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As I sit in Florida, only a hundred yards or so from one of Errol’s favorite vacation homes and hideaways in Florida, I watch and wait for signs of Hurricane Dorian, which, no matter how historically notable it becomes, will never reach the league of Category 5 Flynn. … —————————–> ERROL, THE (SUPER)HUMAN CYCLONE — Tim

The Red Skeleton Show with Errol Flynn & Beverly Audland!

— David DeWitt

Singer of “Errol Flynn” Shuffles Off His Mortal Coil

“He truly was an encyclopedia of knowledge about the wild and woolly world we both loved. He mentioned a song — “Errol Flynn,” by Amanda McBroom — and I admitted I hadn’t heard it. He said, “Do you mind if I play it?” He sat at his trusty old Wurlitzer, and tore my heart out. At one point he leaned… (more…)

Houston, You Had a Party

“Bedlam in Diamonds – Seventy Years Ago’”” The Shamrock Hotel Grand Opening Starring Errol Flynn, Ginger Rogers, Dorothy Lamour, Lana Turner, ~ a cast of approximately 170 more celebrities, and Fifty Thousand extras On March 17, 1949, the iconic Shamrock Hotel opened with a huge shindig. Hollywood celebrities including Ginger Rogers and Errol Flynn came to town for the grand… (more…)

Over the Bridge, Not Far Away – A Guest House for Errol — At Mike Curtiz’s Cotswold Cottage

“Besides the one-bedroom, two-bathroom main house, there are two guesthouses. One, built as an office, has a cathedral ceiling, a full bathroom and French doors that lead to the gardens. The other guest suite, reached by a bridge and set above the garage, was sometimes used by “The Adventures of Robin Hood” star Errol Flynn.”…… “Over a bridge and… (more…)

August 27, 1936

August 27, 1936 Harrison Carroll Evening Herald Express Errol Flynn’s story will now be appearing any month now in the Cosmopolitan. He describes it as an incident in his life. ————————- Cosmopolitan Magazine, November 1936, featuring Errol’s Beam Ends ————————— — Tim

August 27, 1935

August 27, 1935 Harrison Carroll Evening Herald Express The Errol Flynns (Lili Damita) are sending all the way to London for the favors of their pirate party to be given as soon as he finishes Captain Blood for Warner Brothers. … ———- “The Errol Flynns” at the Trocadero celebrating Errol’s tremendous success in Captain Blood ————- — Tim

Mail Bag! A few Words from TJR McDowell!

Got this nice message from TJR McDowell: Sean Flynn with Errol … David: I spent some time today looking over your Flynn Blog. It really is extraordinary, the best blog on the internet. I’ve been fortunate enough to be allowed to post a few things about Flynn, and it’s been very gratifying. Flynn has popped up in my life at… (more…)

I’ll Take Your Photo, Now!

— David DeWitt

US Navy Fight Team! Gentleman Jim!

— David DeWitt