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Tidbits of Errol Flynn in Newspapers June 1936!

  — Topper

Errol Flynn’s South American Trip, June 1940!

Errol, along with Johnny Meyer, press agent for Warner Bros., begins his South American Tour that is sanctioned by Warner’s as a good will tour. Newspapers, fan magazines, telegrams and even radio broadcasts and shows provided a variety of times, places and events. A map is provided to try and consolidate the where and when of Errol’s visits. (you can… (more…)

After Errol Flynn’s Rape Trial from mid February to mid April 1943!

— Topper

Captain Blood Magazine Coverage Rolls into 1936!

A few more pages covering Flynn’s first motion picture debut in the U.S. Even Olivia, a newcomer,  gets full coverage. — Topper

Errol Flynn from Around Mid-September to Mid October, 1939!

— Topper

Errol Flynn in October 1943!

During the filming of his latest picture, another paternity suit is in the newspapers, the fan magazines and on the radio … but … he is still on the covers of magazines worldwide.   — Topper

Death of a Cameraman

Dear Flynnstones, amongst the myriad of myths surrounding the sinister shooting of “The Lady from Shanghai“, one also concerns our Errol. No, not the one about his clandestine cameo. I think  we settled the score once and for all here: Lord from Shanghai- Errol after all? It is about Flynn turning Wolf Larsen and wanting to give a young dead… (more…)

Into Dodge

Dear Flynnstones, above you see Errol and his buddy Air Bud Ernst leaving for the grand premiere of Dodge City. The line up of this star studded extravaganza was impressive. It even featured a special event what looks like a (shotgun?) wedding. A pierced penny for who can spot the Duke in this picture. Enjoy, — shangheinz

Wanted: Errol Flynn

Dear Flynnstones, our man Flynn was a catch for Jack Warner in many ways. Enjoy,   — shangheinz

Flingin’ Like Flynn

Dear Flynnstones, here is one of the earliest conquests of Errol:…… Enjoy, — shangheinz

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