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Death of a Cameraman

27 May

Dear Flynnstones,

amongst the myriad of myths surrounding the sinister shooting of “The Lady from Shanghai“, one also concerns our Errol.

No, not the one about his clandestine cameo. I think  we settled the score once and for all here:

Lord from Shanghai- Errol after all?

It is about Flynn turning Wolf Larsen and wanting to give a young dead cameraman a sea burial.

Read all about it:…

Despite the heat, coolness prevailed.






— shangheinz


Into Dodge

18 May

Dear Flynnstones,

above you see Errol and his buddy Air Bud Ernst leaving for the grand premiere of Dodge City.

The line up of this star studded extravaganza was impressive.

It even featured a special event what looks like a (shotgun?) wedding.

A pierced penny for who can spot the Duke in this picture.


— shangheinz


Wanted: Errol Flynn

18 May

Dear Flynnstones,

our man Flynn was a catch for Jack Warner in many ways.



— shangheinz


Flingin’ Like Flynn

16 Apr

Dear Flynnstones,

here is one of the earliest conquests of Errol:…


— shangheinz


From London with Love

23 Feb

Dear Flynnstones,

Austrian magazine Film+Funk ran a home story on Family Flynn in February of 1957.

They visit an Errol in great form in Great Britain.

All eyes are on little Arnella as she visits her Pa on the set of his TV-series.

She tears at his fake czar like beard and shakes hands with the “most important person“ on the lot, producer Norman Williams- „…the man who‘s handing me my pay cheque…“

TV in the 60s meant less work than for a movie with equal pay and a nation wide exposure.

No wonder our Hollywood hero felt revived.

After work saw the perfect papa coming home to wife, kid, Swiss nanny and parrot Guapa.


— shangheinz


In the Shin Like Flynn

18 Feb

Dear Flynnstones,

Errol leaves a downtown NY court with advocate Morris Green after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct and paying a fine 50 dollars for kicking a cop in the shin on December 8, 1948.

It is unconfirmed, that he vowed to change his kicked, kicked ways.


— shangheinz


Cane But Able

13 Feb

Dear Flynnstones,

here is a resurfaced newspaper article published in the Jamaica Gleaner on January 3, 1947.

Film fans mob Errol Flynn at the Myrtle Bank Hotel

Errol Flynn came ashore from his yacht at the Myrtle Bank Hotel at noon yesterday and nearly created a riot.  As the handsome, dashing screen star entered the lobby, a waiting ‘army’ of female hotel fans, who had impatiently been awaiting his coming ashore, mobbed him in traditional style.

Since news of his arrival spread throughout Kingston and St Andrew yesterday, local cinematics have been concentrating on the Myrtle Bank Hotel in an effort to secure autographs snapshots, or just look at the daring he-man lover of the screen in the flesh.

Gathering yesterday morning, a battery of woman fans filled the lobby and from the verandahs of the hotel.  ‘Bobby-soxers’ were a lot of grownups, too.  Impatiently, they looked out across the hotel lawn to the pier, and beyond it, where the Zaea rode at anchor on the quiet Caribbean Sea.  Came at 12 o’clock and still no sign of the tall hero of Captain Blood, Elizabeth and Essex and other screen successes which have thrilled local audiences.  The now-retired movie actor, who arrived here on Wednesday, stayed aboard his yacht all forenoon, along with party members.


Suddenly, there was a sensation.  The word went up that he was coming.  Large as life, as handsome as he appears on the screen, Errol Flynn walked into the lobby.  Something like a cross between a scream and a sigh issued from a hundred lips.  The actor smiled at the demonstration.

When they crowded around him, however, he decided that it was too much of a good thing.  Quickly getting into a waiting motorcar, he left the hotel and did not return until the evening.  The fans, torn between partial satisfaction and partial disappointment, went away.

