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“Two Great Friends”

20 Sep

Near the end, Errol stated he had “had two great friends” in his life. Who were they? (A question, not a quiz!)

— Gentleman Tim


“A Specific Kind of Languorous Glamour”

20 Sep

PORT ANTONIO – Great Article and Photos…


— Gentleman Tim

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Errol’s Fans Quote:

19 Sep

Lets keep Errol’s Fun-Mail alive!
I thought it would be nice to make a collection of Errol Fans quotations and their thoughts, in particular what movie lovers think of Errol in todays day and age.
I posted the full movie of ‘Santa Fe Trail’ and found these quotes under the comments. As these comments are from within the last month I got the idea for this post.
I always love to read those great comments about Errol and maybe so do you and our visitors might just too?
I hope you find great quote of Errol from the past few years and post them here too!

Thomas Östman 1 month ago – August 19, 2015
there’s many good old Pictures here on the tube. Most of J. Wayne and other old stars from the golden age of Hollywood. Errol Flynn not so many of his though. Why probably because his Pictures are attractive on dvd.s…..The others ..Wayne..Fonda..Gable..Cooper and so on are largely forgotten now….but Errol is still bankable…..Time shows WHOs the greatest I presume.
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Phillip Anderson 21 hours ago – September 18, 2015
ain’t that a fact brother.
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— Tina


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Curmita marriage annihilated !?

18 Sep


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

if Lili Damita had ever been Mrs. Curtiz, was a recurring topic here.

Call me blogheaded, but I wanted to gather some additional preferedly conclusive information. Here is what I came up with.

1. Within the Vienna National Library a standard film encyclopedia (approximately eight bibles thick) can be found called “The great lexicon of film personalities” released in Berlin by Kai Wiesinger drawing from sources dating back to the 1930s. In the Curtiz column it states that he was married to actress Lucy Dorraine, while Damita`s next of kin was Errol Flynn.

2. The Budapest Film Academy had nothing but the internet entries in their archives.

3. An Italian biography called “Un ungarese a Hollywood” lists 1925 as a busy year, but with Damita as the Hu(ngaria)n’s leading lady strictly on a professional level.

4. Another lexicon: HALLIWELL`S Who- is- who- in movies lists Tiger Lil`s lovers such as Maurice Chevalier and  King Alfonso III of Spain, but no other groom than Errol. Curtiz` second wife Bess Meredyth is mentioned.

5. Furthermore I reached Mrs. Ilona Ryder, a teacher living in Canada, who is the grandchild of Michael Curtiz and daughter of his son Michael II. She had no personal knowledge of a legal liaison between the two Flynntimates. Let it be noted, that her father was born in the same year as the marriage was said to have taken place.

I admit to have always been sceptical of the Curmita claim, thinking Errol for sure would have mentioned such a relationship in his memoires. He was never beneath a quick quip especially concerning his first ex- wife and the director he loved to hate. Something like “What God has joined together, let no Tasmanian separate” comes to my mind.

Now where did this rumor start in the first place? Look no furtherrol than page 72 of the pocket book edition of Charles Hoaxhams “EF. The Untold Story”

…the actress Lili Damita, who married Errol and Errol`s best known director, Michael Curtiz.

Interestingly on page 96 he writes about our Hollywood hero and Mrs. Dynamita:

Yet they were in many ways incompatible. This was Lily`s first marriage and she wanted possession.

If need be to achieve 100% certainty and infinte clearity, two more sources should be consulted:

  • Bermingham, Cedric Osmond (1931). Stars of the screen 1931: A volume of biographies of contemporary actors and actresses engaged in photoplay throughout the world. London: Herbert Joseph. 
  • “Lily Damita”. Stars of the Photoplay. Chicago: Photoplay magazine. 1930.




— shangheinz


Our Boy Has Made The Rag Mags Again.

16 Sep

The September 21st 2015 Issue. Last Page Flashback Photo. Check it out at the grocery store to see Errol and Betty from Essex.

It is basically this photo with a short story but its interesting that he keeps popping up almost 56 years after he died. Interesting.

— twinarchers

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When the Baron sired Surrey

16 Sep


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

here is a peek-a-boomshell of our Hollywood hero mingling with the Hurrycane in mink, Diana Dors, at a garden party in England of 1952. The very self concious and sophisticated DD, a perfect mix between Marilyn and Mansfield, knighted herself “the first British sex symbol since Lady Godiva”. Concerning his look, Errol agreed totally.


And here is a musical tribute to this Brit Empress:…






— shangheinz


Rory Flynn Speaks … Bridgewater College, Sept. 25, 2015

14 Sep


— David DeWitt


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Case of the curious blog 3

12 Sep


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

what makes our Hollywood hero such a prolific topic are not only the things he did or didn`t do, but also the films he didn`t get to do. Unfortunately.

We already had this discussion twice:……

Here are the remainders of unfinished Flynn business:

A play from W. Somerset Maugham called “Caesar`s wife” as a follow up film to “Lilacs in spring” with Ann Neagle for English producer H. Wilcox.

“Escape from Elba” a histopic about Napoleon with Errol in the role of an Irish general. Connived was this project probably in Cannes, both the landing point of the French Emperor and international glamour spot for Flynn and the Fred Pack.

“The White witch of Rose Hall”, a real life ghost story set in Jamaica announced with Vivian Leigh (!).

According to German Magazine “Gondel”, Errol planned on starring in a film about Fidel Castro and had already talked to studios as late as May of 1959.

Third time lucky, I hope we can clear up the urban legend once and for all, if Errol really was to do a sequel to “The Adventures of Robin Hood”.


— shangheinz


More Congratulations Rory!!

11 Sep
  • The Coronado Film Festival, with

    Rory and Chris Lemmon (Jack’s Son) as Featured Speakers!!!

    Hosted by Leonard Maltin…

    Here’s the majestically beautiful Coronado Island – with the Hotel Del Coronado (where Errol often lodged, swam and starred on the legendary tennis courts), San Diego Harbor and Glorietta Bay, to and from where he sailed Zaca and Sirocco.

    Less than a mile north of the hotel (the left side of the screen) is North Island Navy Air Base, where Errol filmed “Dive Bomber”.

    Looks like it’s time for some of us to scoot on out to Coronado!

    — Gentleman Tim


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    “He was Flamboyant, Let Me Tell You!”

    10 Sep……


    — Gentleman Tim