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How to Login to this Blog!

24 Sep

For those of you new to the blog, I have made a video showing how to login to the blog which entails the WordPress security popup, and the purpose of this short little video is to make clear that the popup is not the place to enter your Personal Login details. It’s sole purpose is to discourage robots from logging into our blog, and it’s WordPress’s idea not mine.

So to when you see it (it doesn’t show up on some browsers or looks slightly different) you enter the preset username errolflynn (all lower case) and password efb (all lower case) and set the popup to “Remember me” so you won’t have to enter the preset details every time you login.

After you click ok, you are taken to the normal WordPress login page for our blog and there you enter your Personal Login details.

The video shows a remembered Username “Boss Boy”. You will be entering your own Personal Username used when you registered.

That’s it!

I hope it clears up how to login for new members!

Click the screen anywhere to start in Firefox. Other browsers may display play buttons.

— David DeWitt

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