At the Zoo

Taz sign

Something Tells Me Errol was At The Zoo …
I do believe it. I do believe it’s true!

Continuing my investigation into the Mighty Flynn’s travels & explorations in and around San Diego & Baja, I began research this past week into whether Errol ever visited or interfaced with the world-famous San Diego Zoo. My instincts tell me he did. So, without any not documentary evidence, I decided to visit the Zoo myself and see what I could see (and possibly meet who I could meet) that may help guide me in my search.

Lo and behold, immediately after entering the front gate, I was confronted by a series of sign proudly and prominently announcing that the Zoo was, for the first time in its illustrious history, building an area for and opening a major exhibit featuring Tasmanian Devils – just past the laughing kookaburras, next to Koalafornia, behind the Warner Building (no relation, they say)!

What better omen could I possibly hope for than a sign announcing the Taz Devil – an animal greatly popularized by Warner Brothers cartoonists – who, I believe, were inspired by Errol (stemming partially from his humorously and extraordinarily voracious appetites and nocturnal ways perhaps) in their creation of the Taz Devil character, before which few ever heard of the Tasmanian Devil. Perhaps others, including our marvelous expert zacal, can add to that history.

— Tim

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