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Errol Flynn Travelling the World Mid-May to July 1957!

14 May

The times, dates and places speak for themselves.


— Topper


Errol Flynn Vacation Time in July, 1937

29 Apr

After completing filming of The Perfect Specimen in mid-July, Errol will spend the next month vacationing on his yawl Cheerio 2, with a few adventures along the way…and no Lily.

— Topper


Busy Errol Flynn Beginning of March, 1953, to Mid April!

21 Jan

 Part 1

Errol finishes one film and prepares for his next, most important, production …The Story of William Tell.

    (to be continued)

— Topper


Errol Flynn from the End of May, 1951 to End of July!

22 Nov

Here and overseas

From visiting Las Vegas, Nevada with his son Sean, to entertaining thousands of troops in Korea, our man Flynn is adventuring in time zones around the world … and back to Nevada.

— Topper


Errol Flynn from Late November of 1951 to Mid January of 1952!

11 Oct

A little bit of everything during this time period: Mara Maru finishes filming on December 18th followed by a portrait shoot about December 19-21. After celebrating Christmas in Mulholland with Patrice and the kids, he is working on the short subject film, Cruise of the Zaca. Then starting in Janury, 1952: radio broadcasting…starts filming his next feature Against All Flags…and Flynn’s first television appearance. This does not include all of the partying, traveling, and headlining in between.

Enjoy …

— Topper


Errol Flynn is in Print Everywhere!

14 Aug

After spending a few days in Good Samaritan Hospital in L.A. from September 25, 1938 with pneumonia, Errol is back home with Lily by the 28th, after her return from New York City.

We will pick it up from there …

— Topper


Errol Flynn in Alaska and More!

01 Aug

Errol, and a group of four entertainers, spent over a month on a USO tour of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, cheering up the troops stationed at the U.S. outposts there during World War II.

This map and time frame tries to pinpoint their destinations based on a wide variety of sources … from Army records to some soldiers personal photos (and even some of those documents were contradictory).



— Topper


At the Hut

21 Feb

Dear Flynnstones,

Christian’s Hut opened on Catalina Island in 1935, as a bar for the crew working on the film “Mutiny on the Bounty” The bar was located right under Clark Gable’s room and was named after Clark Gable’s character in the film.

After filming was completed, owners Art LaShelle and Joe Guido moved the operation (in name only) to to Balboa Island in Newport Beach in a building that was the old Southern Seas Club. They draped the building with netting, added a dock, and introduced the Tahitian-style restaurant Christian’s Hut.  The sand-floored ground-level bar was frequented by the likes of Errol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart and Fred MacMurray.  Their bouncer, Don Vaughn invented a new concept in throwing out unruly customers; he carried them out to the end of the pier and threw them into the bay.

Read more here:…

The mascot for Christian’s Hut was “the Goof,” whose genesis is not known; it was basically just a funny-looking head that topped the building. The Goof can now be seen atop Bali Hai (…) in San Diego.

There were a handful of other locations that were never as popular as the original on Balboa Island.  Unfortunately, Christian’s Hut burned down in 1963 and the site is now home to the Newport Towers condominiums.

Here is Errol at the hut. He lingers on in tour guide Mang’s memories.

Balboa Island Museum’s “Golden Age of Newport Harbor” Movie Premieres at Balboa Yacht Club


— shangheinz


The Old Sport and the Sea

23 Nov

Dear Flynnstones,

the A-list of anglers anchored at the Cabo Blanco Fishing Club situated at the Peruvian Pacific Coast more than 1000 miles north of its capital Lima.

Amongst them were the prime actors of their time, the likes of Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Bob Hope, Gregory Peck and Errol Flynn.

Membership fees of 10.000$ a year kept the club, which also ran a hotel, a bar as well as a restaurant, extremely exclusive.

This elusive hideaway became one of Ernest Hemingway‘s favorite haunts. The Chicagoean writer of writers loved this deep sea fishing paradise, where the biggest of marlins (black ones) went straight to heaven, mucho! Don Ernesto even caught the Nobel Prize there. Due to his poor health at the time after two plane crashes in Africa, he was unable to haul in the mega marlin he already had hooked. Sometimes you win, when you lose.

Years later Papa came back to supervise the filming of “The Old Man and the Sea‘ in person. Folklore has it, he can be seen in some scenes,



— shangheinz


In the Trenches

14 Nov

Dear Flynnstones,

this blogbook entry comes in reference to both the Columbo and the travel kit post from not long ago. Travelin’ like Flynn saw our Hollywood hero mostly dressed in a trenchcoat wearing a hat at a rakish angle. Errol practically went from cloak and dagger to coat and swagger.


— shangheinz