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From Rory Flynn's Facebook Page!

25 Feb

ok is everyone one ready to chuckle…..…

— David DeWitt


Jack Marino is featured at:

25 Feb…

— David DeWitt


Another from Lone Pine

24 Feb

— Robert


The shy side of Errol!

22 Feb

How shy was Errol and if so, what could have been the reasons for it?


— Tina


Can anybody decipher this picture?

17 Feb

Hello everyone and a good morn' to all of you!
I found this picture quite a while ago and always wondered what the deeper meaning of it could be??? 
I thought maybe you could put light where there is darkness!

I know that “eppur me sono scordata ti me” means “Yet I forget about you”, which also I know is an Italian song.  But, then there is the “Figure 61 Planet”, which has something to do with physics and after that I am stymied.  I must have been missing in school when they taught this subject!  Like Errol, I had other things to do than to go to all the classes!  I know you didn't do such things and therefore you will have the answer!

— Tina


How to Add Images/Video to Comments

16 Feb


This is how you add a picture within a comment:

Make sure the Format Type under Post a comment reads HTML.

Find the image that you want to insert. Right click on the image to get its web address. This will look similar to:…

Now add the following code:

<img src=””>

Paste or type the finished code directly into your comment. Note that your image might also be a .gif, for example. Use the preview button to check that it worked. When published, your image/gif will appear inside your comment.



This is how to add Video within a comment:

Make sure the Format Type under Post a comment reads HTML.

Find the video that you want to insert. Upload it to a host such as YouTube. The video will have an embed code. Copy and past the embed code into your comment.

For Example:

<iframe title=”YouTube video player” width=”480″ height=”390″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Try to make sure your images are not large files sizes and make sure your videos also do not distort the comment page. In the case of videos, just make the width=”480” height=”390” smaller numbers and test to see how it looks with the Preview Button. If things look good, publish your comment!

— David DeWitt


Image Resizer for Windows and Mac

13 Feb

Here are two free downloads for Image Resizer Software:

Image Resizer for Windows

Image Resizer for Mac

— David DeWitt


We Welcome New Author Robin Robertson to The Errol Flynn Blog!

13 Feb

We’re pleased to announce our Newest Author, Robin Robertson who provides us with another Flynn at his typewriter photo! Robin, we look forward to all of your thoughts and posts here at The Errol Flynn Blog! Welcome aboard…

In part, Robin writes:

“In response to your reply about not having see Errol at the typewriter many other times, I am sending you this image. Based on the ascot he is wearing, I believe it may have been shot in the same photo shoot as Tina’s posting, the difference being he has removed his jacket...”

— David DeWitt


Errol Flynn & Orlando Bloom

13 Feb

Not sure if any of you lot have seen some of the behind the scenes shots of Orlando Bloom in the upcoming movie 'The Three Musketeers'  … it just me or is he looking very Errol Flynnish? (picture attatched)

So he's done the archery like Flynn in LOTR, He's been a Pirate like Flynn, now he's looking like Lord Essex …like Flynn.      Also found out the Orlando Bloom is now a father and his son is called Flynn! 

— Sam


Extra – Extra – Read all about it! Hold the Press!

10 Feb

Who invented the Laptop?

Who else?

But Errol!

Typing away very seriously all the great news on his “Laptop” on the ZACA, which we are ever so busy searching for!
Have a great morning smile and an even greater day!

— Tina