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A Garden Variety Check? — Or was it for Judo Lessons?

25 Mar

Errol and the Judo Master/Prominent Nursery Owner, Sego Murakami

On March 24, 1947, Errol signed the check below to Sego Murakami, a Japanese-American Hachidan-ranked Judo legend. Why? Well, probably not for judo lessons, but, rather, for items and services for Mulholland Farm purchased from Sego’s landmark nursery, still in business and still in the family!

Errol’s Check to Sego

Historical Significance of the Sego Nursery

The Sego Nursery today.

— Tim


A Check for Woody’s

06 Jan

– aka Woody and Eddy’s, a longtime favorite restaurant in Pasadena…

January 5, 1945

— Tim


Mail Bag! Cahill Interiors & Titchfield Hotel Check!

25 Jul

Errol/Titchfield Hotel

Hello, I just read your blog regarding the Titchfield Hotel. You mention a 10k check for the a/c. I happen to have a psa/dna certified cancelled check for $6437.54 paid to Cahill Interiors dated July 15, 1952. In the bottom left corner is written in Errol’s writing “Repairs a/c Hotel Titchfield.” I believe a/c means “and credit ” and not meaning air conditioning. And it’s then signed by Errol Flynn. I just thought I would write and let you know.

I enjoy reading your articles. I have often wondered if anyone knows what work Cahill Interiors did at the hotel for that this check paid for?

The check was signed: Cahill Interiors deposit to account Carol Parker Cahill. North Shore Bank, Miami Beach, Florida. Errol lived a fascinating life and I have certainly enjoyed watching his movies and seeing his many talents over the years. What an original.

Delaine Davis


Thanks, Delaine!

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Errol Flynn Promissory Note! 1953!

02 Apr

Our Karl Holmberg spotted this Errol Flynn promissory note recently on eBay. He uses the Mail Bag to say:

That would be $132,879.21 in today dollars. Thanks to your sharing and Mr. Florczak’s 1953 searching, we have:

December 14~Flies from Barcelona, Spain to New York aboard Pan American Airways.

December 25~Daughter, Arnella Roma is born (6 1/2lbs) in Rome, Italy.

Promissory note


At this location: Bobby Van’s Grill & Steakhouse – Wall Street,Levine, Lisa A,SPI Entertainment Incorporated,Fort Green Cleaners Llc & (no fee) apartments.

Thanks, Karl!

— David DeWitt


St. Joseph Hospital – March 22, 1947

28 Feb

        I would say that is the fee for Rory’s birth being born on March 12th, 1947

Did I hit the nail on the head? I think so!

— Tina


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To Lily Damita… Liliane Carre Flynn!

13 May

— David DeWitt


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To Cash, 1946–Nora Eddington Signature

29 Apr

— David DeWitt

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To Cash, 1946…

29 Apr

— David DeWitt

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