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“The Next Errol Flynn”?

30 Sep


We all, of course, know there will never be another Errol Flynn. He was just too unique and too impossible to duplicate. But there remains MUCH of his life that could and should be depicted on film. That being true, it could prove very productive to begin searching for someone who could successfully portray him in a major production.

Last night, I had the completely unexpected pleasure of seeing “RUSH”, the new film by Ron Howard. Though I had heard Ron Howard directed the film (which led me to believe it would be of high quality), I had absolutely no idea of what the movie was about, nor whom it starred. As it turned out, the direction was sensational, the subject was terrific, and the star – Chris Hemsworth (who I knew nothing about until after seeing the movie) – he was great. More to the point, though, is the fact that IMO this actor has everything it takes to credibly portray Errol during his peak Hollywood years – and that, as you all know, is saying a lot!! He’s got the looks, the build, apparently the athleticism, the voice, the charm, the humor, the spunk, the verve, and the acting chops, necessary to cover the critical years from ‘Captain Blood’ to ‘Cruise of the Zaca’ and beyond. And, as I also found out after the movie, he’s from Australia, having lived on Phillips Island, not far from Tasmania!

I strongly encourage all to see this great movie, if only to see what you think about this young man’s potential and prospects as the next star to portray Errol?

Also, for the purpose of this tab, please recommend any other contenders for “the next Errol Flynn” – including the Baron’s own grandsons, in case they’re so inclined themselves!!

— Tim


The old sport and the sea.

27 Sep


My dear fellow Flynn fans,

there is news about our Hollywood hero on the waterfront! I came across  a German nautic magazine called Mare (“sea”), which was published in december of 2006. It features an article on Errol titled “Within the storm that was his life”. While there are little unknown facts for real fans, it finishes with an interview of Patrice Wymore- Flynn about their lives and times in Jamaica. Pat states, that she will never forget the humid air, even though already at nighttime, when stepping out of  the airplane in Kingston for the very first time. Inappropriately dressed in a long dress and hat, she was supposed to be met by Errol. Unfortunately he was nowhere in sight. She told a cabby to drive her to Port Antonio and after a few hours drive through the jungle, feared to have been taken hostage. When she finally arrived on Navy Island, she learned that Errol had arranged for a welcome dinner in her honor with 50 guests. (…or maybe was merely throwing a party!?: this author) She remembered the Jamaican people as very friendly and carrying themselves with “barefoot elegance”. Americans loved to come to Jamaica during wintertime and staying at the “Frenchman`s Cove”, which according to Pat was the best hotel in the world at least in the 60s. When asked, if Errol had fled Hollywood because of his reputation after his rape trial, she said that her husband at that time was more desillusioned and not willing to meet the obvious obligations of the movie industry any more. However she added that the acquittal fueled his believe in a sort of “licence to excess”. Eventhough she said that many stories were grandly exaggerated. They had friends over now and than, but mostly stayed home and enjoyed each others company. “Errol was always very nice to me”. When in Jamaica they used to float on a raft on the Rio Grande. When in Europe the stayed in Palma de Mallorca an on the French Riviera lodging on the Zaca. She said to it was her choice to settle permanently in Port Antonio, because it provided her with a job on their farm instead of retiring a frustrated reminicing actress. “It was a though time first and I made some terrible mistakes, but  I feel I succeeded in the end.”

I hope you enjoyed this and if so you will hear back from me,

— shangheinz


‘The Year of Living Dangerously’

26 Sep

There is mention of Errol in today’s Washington Post. There was an obituary of Christopher J. Koch, the author of  ‘ The Year of Living Dangerously’. Apparently, Mr. Koch’s mother went to high school in Tasmania with Errol Flynn. Mr. Koch later went to the same high school and sat at a desk in which Errol’s initials were carved. Later, Mr. Koch shared with Errol the distinction of being kicked out of the school. Actually, the obituary was also quite interesting in its discussion of Mr. Koch’s feelings about the movie and  how the movie was made. I remember it being  terrrific . Mel Gibson starred, and Linda Hunt won an Academy Award for best supporting actress. Mr. Koch’s book was compared favorably with those of Graham Greene. Obviously, quite talented people from Tasmania!   Kevin Kiernan

— kevin kiernan


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Login to EFB now on iPhones & iPads!

