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Errol Flynn in the Early Days!

03 Mar

 Taking a break from the book articles, I thought I would present some seldom seen magazine clips of Flynn during the days of Captain Blood.

(You gotta love Olivia in her pirate outfit,…never in the film of course)




— Topper


  A Pair of 1940 Portraits of Errol Flynn! 

17 Feb

These two color photos are from a portrait shoot for Warner Bros. by famed still photographer George Hurrell. The shoot was about January 24th to 27th 1940. Both were part of a large series of pictures that would be released starting with EF-334 through to EF-363.

 The first one was released as a French-Canadian magazine cover for  Le Samedi  (The Saturday), on November 23, 1940.

 The second one was featured later on as a full page spread in the U.S. magazine, Screenland, August, 1943 issue (and later still in Errol Flynn, Movie Star).


— Topper


Errol Flynn Magazine & More, 1938!

08 Sep

— Topper


Errol Flynn Movie Ad, November 1936!

02 Sep

This full page, large sized ad in Esquire magazine is on the newsstands by October 15th … a day before a special invitation, preview premiere at the Warner Studios on October 16th. The first public premiere is at the Strand theatre in New York City on October 31st.

— Topper


Errol Flynn on the Cover of Movie Life, 1940!

18 Aug

It is not always possible to get vintage movie magazines in prime condition. But of course, Flynn looks great as usual!

— Topper


Errol Flynn On the Cover! 1959

28 Jul

Errol, still enjoying his popularity around the world with a picture taken during the filming of The Roots of Heaven January 10, 1959.

— Topper


Dear Errol Flynn …

22 Feb

From  Brian Twist at our Facebook version of the blog:

— David DeWitt


The Life and Good Times of Errol Flynn

22 Feb

From  Brian Twist at our Facebook version of the blog: click images to enlarge!

— David DeWitt


Errol Flynn Oscar Nomination?

28 Jan

Is there actual, concrete evidence Errol was nominated in 1957? All I found was “rumors”. Newspapers of the time have zero mention but one article mentioning “talk”… In Jan, 1958 they were suggesting a nomination. He wasn’t in LA until October, 1957.  Then went to NY, and then Detroit, Cincinnati, Africa, Paris and so on. On Feb 17th, 1958 when they actually nominated actors he wasn’t mentioned. He wasn’t nominated that year. In February, he left to go to Africa. March 26, 1958 it just states that it was a pity Errol’s role in Roots of Heaven was bypassed. His relationship with Beverly Aaudland was new young and the majority of people didn’t even know it existed at the time. He was still with Pat in Jan 1958. Below is an article from the Oscar night he would have been considered for. The reasons for no nomination couldn’t have been related to Castro as he didn’t meet him till Dec, 1958. Also, he couldn’t have been in a hotel room with Bev and the Nora’s girls as they first me her in August of 1959. Bev and Errol were still testing their relationship while he was in Africa. So no, Bev wasn’t the reason Errol dropped the nomination, either.

— Selene Hutchison-Zuffi


Errol and Marilyn … Did it Happen?

18 Jan

The post will have several newspapers clipping and 2 pages of books.

The available evidence:

Danny Kaye’s account states that Errol met and snubbed Monroe Aug 19 1950 at a party Danny organized for Olivier Laurence and Vivian Leigh. That was the first time that they were introduced.

Errol wasn’t in LA on Aug 19 1950, he was in France.

Errol and Pat were at a party in LA on Aug 2 1950 with Danny Kaye present … but I found no evidence that Monroe was there.

The last big party Errol threw at Mulholland was  in feb 1949.

I also found no evidence that the ballet corps in the swimming pool was naked.

Supposedly the “bunny” race was at that party. (Hence, Feb 1949).

No evidence was found that Monroe was present or that such event even happened other than Hedy Lamar’s autobiography. She sued her ghost writer for filling the book with lies. No other accounts of the bunny race were found.

Truman Capote’s story was told only by Capote. A pathological liar, according to many observers. Errol couldn’t play the piano.

The letter of Marilyn to Errol … Monroe experts said that they have no recollection of the two meeting and the handwriting isn’t Monroe’s. The fact that it was auctioned by Christie’s means nothing. As of now that letter is considered a forgery.

So as of now I have zero evidence that Marilyn and Errol ever met …









— Selene Hutchison-Zuffi