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MALLORCA BOUND: Errol Flynn’s Flynnest Adventure!

01 Sep

Today is the world premiere of Majorca Bound: Errol’s Flynnest Adventure by Lorenzo Gomez!

Congratulations, Lorenzo, all of your production crew and special guests and thanks for sharing with The Errol Flynn Blog …

Click image to watch!

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Lorenzo Gomez Errol Flynn Mallorca Documentary!

31 Aug

The Mail Bag brings us great news about an independent documentary from Lorenzo Gomez about our dear old Mr. Errol Flynn in Mallorca, Spain …

Lorenzo says:

“On September 1st our “Errol’s Flynnesque adventure in Mallorca” amateur documentary will have its exclusive premiere featuring some of the last living witnesses to Errol flynn’s days in Spain!

Here is a photographic preview!”

We will publish a link to it, soon!


— David DeWitt


Requiem for a Cavalier

12 May

An “Extended Version” of Tony Thomas’s “Sound Picture” interview of and tribute to Errol was posted yesterday on YouTube.Fascinating to hear Errol talk about his life at such length Here it is, from his youth in Tasmania to his days just prior to filming Roots of Heaven.

— Tim


Errol’s Tasmania

27 Apr

This is what Tasmania was like when Errol last lived Down Under:

— Tim


Tribute to T. T. Flynn, Ph.D.

24 Oct

October 11, 1883 – October 24, 1968

Tasmania’s First Professor of Biology…

Thank you very much to Philip for his previous posting of the audio above on the EFB.

— Tim


60 Years Since

14 Oct

The Fast, Furious & Flynntastic Life of Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn

— Tim


Two Howard Hill Short Films featuring Errol Flynn’s Sirocco!

27 Sep

With Errol unaccredited:

Check them out:


— David DeWitt


Making of The Sea Hawk!

19 Sep

Features our late friend Professor Lincoln D Hurst, a film historian …

Special Thanks to Mirta Gonzalez!

— David DeWitt


It Happened in Little Havana — — Errol Flynn’s Ghost @ The Tower Theater

07 Mar

Saw a premier of ‘Errol Flynn’s Ghost’ tonight at the Tower Theater on Calle Ocho, in Little Havana, Miami. It is a superb documentary, written and directed by an extraordinary talent, Gaspar Gonzalez.…


Author and historian Megan Feeny is also sensational in this, drawing on her research from her new book, ‘Hollywood in Havana’.

Making everything about this film even better is the prominent inclusion of magnificent writer and Flynn biographer (and EFB Author) Tom McNulty, which adds very significantly to its caliber, credibility, and importance. Thank you, Tom.…

Every fan of Errol and/or Hollywood’s Golden Age should see this fascinating, first-class documentary.…

It’s playing one more time in Miami, this Sunday, 1 PM @ The Silverspot Theater.


— Tim


See Errol Flynn’s Ghost!

20 Sep

Sunday in Jersey City!……

— Tim