25 Sep

You can now login to The Errol Flynn Blog on your iPhone or iPad after some work on the part of our blog host Pressharbor! I am making this posting via an iPhone. The extra WordPress security username has been set to errolflynn with password efb – this allows the single pop up on an iPhone or iPad to allow access to the normal WordPress login page without compromising security messures now added to all WordPress blogs.

Now, you can login to the EFB from anywhere!

— David DeWitt


From the Errol Flynn Mailbag! Tiff Interview!

20 Sep

Send along by a dear pal in Australia show wishes to share but prefers no name be offered in thanks,  just now … he writes, in part:

Hello David. I just stumbled upon this Q&A  conducted at the TIFF and wondered if you’d seen it. It’s another little piece of color in the fabric of the Flynn story… and a wonderful surprise appears in the audience.

— David DeWitt


Hola from Chiki Jai

16 Sep


This past Saturday & Sunday being Independence Day Weekend in Mexico, Tijuana was the site of great festivities.  For this reason, I chose Saturday to visit the city in honor of  Errol’s great affection for and history South of the Border, in Old Mexico.

First stop was Chiki Jai, where Senor Flynn dined & partied with the likes of Ava Gardner & Rita Hayworth.  Mr. Hemingway, too! As all at the restaurant enthusiastically agreed, wherever beautiful women gathered in Mexico, Flynn could be found – and where Flynn could be found, beautiful women would be found!

I have much more information regarding this wonderful research trip, but must do so later.  Suffice it to say for now, that Errol is still very much remembered and admired in Mexico!  (Plus I have an interesting personal story about a connection this restaurant has to a movie that was made in the Eighties.) … Hector, pictured above, sends his greetings and special invite to all on the

Errol Flynn Blog!

P.S.   As did Errol & Ernest, I had the paella & sangria.  Muy Sabroso!!

— Tim


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“The Last of Robin Hood”

14 Sep

My review of “The Last of Robin Hood”

I saw the movie on Friday 13, 2013 at its world premier at the Toronto International Film Festival – TIFF.

It is a great movie and very, very tastefully done and I had a ball! One has to appreciate that this is not a high budget film, we all knew that anyway but for me it was done extremely well. Most likely the directors said afterwards maybe we could have done it this or that way. Hindsight is always 20/20 vision, we all do it and most likely I will do the same with my review. Oh, I forgot to say this and that!

The credits were enormous, I would say more than hundred names came up and of course our very own Robert Florczak was amongst them! Congratulation Robert, a job well done!

The actors are really well chosen!

Kevin Kline portrays Errol extremely well. What a great actor to duplicate Errol so well, which I would say – a most difficult task indeed! Kevin Kline has his gestures, how he applied his charm in various situations and or how he bewilders Florence, his haughtiness or flamboyancy at times or his fun loving nature, Kevin Kline shows it all.
The make-up artists did a great job as he looked quite a lot like Errol.
What a superb acting in his malaria attack and in particular the dying scene just gripping, totally outstanding. Tears came to my eyes!

Susan Sarandon plays Florence very well. Of course, not knowing Florence it is hard to tell how authentic Susan Sarandon was – but she made me believe – yes – this most likely was Florence. As a matter of fact one could feel how disappointed Florence was with her life and her dreams not materializing and as she tries to live her life through her daughter by trying to make her a star. Susan Sarandon reveals in her portrayal, right or wrong, that she tried her best to make a dream come true, if not for herself at least for Beverly. Florence not a well educated woman and therefore thought that Errol is the answer to her prayers. Susan Sarandon’s performance is so genuine of a stage struck mother who would walk on hot coals to get what she wants.

