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Kevin Kline as Robin Hood!

31 Oct

Hi all!

Thanks to watching the “Last of Robin Hood” Q&A video with the cast (from TIFF), I was able to find this short video on YouTube…a Schlitz Malt Liquor commercial from yrs ago with Kevin Kline playing Robin Hood:


Schlitz Kevin Kline Robin Hood commercial


I think Kevin would’ve made a pretty decent Robin Hood. :-)

— Rachel


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Story Behind the Dance

23 Oct

In the Following Photo:

1) Who is Olivia’s Dance Partner?

2) Who was Her 1st Date That Night?

3) To What Hit Song are They Dancing?


— Tim


Bounty, Bligh, Bad Wig, Bottle, Babe, Bad Beard & Bible

20 Oct

Not Bad at All for a Maiden Cruise!


In the Wake of the Bounty

— Tim


At the Zoo

20 Oct

Taz sign

Something Tells Me Errol was At The Zoo …
I do believe it. I do believe it’s true!

Continuing my investigation into the Mighty Flynn’s travels & explorations in and around San Diego & Baja, I began research this past week into whether Errol ever visited or interfaced with the world-famous San Diego Zoo. My instincts tell me he did. So, without any not documentary evidence, I decided to visit the Zoo myself and see what I could see (and possibly meet who I could meet) that may help guide me in my search.

Lo and behold, immediately after entering the front gate, I was confronted by a series of sign proudly and prominently announcing that the Zoo was, for the first time in its illustrious history, building an area for and opening a major exhibit featuring Tasmanian Devils – just past the laughing kookaburras, next to Koalafornia, behind the Warner Building (no relation, they say)!

What better omen could I possibly hope for than a sign announcing the Taz Devil – an animal greatly popularized by Warner Brothers cartoonists – who, I believe, were inspired by Errol (stemming partially from his humorously and extraordinarily voracious appetites and nocturnal ways perhaps) in their creation of the Taz Devil character, before which few ever heard of the Tasmanian Devil. Perhaps others, including our marvelous expert zacal, can add to that history.

— Tim


Cuba libre!

17 Oct

the travellerMy dear fellow Flynn fans,

Errol got immortalized in a book called “More tales from the travellers” published in Oxford 2005. This collection of tales by members of the Travellers Club London features a short story done by Mr. Robin Hanbury- Tenison, who recalls his encounter with our Hollywood hero in Havana 6 months prior his death. Thanks to my Irish friend from Galway, Dr. Alexander O`Hara, who provided me with the book, I can post this tall tale here now.

Invited by Baron Joseph de Biskei Dobronyi, a former WWII Pilot born in Hungaria, this Englishman and his first wife Marika, came to Cuba at turbulent times . “I am afraid there`s been a spot of bother this week, well a revolution actually, but that`s normal in these parts and I promise it won´t affect the fun we are going to have.” Those were the words that the two travellers were greeted with by their Hungarian host, who was known to all islanders as “Sepy”. As it turned out they were the only foreign guests at the Hilton apart from another couple, who was friendly with Sepy. Most of the rooms had been occupied by Castro`s fighters of both sexes wearing their green fatigues draped with weapons. “They had long hair and charming manners, didn`t sleep in beds, but used the floors and according to the bemused staff, left everything immaculate.”

One night they went to Sepy`s suite for cocktails and met the other couple of American descent. “An extemely attractive, suave, older man started making a big play for Marika, while I talked to his beautiful and much younger girlfriend. My wife clearly had no idea who he was, although I had recognised him immediately from the movies. It was Errol Flynn.”

At that time as we know Errol was the sole prominent Westener to identify himself with Casto`s cause supporting it actively. “He claimed to have fought with “El maximo lider” and threatened to show us his wound…” Associated with Errol, Sepy`s gang could do no wrong. Appointed guardians and playmates for his much loved girlfriend Woodsie, they visited the sights, such as Hemingway`s house and the bar he patronized. At night they drank and danced at the legendary Tropicana Nightclub, still functioning with all its gorgeous girls and singers playing to an empty house.

Meanwhile Errol was observing the downside of revolution at close range. “As international figure he was useful to the regime, lending some legitimacy to the nastier things they felt had to be done to secure their hold on the country. Quick trials and kangaroo courts followed by executions took place every evening- Errol was expected to attend.” When he joined the others at the club in the small hours, he was grey with strain of the horrors he had seen, but in his inimitable way ready for party soon thereafter. “I am down to two bottles of vodka a day” he would claim.

