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Lili Damita, War Hero?

During legal proceedings against Errol, Lili Damita testified that she suffered an injury while serving her country during World War II. What was that alleged injury, and under what circumstances did Tiger Lil’ allegedly incur her alleged injury? 1. An STD spying for the French underground? 2. A head injury working for the Red Cross? 3. A sprained ankle performing… (more…)

In Like Flynn…

released today in Region 4 @ Amazon and “Region 0” @ Best Buy… buyer beware as to playability!…… — Karl

Lost Again – The Mark of Zorro

May 26, 1938 Louella Parsons Los Angeles Examiner Errol Flynn is lost again between Havana and Hollywood. May 28, 1938 Erskine Johnson Los Angeles Examiner Fox turned down Warners’ offer of $150,000 for film rights to Douglas Fairbanks’ old picture, The Mark of Zorro. They wanted it for Errol Flynn. — Tim

Born at Battery Point

Queen Alexandra Hospital Hobart, Tasmania – 1908 Errol was born in Battery Point at the Queen Alexandra Hospital on June 20, 1909.…… — Tim

When Who Lost His Finger?

A Cutting Edge Quiz Who wrote on the image below that he “lost his finger”? — Tim

Sir Robin of Locksley

May 23, 1938 Hollywood Citizen News Taking their cue from the success of The Adventures of Robin Hood, Warner Bros. are digging in making preparations for a sequel to be ready for release next spring. Title is Sir Robin of Locksley,, an original by Norman Reilly Raine and Seton I. MIller. Erich Korngold already is at work on the score.… (more…)

The Thief of Bagdad

May 23, 1938 Sidney Skolsky Hollywood Citizen News The Warners, because of the success Robin Hood, are trying to buy The Thief of Bagdad, another Douglas Fairbanks hit, for Errol Flynn. — Tim

Mail Bag! Errol & Dorothy Malone!

Thanks to Karl Holmberg! Too Much, Too Soon … — David DeWitt

Silver River @ Warners Downtown LA, 1948

May 22, 1948 Silver River Lowell E. Redelings Hollywood Citizen News There’s a scene in Silver River where Ann Sheridan, on a wagon trek West, sleeps out under the stars. Errol Flynn bunks beneath a wagon for the night, but Ann thinks he’s inside the wagon. It rains before morning, Ann comes scampering to the wagon, dragging her blankets behind… (more…)