blowfly over a piece of cheese” summoning the ship’s French officers, who promptly ordered Errol to permanently leave the ship, in Colombo, on the British island colony of Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka. Errol attributed his being booted from the D’Artagnon‘, but not the first-class couple, to “economics” and French practicality.

* The D’Artagnan later became a Vichy French warship (renamed the Teiko Maru and manned by Japanese) and was sunk by the USS Puffer, in the South China Sea, near Borneo.

** The Swiss had very extensive enterprises in Japan prior to WWII. In fact, they were responsible for more than a third of all raw silk exportation from Japan. They also exported – predominantly via French and German ports and ships- weaving machinery, wool, muslin, aniline dyes, drugs, perfumes, and watches. In fact, over 90% of all watches exported into Japan were imported from Switzerland.

— Gentleman Tim