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Poolside with The Flynns: Errol, Rory & Deirdre

30 Sep

Mul House w PoolMul House with Errol, Rory and Dierdre

— Tim


Errol and Liz

29 Sep

Liz Whitney

— Maria


EFtirmaour Casanova

29 Sep…

— Tim

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North vs. South

29 Sep

Fighting Son of Eire Knocks the Wind Out of Aidan Roark, Poloist Extraordinaire.…

Here’s Aidan hitting the ground again, this time for Time, with no Flynn in sight, just an empty horse:

— Tim


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The Errol Flynn Mailbag! FOUND! All EF Theatre Shows!

26 Sep

From our dear friend Karl Holmberg:

This subject has been mentioned before on the blog, but I just received an email from the source (U of Ulster) as a general announcement of their doings and have “teased out” what would especially be of interest. Further, I provide an edited view of those specifics.

What is the REALLY BIG DEAL here, aside from the fact that the series exists now in its ENTIRETY, is that the QUALITY level for all concerned is that of 35mm!

I attach a NYT announcement (6/3/57) of the series premier in the states.

I also attach what appears to be a photo of Flynn being filmed introducing a “Theatre” episode, and to his left one of the players: Christopher Lee? They DID appear together in an episode called Fortunes of War.

And a curious incident related to the filming of that episode was reported by Lee in speaking of work related injuries in his autobio (excerpt from IMDB):

“(Lee) almost having the little finger of his right hand severed by an inebriated Errol Flynn during a sword fight in The Dark Avenger. Lee played numerous roles in four episodes of The Errol Flynn Theatre and the two had a rematch in the episode Fortunes of War. Lee accidentally took Flynn’s wig off with his rapier and had to convince Flynn that he hadn’t done it on purpose.

And here now, the COMPLETE list of found programs:

Archive treasures: lost television programmes found…
Lost TV Material Found During University of Ulster Research

The Errol Flynn Theatre (1956-8)

Early anthology series presented by Hollywood legend Errol Flynn. Flynn also acted in some installments. It was shot on 35mm film but, despite its legendary star, some episodes were lost while the remainder only survived as inferior and edited 16mm copies. The prints found at UTV are all 35mm. The transmission dates below refer to their initial UK broadcast.

Tx Date Title

16/09/56 Wife for The Czar

22/09/56 The Girl In The Blue Jeans

29/09/56 The Model

06/10/56 The Duel

13/10/56 The Mirror

20/10/56 The Red Geranium

03/11/56 Farewell Performance [Previously lost]

10/11/56 The Fortunes of War

17/11/56 Mademoiselle Fifi

18/11/56 The Transfer

24/11/56 The Ordeal of Carol Kennedy

01/12/56 The Sealed Room

06/12/56 The Kinsman [Previously lost]

16/02/57 Love Token

23/02/57 My Infallible Uncle

02/03/57 Strange Auction

09/03/57 The Rustle of Silk [Previously lost]

23/03/57 Take The High Road

06/04/57 The Cellini Cup [Previously lost]

13/04/57 Rescued

20/04/57 First Come, First Loved [Previously lost]

04/05/57 Declassé [Previously lost]

11/05/57 Out of The Blue [Previously lost]

01/02/58 The 1000th Night of Don Juan




Karl, we tip our hat to you!

— David DeWitt


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UnLike Flynn

26 Sep

As evidence to show anyone who doubts how transcendent Errol Flynn was on the big screen, here’s “Fire of England”, with Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. Very much like Sea Hawk, except that Laurence Olivier (often hailed as the greatest actor in the world) pales in comparison to Errol Flynn. Take a look, for example at ~ the 10 to 11 minute mark of the film. Sir Larry clearly couldn’t carry Errol’s scabbard. (Nor Flora Robson’s.)

This is my first entry in an “UnLike Flynn” series. Please join in with your “UnLike Flynn” candidates. I started with the favorite of many an anti-Errol elitist (including Bette Big Eyes) – the big L.O.

Here’s Errol, the real deal:

The Sword Fights of Errol Flynn from Russ McClay on Vimeo.

— Tim

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How to Login to this Blog!

24 Sep

For those of you new to the blog, I have made a video showing how to login to the blog which entails the WordPress security popup, and the purpose of this short little video is to make clear that the popup is not the place to enter your Personal Login details. It’s sole purpose is to discourage robots from logging into our blog, and it’s WordPress’s idea not mine.

So to when you see it (it doesn’t show up on some browsers or looks slightly different) you enter the preset username errolflynn (all lower case) and password efb (all lower case) and set the popup to “Remember me” so you won’t have to enter the preset details every time you login.

After you click ok, you are taken to the normal WordPress login page for our blog and there you enter your Personal Login details.

The video shows a remembered Username “Boss Boy”. You will be entering your own Personal Username used when you registered.

That’s it!

I hope it clears up how to login for new members!

Click the screen anywhere to start in Firefox. Other browsers may display play buttons.

— David DeWitt

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Flynn in GENTLEMAN JIM on Maltin’s list of “Memorable Performances from A to Z”

24 Sep

IMG_6170-600sqI got my copy of the latest edition of Leonard Maltin’s Classic Movie Guide in the mail today and was pleased to find that Errol Flynn in Gentleman Jim made the critic’s list of just 26 “memorable performances” (one for every letter of the alphabet). Maltin writes, “Errol Flynn is an indelible Robin Hood, but there is something special about his evocation of prizefighter James J. Corbett in Gentleman Jim that stands out in my mind.” Many of my faves are on this list as well — for instance, Marion Davies in The Patsy, Una Merkel in 42nd Street, Jean Gabin in Touchez pas au grisbi, and Lon Chaney in The Unknown, so Our Man Flynn is in very good company in my book.

The Classic Movie Guide covers the silent era through 1965 and is crammed with info on more than 10,000 movies, plus it has a decent index of stars’ filmographies. So far I’ve found it more convenient than trying to get IMDB to work on my phone. It goes on sale September 29.


— Paula


In should have been Flynn 2

23 Sep

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

after last week’s guessing game about what could have been, had Flynn been in- Case of the curious blog 3- here is another of Errol`s projected flics that actually made it to the big screen. Thank you, blog member Ralph Schiller for hinting at this little known fact.

It is the story of Irish freedom fighter Michael Collins starring Irish Pride Liam Neeson.


— shangheinz



21 Sep

I am having trouble with the really cool ones showing up on this site. Very irritating.
My favorite is a very colorful fragmented one but this site wont let me show the image no matter what I do. Just look up Errol Flynn t-shirts and you will see them under images or by shopping. Amazon or Redbubble does something to the image so that even if I copy it and send it off to snapfish I cant get it to show. Is this a virus thing?

— twinarchers


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