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Mulholland Jack Marino’s Tribute to the Forgotten Heroes of Vietnam

Directed and Produced by Filmmaker and EFB Author, Jack Marino. Filmed in part at Mulholland Farm. Starring William Smith. Featuring Jack Marino as David DeLuca With references to Errol, including a “Swordfight” a la Robin Hood in the jungles of Vietnam, some of which can be seen in each of the two previews linked below: … … Costume Design by… (more…)

In Memory of Sean

Errol lost his wonderful son, Sean, to the Vietnam War. This is in memory of Sean and to his magnificently brave service as a war correspondent. Vietnam News Report by Sean … Last Known Footage of Sean … Jackie Coogan PSA for Sean — Tim

Tributes to the Troops

Memorial Day, 2021 Because of poor health, Errol’s multiple attempts to serve in uniform were not accepted by the Armed Forces, so he supported America and the Allies in numerous other ways, beginning with his anti-Nazi tour of South America, his numerous appearances for the Red Cross and on war bond tours, and his anti-Axis war films – from Sea… (more…)

An A to Z List of Potential Libations for the 2021 Global Toast to Errol 🍸🍺🍹🍮🥃🍾

Based on drinks and beverages Errol is known to have drank, believed to have drank, likely drank, rumored to have drank, and has had created and named in tribute to him, here is an A through Z list of possible libations for the June 20, 2021 Global Birthday Toast to Errol<a Almost 21 days away First Announcement of the 2021… (more…)

Eva is thirteen (going on fourteen) and intensely curious. And she wonders why Mr. Owens is talking about Spain, and those “fighting their leader, General Franco, and his fascist ideology.” He adds, “big-time Hollywood actors, like Errol Flynn, the same fellow who will be here soon to play Robin Hood, have already gone to Spain to see what they could… (more…)

Backstabbing Bruce Sues Errol

May 25, 1955 New York Times Cabot Sues Errol Flynn In May 1955 Bruce Cabot sued Flynn in a London court alleging an unpaid salary of £17,357 ($48,599.60) saying he had been promised four weeks’ work on the film but did not get it. Cabot knew well of Errol’s dire financial circumstances, but sued him anyhow – kicking hi8m while… (more…)

Four Score Years Ago — Errol Goes A Partying — —Part 3

Three weeks or so after the birth of Sean on May 31 … June 18, 1941 Hollywood Citizens News Father’s Day Inspire Family Dinner Party Father’s Day found Julie Bishop, Warner Brothers actress, entertaining her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Brown, for the evening st Bill Jordan’s Bar of Music. Other notables glimpsed were Vaughn Paul and his bride, Deanna… (more…)

Four Score Years Ago – Errol Goes A Partying — —Part 2

April 30, 1941 Hollywood Citizen News Frolicsome Guests Enjoy Poolside Custard pies, Keystone Kops, and a carefree spirit reigned Sunday when Milton Berle played host to 400 picture friends at his Mack Sennett bathing party at the Beverly Hills Hotel Sand and Pool Club. Dressing in a bathing suit of the 1900s, Mr. Berle saw to it that his guests… (more…)

Four Score Years Ago — Errol Goes a Partying — — Part 1

April 23, 1941 Hollywood Parade Los Angeles Times By Ella Wickersham Once again the door of the picturesque garden house of the Beverly Hills Hotel to receive a notable and festive medley of filmlanders,with Edmund Goulding in the hosting role and Doris Duke Cromwell enjoying the honor spot. Apropos of the parties Doris has tossed for Eddie’s delectation at her… (more…)

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