Dakota Fanning plays a very lovely Beverly and again as Beverly is not known to us at that time in her life the judgment of performance how the real Beverly was is very hard. In the movie she plays an obedient daughter and lives her mother’s dream until she meets Errol. She then is much more interested in Errol than in a stage carrier. At least that’s how it comes across in the movie. She plays a passive very nice Beverly not at all like described in Earl Conrad’s “A Memoir”. As a matter of fact, I did not really believe Earl Conrad’s description of Beverly as coarse, ill-mouthed teenager. Maybe he was out for sensational writing to sell his book. It is very sad that in our society writings have to have tainted, grimy and/or scandalous content in order to appeal to the public. And of course anybody who was in the writing business took advantage of Errol making his escapades 10 times worse than they really were. When ever there was a possibility they were over him like vulgers.

Dakota Fanning fits the role very well. She gives Beverly warmth and sensitivity. She had to have some of these qualities as Errol himself was always very well mannered. He would have not put up with bad, ill mannered and swearing behavior.
Dakota Fanning is a very good actress and gives a great performance in portraying Beverly!

The Film shows that Errol and Beverly had a very nice believable relationship. We must here consider what is written by authors that Errol never outlived his youth, judging by his often immature mischievous behavior.  Maybe Beverly gave him a kind of reliving youth or fulfilled a yearning of his soul; we don’t know – only Errol and Beverly know what was what!  I think their love for each other was genuine.

Who are we or anybody for that matter to judge this relationship or any relationship?  Are we Judge and Jury like those scandalous News Mongers who are able to make out of a fly an elephant?  It was the media who blew everything out of context, adding and weaving nasty vicious connotations into this relationship or into anything and with it brainwashing the public to believe these distortions.  In my opinion it is a crime what these reporters and or critics are allowed to do with their vicious reporting and often destroy lives in their quest of sensationalizing news by twisting and turning the truth.

My mother always used to say and very wisely so “Sweep the dirt in front of your own door you will have no time to sweep at somebody else’s door”!

The movie does not show any actual places and leaves out Jamaica altogether. It does not say anything about the writing of MWWW.
But to show it all, most likely the movie would need to be five hours long. Yet it does touch on many of the places they were and it is very well done, considering the budget.
Beverly is seen in a shot on a yacht, representing the Zaca, so maybe there is truth in it that Errol and Beverly visited the Zaca on their way home from Africa. Or when they made a trip to England and went from there to see the Zaca. The trip to England is not mentioned in the movie either but like I said, it is impossible to show it all.

A very nice touch at the end was that they showed a picture of Errol and another one from Beverly.
I think it is a very good movie and everybody should see it. If I have a chance and find it playing some place I most definitely see it again or if a DVD is produced – I buy it.
I am so happy to have had the chance to see it! Maybe not so bad to live in Toronto after all!

I had a great time and I wish you the same when you will see it!

— Tina


From the Errol Flynn Mailbag! Hobart Webcam!

13 Sep

In this webcam is Salamanca Place and the pub on the corner has a stained glass picture of Errol.(not visible )
From this pub, its barely a 5 minute walk from where Errol was born.….au/hosted_pages/webcams/webcam_salamanca.html

Special Thanks to: Chris Driscoll


— David DeWitt


Errol in Acapulco

13 Sep

Going south of Baja some:  Here, on a cliff over Acapulco Bay, is the legendary Hollywood Gang’s legendary Hotel Los Flamingos, “where Errol Flynn tirelessly romanced …”

.los_flamingos_acapulco    acapulco

los_flamingos_acapulco  Inside Los Flamingos

— Tim


Mural for Errol @ “Flynn’s Inn”

12 Sep

Two years or so after working on scenic decoration for The Master of Ballentrae, mega-and-multi-talented visual artist Olga Lehmann painted the wonderful mural below for Errol’s place in Port Antonio, The Titchfield Hotel.  Any chance it has survived??  What a treasure it would be!

olga big

[Click on Photo to Enlarge]



— Tim


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