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Voyaging Star

MAY 6, 1938 Voyaging Star Appears Next in ‘White Rajah’ or ‘The Sea, Hawk’ SAILS YACHT TO N. Y. By LOUELLA 0. PARSONS Hollywood, Warner’s wandering boy, Errol Flynn, has promised at long last to bring his boat into the New York harbor May 12. At least that’s what the brothers Warner hope will happen. That would land him in… (more…)

Paging Errol Flynn …. Paging Errol Flynn

April 30, 1937 — Tim

Thank You, Comrade [S.O.B.]!

Photo below published April 11, 1937: “Errol Flynn is pictured in a photography accompanying an ABC article lauding Hollywood actors and cinematographers for collecting money in support of Republican Spain (ABC, April 11, 1937, p. 4-5)” Thank you, Comrade [S.O.B]! “At a lunch with high-ranking military officers, one of them talked about “the heartfelt emotions and happiness the Spanish people… (more…)

Errol Killed in Spain

April, 1937   — Tim

La Vanguardia — 3/31/37

On March 31, 1937, the prominent newspaper La Vanguardia published a short note about the visit accompanied by Flynn’s photograph, which he had autographed and dedicated to its readers (March 31, 1937, p. 3). The government offered Flynn a car and driver which made him suspicious: “Fernandez (who is he?) implores me not to go to Madrid but I am… (more…)

¿Dónde diablos está Errol?

March 30, 1937 Elizabeth Yeaman Hollywood Citizen News The Warner Bros. are sincerely worried over their failure to locate Errol Flynn, who was hastily summoned back to Hollywood when it was learned that he was planning to penetrate war-torn Spain. Errol was in Paris, and last Friday he told his wife, Lili Damita, he was leaving for Spain. He left,… (more…)

The (Grand) Son Also Rises

March 9, 2003 The New York Times Magazine “A quiet spot by the Jamaica seashore, looking out at the activity in the ocean, hearing the wind sob with the beauty and the tragedy of everything.” Errol’s Diary: April 4, 1954, Boston Estate, Jamaica — Tim

A Flood of Letters

February 15, 1937 Harrison Carrol Evening Herald Express The publication of Errol Flynn’s new book, Beam Ends, has brought a flood of letters from fans who want to make a direct purchase from the star. He has had $350 worth of orders in the last ten days. To supply them, he has to buy copies from the Los Angeles bookstores.… (more…)

Once Upon a Time…

ONCE upon a time, long before Errol Flynn ever heard of Hollywood or thought of being an actor, he bought a little sailing ship… January 28, 1937 Harrison Carroll Evening Herald Express Errol Flynn’s book, Beam Ends, must be expected to do all right because the publishers haved already ordered a second edition published. … — Tim

“Cupid” Hill – The World’s Greatest Archer

Howard Hill Born November 13. 1899 Howard Hill was an expert bowman, long regarded “The World’s Greatest Archer”. He established the record for winning the most bow-and-arrow field tournaments in succession, a total of 196 competitions. He also wrote several leading books on the topic. Additionally, he was a tremendous athlete, most notably in football and baseball. Among his many… (more…)

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