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Bloopers of 1946 Featuring Errol Flynn! Adult Language!

                                    — David DeWitt

Bloopers of 1946 with Errol Flynn and others! Warning! Adult Language!

In the Blog Videos category I have posted a very funny series of Bloopers from 1946 featuring Errol Flynn and others – but be warned! Adult Language is used! — David DeWitt

The Errol Flynn Marina Newsletter for August 2011 – Docklines!

Attached please find the August, 2011, issue of the Errol Flynn Marina newslettere, “Docklines”.  Dale B. WestinGeneral ManagerErrol Flynn MarinaBox 188 Ken Wright DrivePort Antonio, Portland, Jamaica PLEASE NOTE NEW CELLULAR NUMBER BELOW: Phones: 876- 993-3209; 876-715-6044Fax: 876-715-6033  SKYPE: Westin8Cellular: 876-832-4765…… — David DeWitt

Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland offset 'Captain Blood'

The series of photos of the screenteam fencing offset 'Captain Blood' in 1935 are without a doubt my favourite photo's of …

Original Errol Flynn costume Jacket for sale on E- Bay !!!

Hi Folks         Here is something that really should be in the Museum in Tasmania, or perhaps in your possession ?Anyway it looks genuine, here's the link….if i had the money I'd bid for it myself.… RegardsDarren — InlikeFlynn

Community Quiz Question

Ok, here's what I call a “Community Quiz Question” because I don't have the answer all ready. I intended to get it, but realised that it won't be until maybe in two years or so, that's why I thought it'd be easier to post it as a question for all. –> How often did Errol get a slap in the… (more…)

Would you like to feel ten feet tall? Mark Young does!

And why? Because he is related to Errol Flynn! Mark says, “As you can imagine, being cousin to Errol Flynn makes you feel about ten feet tall. My other claim to fame is that my uncle was Clark Gable's batman during the last war when he was stationed at RAF Polebrook in Northants, England. …Errol Flynn… …Clarke Gable… and I… (more…)

In one of Errol's movies!

Hi everybody – again I have been MIA for a while and noticed nobody has place a quiz question!? Here is one for fun:In one of Errol's movies there was a horse who had a nice name:1. What was the name of the horse?2. What was the race of the horse?3. What was the horse able to do?4. Who rode… (more…)

EF Movie Review

Here's a fresh, but… awful… movie review of Elizabeth and Essex… apparently, the author does not like Errol at all but unfortunately, there is no opportunity to vent one's anger at this piece of writing……… — Inga

Ahoy, the Sirocco!

Louis Vick contacted the blog recently to let us know he has 16 cushions that belonged to the Sirocco, Errol's famous yacht… he asks what value to place on them if he sells them? This would be highly subjective according to how badly a collector wanted to own them so I have no fixed amount that I can tell him… (more…)