The presence of the popular actor, whose exploits on and off the screen have won him wide mention, has made the Myrtle Bank Hotel the focus of local attention. The busiest switchboard in town is the PBX at Myrtle Bank Hotel, where the telephone operator spent half the day yesterday saying, “Yes, he is here.  No, he hasn’t come ashore yet”


No less busy has been the desk where the clerks have been equally engaged in answering queries as to the whereabouts of Flynn.  Autograph books and baby cameras have been greatly in evidence, while the staff have been kept on their toes coping with the extra demand on their time and attention as a result of the increased number of visitors to the hotel.

So far, Flynn’s plans are to remain in town for a week and then go out in the country, perhaps to Montego Bay.  His yacht is due to go on drydock for overhauling while he stays ashore and identifies himself more closely with local social life.

Last night, Flynn and his party were guests at a private cocktail party in St Andrew. They later went to the Colony Club where he was entertained with a specially prepared native floor show, featuring leading local entertainers.


— shangheinz


Errol Flynn Oscar Nomination, Part 2

01 Feb

Errol arrived in Cincinnati Feb 2 1958. Then he went  to Cincinnati where he quits the Huntington Hartford play Master of Thornfield around the 19th of February, 1958. Official nominations for Oscars were announced around the 17th of February, 1958. As you can see, as of the 11th  of February nothing is official.

After Flynn left Cincinnati, it looks like he went to New York, Paris and off to Africa.

Errol wasn’t in LA at the time nominations were announced.



— Selene Hutchison-Zuffi


Errol Flynn Oscar Nomination?

28 Jan

Is there actual, concrete evidence Errol was nominated in 1957? All I found was “rumors”. Newspapers of the time have zero mention but one article mentioning “talk”… In Jan, 1958 they were suggesting a nomination. He wasn’t in LA until October, 1957.  Then went to NY, and then Detroit, Cincinnati, Africa, Paris and so on. On Feb 17th, 1958 when they actually nominated actors he wasn’t mentioned. He wasn’t nominated that year. In February, he left to go to Africa. March 26, 1958 it just states that it was a pity Errol’s role in Roots of Heaven was bypassed. His relationship with Beverly Aaudland was new young and the majority of people didn’t even know it existed at the time. He was still with Pat in Jan 1958. Below is an article from the Oscar night he would have been considered for. The reasons for no nomination couldn’t have been related to Castro as he didn’t meet him till Dec, 1958. Also, he couldn’t have been in a hotel room with Bev and the Nora’s girls as they first me her in August of 1959. Bev and Errol were still testing their relationship while he was in Africa. So no, Bev wasn’t the reason Errol dropped the nomination, either.

— Selene Hutchison-Zuffi


Errol and Marilyn … Did it Happen?

18 Jan

The post will have several newspapers clipping and 2 pages of books.

The available evidence:

Danny Kaye’s account states that Errol met and snubbed Monroe Aug 19 1950 at a party Danny organized for Olivier Laurence and Vivian Leigh. That was the first time that they were introduced.

Errol wasn’t in LA on Aug 19 1950, he was in France.

Errol and Pat were at a party in LA on Aug 2 1950 with Danny Kaye present … but I found no evidence that Monroe was there.

The last big party Errol threw at Mulholland was  in feb 1949.

I also found no evidence that the ballet corps in the swimming pool was naked.

Supposedly the “bunny” race was at that party. (Hence, Feb 1949).

No evidence was found that Monroe was present or that such event even happened other than Hedy Lamar’s autobiography. She sued her ghost writer for filling the book with lies. No other accounts of the bunny race were found.

Truman Capote’s story was told only by Capote. A pathological liar, according to many observers. Errol couldn’t play the piano.

The letter of Marilyn to Errol … Monroe experts said that they have no recollection of the two meeting and the handwriting isn’t Monroe’s. The fact that it was auctioned by Christie’s means nothing. As of now that letter is considered a forgery.

So as of now I have zero evidence that Marilyn and Errol ever met …









— Selene Hutchison-Zuffi

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