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‘Bacall package’ sold by Flynn for March of Dimes

28 Aug

Here is an article that I just found about Errol from the Stars and Stripes archive…….…

Stars and Stripes
Published: February 5, 1954

FRANKFURT — Errol Flynn brought the house down tonight as he auctioned off a Lauren Bacall “surprise package” at a March of Dimes benefit.

At the EUCOM Hq-sponsored affair at the Casino, Flynn said, “I can’t tell the contents. (Bacall’s husband, Humphrey) Bogart forbids disclosure.”

Flynn was master of ceremonies at an informal show in which his actress wife, Patrice Wymore, and dark-haired film star Olga San Juan participated. All three donated their services.

The three arrived from Rome this afternoon via a 7167th Special Air Mission Sq C47 piloted by Capt Keith D. Hicks of Albuquerque, N.M., and with Capt A. T. Neiss of Wayzata, Minn., as copilot.

In addition to the surprise package, Flynn also raffled off photos of movie stars. Two airline tickets also were distributed as a door prize.

The crowd, estimated by to management at more than 900, jammed the main ballroom to watch the star-studded cast and listen to music supplied by the Air Force’s “Sky Tones.”

The Flynns brought along their 15-week-old daugther, Arnelia.

Cal George G, Garton, secretary of the Joint Staff, EUCOM Hq, won the door prize airline tickets and immediately offered them to be raffled off at the polio benefit.


Actor Errol Flynn poses with a beer mug and alpine hat as he arrives at the Rhein-Main airport in February, 1954. GEORGE PENN/STARS AND STRIPES

Actor Errol Flynn poses with a beer mug and alpine hat as he arrives at the Rhein-Main airport in February, 1954.




— Mary Ann


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Errol Flynn Mailbag!

27 Aug

As I have temporary access to a computer:

Hey David,
  I hope this finds you well. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve posted a follow up to that earlier post about Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland and Martha O’Driscoll. Here’s the link for your perusal.…

— David DeWitt


Latest Picture – what do you think?

25 Aug




— Inga


Please note

21 Aug

Our admin David’s computer is down and he asked me to inform you that he cannot login to his gmail account right now. Let’s hope it will work out again soon.

— Inga

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From Jamaica, With Luke

19 Aug

Luke in Errol’s Old Stomping Grounds:

— Tim


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Tis A Ship Mystery!

16 Aug

I keep looking at this ship in Flynn’s den at Mulholland and wondering what ship is this? Is it a replica of the BOUNTY? It is British? Is it some other ship Errol was interested in? Does anybody know?

Mystery Ship?

Mystery Ship?

— David DeWitt


Errol Flynn in the 30’s!

14 Aug

ef 30s3

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New Edit Comment Add-on!

14 Aug

We have installed a new add-0n to the Comment Box that gives you new capabilities. Please read about it on the FAQs Page  at the bottom of the Page …

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From Tom McNulty, The San Antonio!

13 Aug

Tom McNulty shares this with us!

I was making some scans for [a friend of ours] and scanned this for your blog. I’ve never seen it anywhere else and I can’t recall how to post it on your blog so here it is! I hope the fans like it! Have a great day!

Best, Tom




Tom’s Blog:

Dispatches from the Last Outlaw

— David DeWitt


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Errol’s Van Gogh Provenance!

12 Aug

Sent to us by German writer Stefan Koldehoff who is preparing an article about famous owners of Van Gogh paintings!

The Man is at Sea Provenance


Thanks, Stefan!

— David DeWitt


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