“One dawn, as we staggered out on the streets where daylight was just breaking, we saw a sight which stopped the film star at his tracks. A car with two huge wooden barrels filled with milk was trundling past. Between the shafts were six white mules.” “This  is my scene!” shouted Errol waving an imaginary sword and leaping onto the cart beside the startled driver. A wad of Dollars dispatched the latter and, as we all climbed aboard, our swashbuckling hero cracked the whip over the astonished mules. Reluctent they broke into a gallop and we careered through the streets of sleeping Havana, milk slopping out of the barrels onto the pavements. El Flynn y sus amigos were doing their thing and reliving a hundred of his film roles.”

I hope you enjoyed this time tavel as much as I did,

— shangheinz


We Welcome New Author Michael Town!

15 Oct

We are pleased to welcome our newest Author Michael Town to The Errol Flynn Blog! Michael, we look forward to your posts and comments! Welcome aboard!



— David DeWitt


In Memoriam

14 Oct

— Inga


“The Baron”

14 Oct

A few questions regarding the history of Errol’s regal sobriquet – “The Baron”:

Is there any definite evidence of WHO originated the name? Most often, if not always, it’s been attributed to Jack Warner. Is that certain and, if so, WHEN did he first use that in reference to Errol? And WHY? Is the name an allusion to Baron Munchhausen, known for his telling of impossibly fantastic tales? Or is the name a reference to what could be seen as Errol’s Baronial manner? Or possibly his being a “land baron” with the acquisition of Mulholland Estate?

There appear to be POSSIBLE origins with The Olympiads, maybe even with Raoul Walsh or Ida Lupino. Certainly – though it’s been written that only Jack Warner contemporaneously called him Baron – that’s not true; both Walsh & “Scout” (Errol’s name for Ida) did, also, among others, I believe.

So, what’s the true history of “The Baron”?? Was it Warner’s creation, or adoption?

The Baron of Mulholland

Baron Flask

Baron Cigarrette Case

— Tim

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John Hammond Moore Interview!

12 Oct

Jack Marino thanks all of you who provided questions to author John Hammonde on his LA Talk Radio Show. You can listen to the show here:


Make comments below, and visit LA TALK RADIO for more of Jack’s shows!

LA Talk Radio

— David DeWitt


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Errol Flynn – “The NEXT Great Superhero”?

06 Oct

Spinning off of “The Next Errol Flynn” thread, I thought it would be great to explore with all of you how you think Errol would be as the NEXT superhero? Of course, we all know he’s the only guy that can really get away with wearing tights while saving and romancing the Damsel in Distress, but I got to looking at a couple of other, more reserved performances of his, confirming, for example, he would also be great as a Clark Kent-type alter-ego. Indeed, looking at the biggest comic book superhero of all, I got to thinking who could possibly be a better Superman than Errol? . Flynn would be the best superhero, I’m sure. In fact, wasn’t/isn’t he ALREADY, as Robin Hood – that greatest Cinematic Superhero ever?!

This gif, for example, shows Errol how he might look as Clark Kent:… [Errol As Clark Kent]

We all know what super-dash, glamor and humor, he could bring to the part of Superman. His swinging in to welcome Olivia to Sherwood Forest comes to mind!

[“Welcome to Sherwood” on YouTube]…

And, I might add, Olivia would be the best Lois Lane ever, IMHO!!

So I did a quick search a few minutes ago, and guess who pops up but Stan Lee, saying Errol was the hero and inspiration for his masterful superhero creations – Spiderman & Ironman, et al!!! For a real EF Fan treat, watch from 3:33 – 4:30!!!!

[Stan Lee Interview!]

So what do you all think? Which Superhero(s) would Errol be great as? And, for all the tech-savvy people out there, how could technology actually make it possible for Errol to be in a future Superhero film!? I think that day may be coming rather rapidly!

In a different computer-animated manner, Errol was in some ways already copied/interpreted for the big screen – when he was the inspiration for Flynn Rider. (No matter how many official denials or evasions of that there may be!

[Flynn Rider]


(not sure why url’s are not coming in right – probably me, or a temporary glitch) —–just fixed the urls!

— Tim