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Remembering Sean on what would have been his 81st birthday! While there is still a mystery surrounding his demise and final resting place. He and other fallen heroes will never be forgotten.–A. R. — ILIKEFLYNN

some info about Errol’s Birth place

Hi all Hobart ABC radio had a segment about Errol’s birth place also Errol in in the list. and it mentions the sign Steve and I got for Errol at battery point and the star outside the state theatre at North Hobart. Rory just had a pic of her with the star.…… Genene and Steve — tassie devil

Mail Bag! Errol Flynn & Rory Flynn Son Composite Photo!

Rory Flynn who is a professional photographer and Author decided to have some fun and created a new composite photo of her father Errol Flynn and her son Sean (Rio) Flynn when he was a boy. Result is so sweet she shares it with all of us … Thanks, Rory! — David DeWitt

Robin Hood Released on this Day!

— David DeWitt

Writer Louis Kraft’s Errol Flynn Book Sale!

As an Errol Flynn book collector myself along with most of you it is a real pleasure to announce writer Louis Kraft’s Errol Flynn Book Sale. If you have been looking for one of these books or don’t have many of them in your collection this is your chance! This is a private book sale and you can peruse their… (more…)

Errol Flynn was Never as Bad as Some Others!

I am reading this remarkable book “Natalie Wood:  The Complete Biography” by Suzanne Finstad about the life and mysterious death of the tragic film star.  It is impossible to put down and Errol Flynn is not mentioned in it at all.   Flynn has always been brutally criticized and attacked for many things, especially his relationship with the teenage Beverly Aadland. … (more…)