A Flood of Letters

16 Feb

February 15, 1937

Harrison Carrol

Evening Herald Express

The publication of Errol Flynn’s new book, Beam Ends, has brought a flood of letters from fans who want to make a direct purchase from the star. He has had $350 worth of orders in the last ten days. To supply them, he has to buy copies from the Los Angeles bookstores.

The postage is sometimes more than his royalty, so he actually loses money on these orders.

— Tim


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  1. nenabunena

    April 1, 2024 at 8:24 pm

    Thank you for providing the picture of the 4 pals Tim. I just finished the book and feel rather sad about the end. I was curious to who was who and what they each looked like. I even went back to MWWW and checked if any of them and Dook were mentioned. I guess he didn’t really need to.