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David Bruce 4 or 5 back from old Errol Flynn …

30 Jun


Actor David Bruce, 4 back from Errol …

— David DeWitt


The Honeymoon’s Over —— 1, 2, 3 – Kick

30 Jun

Only two days after their “Slight Misunderstanding”, Errol was out on the town at the Cubanola, a nightclub that opened that very month, at the height of Hollywood’s conga craze.*

June 30, 1938

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

Errol Flynn, sans Lili Damita, was having a fine time at the Cubanola…

* Here’s Senor Fleen two years later getting his kicks at the La Conga Club in Manhattan with model Patricia Byrnes in a conga line led by a young Desi Arnaz.

— Tim


Pat Wymore Sing and Dance 1951 …

29 Jun

— David DeWitt


“A Slight Misunderstanding”

29 Jun

June 28, 1938

Evening Herald Express


Errol Flynn and his wife, Lili Damita, explained today it was a “slight misunderstanding” that sent Lili running half the length of an airport runway chasing him and a transport plane.

The Irish actor, so-called “glamour boy” of the movies, needed to grow a beard for a picture, it seems, and decided to be alone while he did it. He went to San Diego, for two days but neglected to tell his wife. She was waiting at Union Air Terminal when he flew in.

Everybody got out of the plane but Flynn. He saw the flash in Lili’s dark eyes and an angry foot-tapping. Waving the pilots to go ahead, he ducked down in the seat while the plane taxied toward a hangar.

Lili burst through the gate and pattered down the runway at a dead run, clothes fluttering in the propeller’s breeze, an angry airport guard chasing after her.

“Come on, come out, honey,” she cried. Flynn looked out and shook his head. The airport guard ordered Lili off the field. She started off and then the plane started again, and away she went after it.

An airport car and two more guards caught up with Lili and bundled her out the gates.

Flynn popped in to studio car and sped off.

A studio spokesman said that both are happily at home and Flynn had explained away a “slight understanding.”

Union Air Terminal is now known as “Hollywood Burbank Airport”. It’s been said that “Union Air Terminal was always a better place to see movie stars that any place in Hollywood.”

— Tim


Global Toast to Olivia De Havilland on Her 104th Birthday — 3 Days Away — Wednesday, July 1, 2020

28 Jun

Watching you all these years has been a most gracious thing, Olivia. Happy Birthday!

— Tim


Jeanne Carmen and Dominique..

28 Jun…

So i happened on this book..the whole chapter on Errol is there. Some sound real, some fictional.

His a good chapter but some things jusr ring odd. Why doesnt she pop up in any of EF doc, books, letters, articles etc? They seemed to be good friends.

Now also..they met after john’s 1942..errol was busy filming..then trial..

Buster would have been at Mulholland but no mention..

Could her son have embellished her diaries?

Input? And who would Dominique be??


New found info:

The all chapter is not from real events.…

When it is claimed she met Errol she was 12 living in New York. The orgie that he supposedly had in Mulholland, well again she was in New York..

She met him in 1957..during Too Much too soon..that was it. He lived with Pat at that time.

The all chapter sounded fishy, well it is



— Selene Hutchison-Zuffi

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Book on the Duke Of Windsor and Wallis provides shocking revelations!

26 Jun

Has anyone here at the Errol Flynn blog read the outstanding book “King Of Fools” by John Parker which reveals the true story of King Edward VIII who abdicated his throne for American divorcee Wallis Simpson? Once his brother became King George VI, and Edward was merely the Duke Of Windsor, the former king was under constant surveillance of British intelligence MI5.  By pure happenstance someone else was also observed by MI5 through his connection to the Duke.  Conjecture?  Maybe? John Parker had access to now de-classified British Intelligence files and Home Office files. I read this book twice from cover to cover and was astonished! Ralph Schiller

— Ralph Schiller


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Seventy Years Ago Quiz — June 27

26 Jun

Errol wrote this person a letter seventy years ago tomorrow, June 27.

Before Errol employed him or her, this man below employed him or her:

One of the two stars doing the heavenly dancing in this film clip also has a connection to our mystery man or woman:


It was one of these two people:

Errol wrote on stationary from this motel:

— Tim


Errol’s 32nd Birthday Party — Hadler Had it Coming?

26 Jun

June 26, 1942

Los Angeles Times

— Tim


June 25, 1876 – “a la Errol”

25 Jun

“a la Errol Flynn”

“There is a fascination with the battle unlike interest in any other historical event that comes to mind,” Scott said, standing on a spot overlooking the treeless ground where 250 white stones are scattered up and down the ridges marking where each soldier fell.

Indeed, the battle of the Little Big Horn has moved Hollywood to produce 41 movies featuring Custer`s Last Stand, including ”They Died With Their Boots On,” in which Errol Flynn played Custer bravely fighting to the death, bullets spent, waving his saber as hordes of Indians finally overran his men. ”Perhaps the most amazing thing that our research last year and this year indicates is that there really was a last stand and that it was just where they put the marker,” Scott said.

He said bullets, bones, arrowheads and other items recovered by the archeologists show that the stand took place at the top of ”Custer Hill,”

where an obelisk and 50 white stones are supposed to mark where the vastly superior force of Indians finally overcame the last defenders of the 7th Cavalry.

Scott said the National Park Service will publish the archeological findings of his study in late June or early July.

About 300 other books have been written about the battle as well as hundreds of academic papers, many of which seek to dispel ”myths” about the world-famous battle, Scott said.

Many authors of Custer literature have singled out the picture of a hilltop last stand as one of the major myths of the Custer legend. But, Scott said, the current research has used sophisticated computer analysis and other techniques to ”essentially confirm that there was indeed a last stand” a la Errol Flynn.”

He Died with His Boots On

— Tim